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Sweet Tooth 🍨

Sweet Tooth 🍨

Featuring Non Entrée Dessert Cafe, Boufe Boutique Cafe, Bird Bird, Cream & Custard, Sinseh: The Grocery, BAKE Cheese Tart (ION Orchard), The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. (ION Orchard), April's Bakery (Tampines), Platform 1094, High Society
Jess W
Jess W
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New flavour launched about 2 months back. I’ve never tried the original or cheese flavour prior to this. TBH I don’t get the hype. I wasn’t blown away by the taste and it wasn’t addictive, more like “ok lor”.

My first time at Rocky Master even though they’ve been around for over a decade 😂

Best of the 3 desserts that I ate! The base of the crust was stuck to the packaging (same for the ispahan dessert) and for some reason that annoyed me greatly. The tart is topped off with cream and cocoa dust. In the middle lies a sinful layer of chocolate Nutella.

This reminds me of Pierre Herme right down to the rose petal on top! Sandwiched between 2 slices of macaroons are raspberry, cream, tiny bits of lychee and rose water gel. I did not like this very much because it was too sweet and it felt like more than 50% of this dessert is made up of sugar. Not sure how much because my friend paid + no price listed.

All cupcakes are priced at $6 each before taxes. Errr maybe it’s me but I thought that was really pricey. The unicorn cupcake is actually a twist of their red velvet cupcake. Very mild red velvet tase and not distinct. They have a larger version of the unicorn cake at $28. Ice water is not served, only bottled water.

Seasonal item! Only available for 2 weeks starting end September. Went on a weekend afternoon and there were like 5-6 people in the queue before me. Everyone was queueing for the Busan fishcakes at the stall beside. My fav way of eating the tart is when it’s freshly bought. Watch out for the honey dribbling out as you bite into the crust.

Another one of their specialty items. Like Mr Lich’s flaming brew, the menu does not state the ingredients. They’re both labeled as “the platform’s secret recipe”. Our waitress recommended this. It’s supposed to be a replica of butter beer. While I’ve never had butter beer before, this tasted very much like ice cream soda with foam and candy sprinkles on top.

I thought Lupicia was a person. It’s actually a tea brand from Japan. Behind the fancy name lies a chocolate cake bordered with brown popping candy bits. I don’t quite fancy chocolate cake but this was SO GOOD it makes you (or me in this case) crave for more?! It tastes better than it looks!

Here because my BFF is a Harry Potter fan. We ordered a bunch of their specialties to share. Their most IG worthy drink/dessert is the flaming brew which consists of rum and a bunch of other stuff which I forgot. The drink sparkles when you sprinkle cinnamon powder on it. I like neither alcohol nor cinnamon and am guilty of ordering it because of the ‘gram.

Throwback photo I found in my phone from the time they were giving away Cheese Melon bubble tea. I thought the melon tasted rather icky (I love the fruit tho) but the cheese foam was my favorite part of the drink!

These 2 cakes on the utmost right are their new creations. Enquire for price and name.

Third time here but first time eating their cakes. Why? Because they were sold out of watermelon cakes previously. Highly recommended to call ahead to avoid disappointment.

Not liking that there were no prices displayed, both cakes cost around $18. Cafe has limited seating, depending on how many patrons sit & chat after they're done with coffee/cakes.

While the watermelon cake was very refreshing I didn't think it really deserved the hype. Preferred the honey pineapple custard better for its texture. They were out of galaxy cake and unicorn poop too. Will probably try those 2 in my next visit, if I do visit.