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Perth Persuasions

Perth Persuasions

Featuring Piccolo's Corner, Hylin, RoyAl's Chicken & Burgers, Meet & Bun
Shaowei Ho
Shaowei Ho

Picture this... a brioche Bun with poached eggs, avocado smash, potato hash, thick cut bacon, and a great spicy sauce to bring it all together! Great way to start the day!


Tucked in the hip neighbourhood of Fremantle, you’ll find Meet & Bun. One of the TOP rated burger places in Perth that have somewhat of a Shake Shack vibe... does it live up? Pretty well indeed! They have lovely thick shakes, and their burgers are really good. I went with the vege burger which had a crumbed portobello pattie and added an additional beef pattie in it just because it’s not a burger if it doesn’t have beef in my books. The waitress gave the thumbs up saying that’s the best combination to have and she was right! It was so satisfying and I just love the portobello mushroom pattie combo! I’ll say skip the cheesy fries cause they ain’t shy with the sauce, which was abit too much imo... but great place, great burgers... what more can u ask for?

Burgers are a fine art to get right, some places just focus on doing a good beef patties while others focus on having fancy toppings, but for me it’s all about balance in the bite. I dare say that the bun is something that makes a burger good or not, it shouldn’t be too filmsy or too dense and RoyAl’s has one of the best buns I’ve had on a burger. It’s brioche, buttered and toasted with a good amount of fancy sauce on it. Definitely worth the visit if you’re craving some burgers!


Tucked away in the quiet neighbourhood, you’ll find Piccolo’s Cafe that serves all day brunch! I tried the Mushroom Bruschetta this time round and it was so good! The balance of the spinach, feta and the buttery mushrooms was perfect! If you want more of a meaty bite, you could add a side of chorizo for $5!

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Such a lovely combination when you got smoked salmon, poached eggs and smashed peas & avocado. Everything you need for a good breakfast or brunch!

Poached eggs, bacon, smashed peas & avocado and this gorgeous bread that made the dish stand out. Located in a residential area and tucked away at a junction, this place is going down in my favourites when I visit Perth again.

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