Cheap Eats

Cheap Eats

Places I could have afforded even in my college days! Cheap and tasty!
Ida C.
Ida C.

Moc Quan is justifiably proud of it's bahn mi... each part of the sandwich is curated for quality: from the specially imported flour, to the daily house baked baguettes to the pickles and then the filling itself...

I really enjoyed the every crispy, flavorful bite of this humble egg bahn mi...

Next time I'm asking for an extra egg... those baguettes were born to soak up egg yolk!

Sure, it's not Vietnam pricing, but we're not in Vietnam...


We put this to the test!

Our 1 hour bike rental to Changi Beach Park was certainly more than offset with the culinary debauchery that followed...

This waffle duo defined indulgence... with a pair of delicious base waffles... chewy and fragrant, one topped with chocolate, banana and a scoop of ice cream and the other topped with truffle raclette...

The cheesy waffle was my favourite, but the sweet one was no slouch either...

And they let us use the entertainer voucher so the value was awesome too!

The Latte ice blended we ordered on the side was so insanely good that we immediately ordered one more!


Korean Chinese is awesome... If you've never tried it, get your ass down and shovel down some flavor, son...

We've been trying to get the flavor fix for ages, but every we walk by (mostly on Fridays and Saturdays), there's a huge crowd of people looking like they stepped out of a K-Pop vid, sitting around outside waiting for tables...

We finally scored a table today for Saturday lunch, and the food was on point, especially this fabulous rendition of JjaJangMyeon (I may be butchering the spelling here)...

Delightfully soft, yet springy noodles, well balanced sauce with plenty of sweet caramelized onions, I'd come back for these noodles alone!


I'm like the Don Juan(a?) of eggs...I like em all colors, shapes, sizes, origins and flavors... They make my soul sing..

As the world's great lover of eggs, I'd describe this dish as the cuddly type... Perfect for some rainy day comfort...

This is no leggy supermodel of a 63 degree egg, swathed in art glass with the fanfare of dry ice and yet, this Korean style steamed egg is totally comfortable in it's skin, confident of it's wholesome appeal... And that is why I loved it to the very last spoonful...


If I had a grandmother from North East China, I would expect her pot stickers to taste something like this, chewy skin fried to a golden crisp on the bottoms and delicious filling made of fatty pork and cabbage...

Grandma, can I get seconds?


Unequivocally, I'd have to vote for the Tomato Egg at Dong Bei Ren Jia for President (of all tomato eggs everywhere)! If only I could make a version this good at home, I'd be:
1) Super happy
2) Justifiably smug
3) Buying a lot more tomatoes and eggs



Ida C.

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