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Nippon 🍱

Nippon 🍱

Featuring The Sushi Bar (Far East Plaza), Fat Cow, Teppanyaki Hamburg Nihonbashi Keisuke Bettei, Don.档, Black Cow, Niku Kappo, Ryōri by Sushiro, Sandaime Bunji, Torikin, Ichiban Boshi (Parkway Parade)
Jess W
Jess W

Fried chicken cooked with onions in nanban sauce. I had this to go, and had it for lunch the next day. A little soggy, but still good.


Before dining at Torikin, I have NEVER EVER had innards before. This dish is made up of beef intestines and beef heart, with vegetables of course. I ate a piece of beef heart by mistake (ewww), but the beef intestines were tasteless in a good way! It absorbed the sauce/dressing from the dish.


Part of the lunch set menu too. The beef is in chunks unlike the signature truffle don which is in slices. Fat Cow also has this, but for $48 and without onsen egg.

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Not to be confused with Fat Cow which offers similar lunch sets. Salad, soup and dessert. Missing a chawanmushi unlike Fat Cow.

The differences are: Black Cow's beef is thinly sliced as opposed to beef chunks at Fat Cow. They use shaved truffles instead of truffle oil.

The place is very small, reservations are recommended.

If I can only order one dish, the Fat Cow donburi would be it! Sliced beef with onsen egg on a bed of truffle oiled rice. So good! Their Foa Gura donburi is good too, but not as great! It lacks the onsen egg and the rice is marinated with black sauce instead. Reservations are a must or you'll risk being on waitlist. Definitely go for lunch as it's more affordable.


Fat Cow is one of my fav restaurants for beef! Decided to order a Foa Gura don (foie gras & beef) for a change and was reminded by why I always order the Fat Cow donburi instead. It's good.. but the latter is better! Lunch set comes with soup, chawanmushi, salad and honeycomb ice cream.


This amazing don is topped with 7 ingredients and is bigger than my face! You can have it all for under $30. Value for money if you have somebody to share it with. My picture does not do justice to the sheer monstrosity of it all.

The stall is housed in a coffeeshop beside Royal J Seafood. Also run by young entrepreneurs, is occupying the old space from The Western & Co.



Not sure why everyone's Fuji nabe had so much meat but mine was meh. We requested for more stock, because the soup was barely covering the meat and the waitress wanted to charge us for the stock?! 😒😒 Food was good although I can't say the same about the service.


I read so much about their wagyu beef tower and wanted to see what the fuss was about. Since there were 2 of us dining we ordered a 400g portion instead of 2 individual sets. Rice was an additional charge for us.

Sadly the meat was cut too thick and very veiny. It was also half chilled?! Not sure if it is meant to be eaten chilled but the quality of beef was rather upsetting. Nikunohi at Suntec has the same thing for cheaper and it tastes better.

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Look at dat generous heap of beef tho. The onsen egg was runny which helped the don taste less dry, since it did not come with miso soup.

This place used to be called Takumi by Sushiro. It is now rebranded and known as Ryori by Sushiro. They only serve cooked dons here. If you're looking for bara chirashi don, head the the actual Sushiro outlet.

Seating is very limited, but that's ok cos at dinner time the restaurant (or should I say food stall?) isn't even half filled. You order and pay via a touchscreen cashier and food is promptly served. No accompanying miso soup, just whatever don you ordered.

I swapped out my regular Japanese rice in the combo meal for onigiri (Japanese rice ball) instead. Also can be ordered a la carte.

Jess W

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