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Featuring Brawn & Brains Coffee (Guillemard), Rookery (Hong Leong Building), Woodlands Sourdough, Creamier (Tiong Bahru), The Autobus, Crown Bakery & Cafe, Fresh Fruits Lab (FFL), Drips Bakery Cafe (Tiong Bahru), Group Therapy (Katong V), The Gut's Feeling
Violet Koh
Violet Koh

Really loved the salmon flakes in the omelette, and the “mayo” sauce helped to quench the spiciness of the kimchi (for someone who can’t take much spice). I wished the bun (it’s a wholemeal sourdough) was more crusty though, I enjoy harder crustier breads but those who prefer softer buns will like this!

1-for-1 on burpple beyond for the DIY protein bowls that are packed with great flavours and healthy!


If you love avocado toasts as much as we do, the smashed avo toast and pulled pork eggs Ben (comes with avo spread too) are good choices, made even better with beyond!

Creamier opened a new outlet in Tiong Bahru not so long ago, joining the ranks of many cafes that have come to this area (and some which had left/closed).

The fragrance of waffles being made permeating the interior of the cafe greets you the moment you enter, as cool blasts of airconditioning welcomes you on a hot, sunny afternoon.

Chose the roasted black sesame ice cream and earl grey lavender. I enjoyed the distinct sesame taste of the former but was a little disappointed that the lavender scent of the latter seemed to totally eclipse any earl grey.

Nevertheless, their waffles are the light, crispy sort, which pairs well with the ice cream!

Afternoon tea set for 2 at $38++, which includes:
Mini Sweets --> apple crumble tart, coffee eclair, pistachio cream puff, fruit tart
Mini Savouries --> minced beef patty burger, salmon asparagus salad, fried prawn bruschetta, mushroom tart
Choice of grapefruit soda or artisan tea (we chose tea)

The portions are really tiny but surprisingly we were pretty full at the end of it, even though we ordered an additional beer-battered shrooms ($10) that we couldn't finish and ended up packing away cos the mushrooms were really humongous!

For the sweet stuff, I found the coffee eclair a little too sweet, and the coffee cream inside tastes more like toffee/caramel. The pistachio cream puff pastry reminded me of kaya even though my friend decided she couldn't taste any hint of pistachio. The fruit tart was essentially a tart shell filled with whipped cream and topped with a couple of blueberries and small wedge of strawberry. Only the apple crumble tart was the most decent to me.

The savouries fared better in my opinion. The beef patty was flavourful even if it's a tad dry, and the bread was nicely buttered. The bruschetta was crisply toasted and crunchy, though prawn was a bit small. Initially I thought the salmon was smoked but actually it seemed like it's seared, so it's not bad. The mushroom tart contained what felt with very thick mushroom soup but I love mushroom soup, and portion size was small enough to not get sick of it.


Popped by on a hot but quiet afternoon, and ordered a cappuccino ($5) and a slice of pumpkin & orange chiffon cake ($2.50).

Coffee was decent; actually I wouldn't really know because usually I'd take my coffee black, so I don't know if the milk has made it nicer. But the chiffon cake was pretty amazing. It does leave a sweet aftertaste for me as how all chiffon cakes do, but this was so moist and soft, when you put your fork into it, the moist sound of the fork cutting through the cake can really be heard! I guess it's baked in house? There was another flavour, something with avocado, so if they still have that the next time maybe I'd give it a try.

Oh and everything else in the display cases, from their famed tarts, to the tea cakes, buns and whatever else, just look so tempting....


Pimped my brunch with a simple order of brioche toast ($3.50), which was so amazingly huge and thick I got caught off guard, but this really is for bread lovers so if you aren't a carb lover like me perhaps you would prefer something else, or something healthier like sourdough or multigrain. The toast comes with a very small slab of butter but I'm not particular about it cos the brioche already is nice enough on its own. And the jam, not too sweet but had some berry tanginess that goes well with the bread. Requested for my eggs ($3.50) overeasy, the way I like them but you could also choose scrambled or sunny side up. Oh, and who can forget about the fries... wonderful way to indulge on a Sunday. :)


We decided on the Lemon Sesame tea cake, and which is not too bad but I could only tell it's sesame from seeing the black sesame seeds in it, as the flavour/taste didn't come out at all. Perhaps if it was heated up before being served it might have helped? At $5 per slice, my friend remarked it's a little pricey but that's the standard loaf cake price I guess...

Coffee was decent and served in an interesting way - mason jars, good way to recycle!


Ordered the toast with sage cream cheese and berry compote ($4), and lemon sesame tea cake ($5) to share, and both were so good?!? I love the Sourdough toast which is so moist and still easy to cut through, not like some other sourdough bread which I've had elsewhere which can be really hard and tough to "saw" through. Only downside is that it's too small! We can only blame ourselves but then we were heading someplace else thereafter for lunch. The cream cheese was sinfully good and berry compote not sweet at all, instead it had a nice tanginess that balances out the cream cheese.

Limited seating although on a weekday late morning it wasn't a problem but I think they missed my toast order because it took almost half an hour before we got to sink our teeth into it! Thus, despite that there weren't many other customers...

Heard of this place really long ago and have always wanted to check it out so after years I finally found my way here one weekday morning. Despite the numerous recommendations, I decided on something lighter/smaller and got a blueberry oat bagel and long black. The bagel was pretty yummy because of the blueberries baked into it but probably wasn't toasted long enough to be sufficiently crispy but that's ok. I was asked if I wanted cream cheese, which had a price indicated on the tag with the bagel, which I didn't want, and asked instead if i could just have butter instead. Well I got it, and I didn't know until I was recalling my total bill later, that it costs $0.50 for the butter. 😔

I didn't know cafes charge for butter and I wasn't told at the cashiering point. For $4.50, the long black was quite a small cup too.. but oh well, the pastries were decently priced because there was a promo going on where you get 2 for the price of $8. I packed the other item (chocolate banana roll) which was really good!

May come back again to try the mains/sandwiches, or perhaps the cakes that were featured in other reviews but I didn't see any cakes when I popped in that day.


Had the breakfast set and opted for the English muffin (other 2 were croissant and white bread) and chose my eggs sunny-side up over poached or scrambled. For $8.90, this came with your choice of coffee/tea and a side salad. I'm not sure if it's strawberry jam that was served with the muffin, but it's pretty good as it wasn't overbearing on the sweetness, in fact there was some slight tanginess or sour berry notes that made it nice though I generally don't take jam. Spent a nice quiet hour in alfresco seating though it was quite sunny, but the sun shade and overhead ceiling fan made it overall quite cool. There are a few tables in the air-conditioned interior though.


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