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Featuring FIVE TEN, The Quarters, Sungei Road Laksa, Chomp Chomp Food Centre, Yakitori Uma, 328 Katong Laksa (East Coast Road), Good Luck Beerhouse, Menya Sakura Singapore, Spize (Bedok), FIVE Oriental
Tony Belcher
Tony Belcher
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Coated in a thin, crunchy, golden batter, this simple dish of Ren-kon and Tamafura (deep-fried lotus root and onion rings) stole my heart. Great batter aside - and that's half the battle won, mind you - I loved how earthy and sweet the root vegetables were, holding firm on their own and shining through that batter. The lotus root for one still retained a kinda muted crunch, cooked al dente if you would call it such; and the onion - oh-so-moist, sweet, and just melting in your mouth.

Featuring thick rice noodles swimming in a spiced coconut broth, topped with fresh cockles and sliced fishcake, laksa is best described as unparalleled comfort in a bowl. While guidebooks may point you to Katong, we highly recommend a trip down to family-run stall Sungei Road Laksa in Jalan Berseh. Step into the coffeeshop and you'll see virtually every customer tucking into a bowl of the Laksa ($3). The star is no doubt the spiced coconut broth, which is painstakingly simmered over charcoal fire to result in a flavourful yet light gravy that's not overly rich. It is also not too spicy — great if you're still acclimatising to local flavours — but if you like it hot, take Tastemaker Wei Zhi Chiang's advice and stir in a few spoonfuls of their sambal. And lest you worry about fumbling with chopsticks, the slippery smooth noodles are cut for easy eating so you can slurp it all up with a spoon.
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Wei Zhi Chiang

The Lu Rou was wonderfully tender and melted in my mouth. The Steak with Pickles was succulent on its own without any sauce. The Pork Ribs were coated with tasty Hoisin Sauce and were moist and juicy.

The fried chicken's skin has right amount of crisp, white, tender and juicy meat, drizzled with sweet sauce over the chicken. Fragrant and flavourful fried makes a wonderful pairing with the chicken. Topped off with the tangy and sweet chilli sauce at $6.50, I'd be coming back for more! Seems like its a favourite w the customers there too.
Portions are rather big, fit for 2 girls 😋
Standards and taste are a bit inconsistent however.

Feat. @Brewlander, @InnocenceBrewing & @RyePint! Eight fine taps of Brew, Enjoy, Empty, Repeat 🍻

Every bite is like a volcanic eruption. Bun texture is almost like the ones at mouth restaurant or resembling that of a polo bun. Filling is rich custardy salted egg yolk.

Delicious! My perfect bowl of ramen, especially love the chashu - melt in your mouth foie gras wrapped with tender sous vide chicken breast meat and the broth is light yet flavorful, so good that I finished till the very last drop.

The chicken here were chargrilled to tenderness and were juicy too, complimenting nicely with the Buah Keluak sauce that gives it an earthy taste but could have been better with it being slightly spicy!

Hosted meal, courtesy of @thequarterssg

As chomp chomp was famous for their bbq stuff and also stingray, i too jumped onto the bandwagan and ordered myself a grilled stingray. To my surprise the wait was relatively short, i would say around 10mins or so and my grilled stingray was here. The first impression of the stingray was relatively pleasant. The charing of the stringray was perfect, there wasn't any burnt parts. It was very aromatic and i could not wait to dive into it. The fish was really tender and moist, and the reason why i liked it a lot is due to the char kind of taste(not burnt). The fish melted instantly in my mouth and all i wanted to do was to dive into it more! The sause that came with it though, i personally did not like it, as it was very strong and fishy. This grilled stingray has a relatively low spice level, which makes it suitable for kids. I can see myself coming back again to get the stingray, i highly recommend this place.