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Ching Chong 🍜

Ching Chong 🍜

Featuring New Station Snack Bar, Yum Cha (Chinatown), Shang Pin Hot Pot (Rendezvous Gallery), Royal J's Seafood 御马海鲜 (Jalan Besar), Wok Master (City Square Mall), Lian He Ben Ji Claypot Rice (Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre), Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice (Upper Thomson), Sum Kee Food (Telok Blangah), Hup Choon Seafood, Cheng Ji (Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre)
Jess W
Jess W
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This place has been featured on a few websites before. It used to be cheaper. It’s like a mini/simple tze char stall selling mostly one dish meals. At least half the people were having the same salted egg dish as I was. Their tea was horrible and bland though. Stick with canned drinks if you plan to patronize.


This place is packed on weekends and I heard the wait time can be up to an hour for the food. Price is very reasonable considering it’s in Bukit Timah. They’re only open at night (closed on Wednesday). The coffee shop is a dead town in the day. They have several items off the menu, so just ask the Aunty if you’re not sure. I was recommended 2 non menu items. The soup and the salted egg dish. Total damage around $35 for 3 pax 👍🏻


This dish is under their Daily Specials. A seasonal item I believe. Abit little for $15, but the chincalok was good!


Sum Kee is sharing the same grounds as what looks like a Buddhist Society. One of their signature dishes is the ultraman chicken. In short, it’s salted egg yolk chicken. They have AC and non AC seating. The place was almost full on a weekday night. The food is decent but I find their prices a little more expensive than the usual tze char restaurant.


I've been going to the Jalan Besar outlet for more than 10 years. Decided to try their Thomson outlet so since I was in the area.

Most items are priced at $1.50 per portion. Egg $0.60 each. Lor bak $3 per portion- most expensive of the lot and the price is not reflected in the list on the wall. Dining companion commented that the curry at Jalan Besar is more fragrant. They close at 11pm so it's not a supper friendly place.


Appetizer from last night's #BurppleHawmakase hence the fancy plating. It will not be presented like this if you order directly from the stall.

I'm embarrassed to say that this is my first time eating chinese rojak 🙊


This was another main dish served during the #BurppleHawmakase dinner. The fish was drizzled with crispy fried lard and garnished with coriander. Love how tender and fresh the fish was— no fishy smell and the sauce did not overpower the taste.


This was part of the main course offered during yesterday's #BurppleHawmakase. This huge bowl was shared between the 4 of us and we (almost) scraped it clean apart from the burnt rice!

Also, I just realized chinese liver sausage = lupcheong


$5.20 XLB to commemorate SG52! Burpple had a 1 for 1 promo for this. T&C did not state only one redemption per table/multiple redemptions allowed. Was prepared to pay for 2 servings (get 2 free), but the manager offered us an extra serving FOC (paid for 1 and got 2 FOC). That was very unexpected and nice of them! The BKT taste was not as strong compared to the real deal but it was still a yummy treat.

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I've been here several times and this dish is always a repeated order (also one of their signature dishes). It might seem strange for some to pair cheese with prawns at a tze char restaurant, but I love both so this is a winner. They were very generous with the mozarella cheese. One of my favorite tze char places!


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My friend, who is a regular at HDL, recommended me this place. Said to be opened by ex HDL chef and cheaper too. The concept is similar but without frills. You don't have manicures or nuts while waiting and the buffet spread is much lesser. Unfortunately it was really expensive?! $90 for 2 pax without premium items. I recall HDL to be cheaper?! Omg definitely not gonna return.

I've been here couple of times now. It's like having tze char in an air conditioned mall environment. The Boxing Chicken is one of my favorite!

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