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The Hungry Feet
The Hungry Feet

This soya chicken rice was good but I
It tasted kinda same from other local hawker stalls i had visited. The key advantage of their dish thst it is served very fresh.

My favorite dosh here. The char siew is so fresh and pack with flavor. The meat is also tender. Love the combination of noodles and its thick soy sauce.

Surprisingly, this dosh cost more than the mains. Tasted lika an ordinare veggie with soy sauce and garlic tidbits. You can skip this dish here

Dont be fooled by its seemingly lack of presentation. This dish packs a lot of flavor. The duck meat is tender and flavorful. This is best eaten when hot.

Highly recommend everyone to try this dish out. Probable One of the best taco I had ever... The serving of shrimp is generous plus the garlic mayo sauce is so goooood. Love the freshness of their food here

Authentic haddck dish that tastes kinda similar to cream dory but i noticed the flavor of its meat is much more packed. The serving here is huge and a really good value for your money. The fries was also good.

Average tasting shrimp bao. The buns were perfectly steamed however the toppings tasted bland and average. Was disappointed at the shrimp bao because they didn't use real shrimps. đŸ˜£


One dish that I didnt enjoy much here. The taste wasn't bad but it just didnt have that distinct and flavor that I was looking for. Nothing special in this dish.


This eggs benedict uses pork as its meat. What I love about this dish is how perfect the eggs are properly poached. Plus they serve it with an extra salad on the side. Though overall, the dish didn't made much impact.


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