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Anithra Sri
Anithra Sri

I've been trying to cut my meat and the impossible burger has made it possible (the punsssss).

On a serious note, it's nice to see that Fat boys has a small menu with options for friends who are going meatless. I particularly liked their impossible burger. It was juicy and cooked well.

We tried their pasta with the impossible meat. The sauce was too sweet and did not do much justice to the 'meat.'

Nonetheless I've visited fat boys for their impossible burger thrice and that is probably going to be the norm now.

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Basically I was trying to treat my partner to something and I saw Porta on Burpple.

I don't know where to begin but the food was amazing. We were totally impressed by the quality and the flavour of the food. I have to say that the mains weren't as mind blowing as the starters and the desserts.

For starters we got the octopus and duck.
Mains were lamb shank and the porta burger.
For desserts we had tiramisu and the black forest cake.

It's a great place to celebrate an occasion. Or if you simply want to have a really good meal after a rough day.

Looking forward to my second trip there.

We used the burpple one for one to get a salmon scallop aburi don.
Firstly the portion of the fish is extremely generous. I loved how the flavours were so clean. If there was one thing that I would have requested from that dish was for the salmon to not be torched too long. Cause some of the pieces were too cooked for my liking.

Im just being really picky but other than that, this is a place I would immediately pick out as a no-frills, affordable salmon sashimi don spot.

Cant wait to go back!

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Hokkaido sushi is honestly one of the best Japanese buffets you can ask for in Singapore. The pricing is reasonable. You get what you pay for and that is basically quality.

I'm a huge fan of their salmon and swordfish sashimi. The food is so fresh and the service is commendable. You have to try their garlic, miso and spicy sushis. This place is totally worth your calories.


We had the salted egg calamari for starters, and the poulet champignon and the nagano miso pork, for mains.
The calamari was slightly disappointing. It did not taste fresh and it seemed like it came out of a pack.
The mains were surprising good though. Specifically for the poulet champignon, the chicken was tender and the truffle flavour of the mash was strong. I felt like the surrounding peaches and beet sauce/rasp sauce (?) was out of place, and the mains would have been better without them.

Nonetheless the mains were good and we will definitely return for them.

Nested within M hotel, this Japanese buffet serves garlic miso aburi salmon sushi that’s so good, you’ll want to go back for more. They do not have an extensive menu, however, their items are of great quality that the short fall in range will be overlooked.

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Best sweet potato fries I’ve had in a long time. I got myself a bacon walnut salad which was so hearty and well dressed. Definitely heading back there for the burgers (what was I thinking tryna leave the place with a salad).

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Okay Koo kee totally needs some air time here. We all love yong tau foo but honestly nothing comes close to Koo kee YTF. The noodle reminds of Kolo mee, a dish you get in Sarawak. Plus it pairs so well to the ingredients. I smother a generous amount of chilli and ketchup available at the shop, on my noodle. Just. So. Awesome.
Works well for every meal ♥️

We had the fennel sausage pizza ($30), bone marrow ($18) and the chicken liver on bruschetta ($17). Out of the three dishes, the chicken liver was the best. It was cooked right and had a good amount of seasoning on it.
The bone marrow could do with an element of acidity to cut through the fattiness. While the fennel sausage could do with heat and salt. Food was generally heavy on fat, so you will tend to struggle finishing your last bits. Nonetheless I’ll probably head back to try their pastas 👌 I’ll give the pizza side a 6/10.

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The bravery is definitely a familiar cafe to all. I love beef so I gravitated towards the beef brown rice bowl. Beef was good. However would have expected more seasoning for the rice or even a sauce. If the egg was a little more runny, it wouldn’t have felt as dry as it did. But with that said, it was still a good meal. I would definitely head back to try their mains cause they look & sound really good.


I got myself a beef quinoa bowl. Beef was medium rare and had a good accompaniment of sides. Avocado, egg, orange and salsa. Though the bowl was pretty holistic, I would probably recommend glazing the rice with a light sauce. That would really bring the flavour to the next level. Other than that, it’s worth the try, but I’ll probably only go back when they start adding more items to their menu.


Had their beef bowl with foie gras and toast & eggs. The eggs in the menu were scrambled but I made a special order for poached eggs instead. Food wasn’t too bad. A little on the pricey side but worth the try.
The beef bowl seals the deal. Beef was well seasoned and cooked perfectly. Loved it. Serving was generous and perfect for co-sharing our meals. I will come back for the beef bowl and the ‘people watching’ view that you get 👌


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