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Jekyll & Hyde’s resident cocktail magician, Ally, is amazing at creating deeelicious but dangerously lethal potions. This was my absolute fave of the night: A refreshing blend of No 3 London dry gin, Japanese umeshu, citrus, St Germain. I had to try very hard not to drink this too quickly lest I end up on the floor.


Ally makes the most deliciously potent cocktails. This one included Sauza tequila, Japanese Yaegaki Nigori sake and tasty tasty Pavan muscat liquor. YUM.

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Went back to J&H again and was served this black raspberry liquor based beauty.


This was an interesting one to order. I'd never had a turmeric latte before - but a quick Google search of the ingredients convinced me since I'm a big fan of chai. I thought that it was very subtle in flavour - the spices come through well enough and the turmeric is the primary flavour.

The friendly team member who had made the drink came to check on the drink and explained that the original recipe used double the amount of ingredients but they had received feedback that the drink was too strong/heavy in the spice department. I think when I return, I'll ask if they will make it for me as it was intended. I'm pretty sure I'll be a much bigger fan if so.

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A nice minty twist to the cold brew by the people at Tanuki.

Just what you need when walking in the sweltering heat. Chanced upon this new kid on the block just 2 doors up from where an old fave (The Plain) used to be - filling up the gaping coffee hole that was left behind on Craig Road. Only managed to grab an iced white to-go on this visit. But based off of this cuppa, I'll defo be back. 👌🏼


Decently smooth latte, light bodied and a gentle hint of coconuttiness. It even comes with a little serving of toasted coconut flakes to add if you like a little crunch in your coffee.


Basically an alcoholic dessert beverage. Pandan-infused butterscotch schnapps, maple syrup and coconut reduction was very fragrant, delicious but really quite sweet. I struggled to finish it because of how sweet it was.

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Medium bodied, smooth micro foam, a solid cuppa.

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I don't know how I'd never been to Jekyll & Hyde but it's ok, I've been now and I can't wait to go back. Drinks are excellent, staff are so friendly and the music selection is so Poptart.

Vaping Geisha: A fragrant and smokey mix of plum infused gin, shiso liqueur and lemon juice. You pour this vaping concoction over a little thing of plum sorbet and what you've got is a cocktail completely Boomerang worthy and delicious to boot.

Whiplash: Vodka, rum, cream, milk, white and dark chocolate. It's basically a yummy thick Meiji chocolate milk for grown ups. Also, ice cream cone. 🍦

Kyoishii: I almost always love pink drinks - this was no exception. Gin, sloe gin, Kyoho grape liqueur, lime juice, syrup and egg white. YES PLEASE.

Note: Happy hour is 6-8 pm on week nights and cocktails are only $15 - whaaaaaat!


Genie Land: If you close your eyes, you're basically on a beach in Bali. Delightful holiday vibes from rose infused spiced rum, Appleton signature, passionfruit and bergamot. Also, is that Tiki cup festival ready or what?

Sultan's Tipple: This is a STRONG one. A blend of Jameson, Becherovka, Raki (a Turkish anise liquer), Ras al Hanut maple syrup and bitters. As someone who loves liquorice, the Raki is what made it for me.

Not A Cyprus Isolation: My friend described this to me as "this drink damn girly". If delicious things are girly, so be it! This tasted like a fruity Christmas made up of cinnamon gin, St Germain elderflower, berries and Prosecco. More please!

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The perfect mid week pick me up of The Botanist gin and refreshing floral hints of elderflower and lavender.


I think there are very few things that a bowl of soup cannot fix. That, or gin.

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