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Korean Kraze

Korean Kraze

On days when I feel like having Korean food
Miss Ha ~
Miss Ha ~

Warning: this is really not for the faint-hearted nor diners with low heat tolerance.

Served in a hot plate and lit with a flame torch right in front of your eyes, this flaming chick jumeokbap‘s spiciness is not one to be underestimated. Spicy chicken thighs in chunks, pickled radish, shiitake mushroom, king oyster mushrooms and a ball of seaweed rice. Just as the dish was lit with fire, my tongue was too, with the dish. Thought the combination of the side ingredients especially the rice ball was a little out of place in the dish, but overall still decent taste. Perhaps they might want to consider lowering the spiciness.

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Unlike what I heard about the crowd on weekdays, this place was utterly quiet slightly before meal time on a Saturday evening. What they serve here is Korean cuisine with a homely feeling.

There’s a bento set where you could choose a meat dish and 2 vegetables at $6.50, there’s bibimbap, cold buckwheat noodles, seafood pancake, spicy tofu soup etc. I chose this non-spicy tofu stew set which comes with a choice of vegetable. A simple comforting stew of silky tofu blocks, enoki mushrooms, lots of cabbage, egg, some tiny pieces of squid tentacles and best of all, Sakura shrimps that contributed to the umami and sweetness of the soup. Nothing too complex, but I wish the vegetables were heated instead of serving cold.


We were looking around for cheap
Korean eats in Dhoby Ghaut area other than Kim Dae Mun and chanced upon the cup. Prices of their dishes, from appetizers to noodles to rice sets, are rather wallet friendly.

A jjigae set comes with a bowl of gardenia seed rice originally but I wanted noodles instead. They were nice to change to glass noodles! I had the kimchi jjigae which is actually a traditional Korean kimchi stew with lots of sliced pork. It's stated as level 2 spiciness, but I don't really find it that spicy considering that I can't really take chilli even, so it's really bearable. Just feels so shiok and to stay warm by having this on a rainy day. Lots of sliced onion in the soup as well, gives a sharp twist to the slightly sour-spicy broth. Tofu never goes missing in a kimchi stew but what's more special is that they actually add strips of fried egg edges on top! Just for a change in texture I suppose.

I always have a thing for the soy flavor in Korean food, because it encompasses sweetness amidst the saltiness. So tell me how not to drool over these succulent pieces of roasted chicken thigh, so beautifully glazed in BBQ and soy sauces. Makes a good dish with the warmly steamed Korean rice on the hot plate, mixed with seaweed flakes, flying fish roe and sesame seeds, which I thought was somewhat an inclusion of Japanese element. But a tinge of savory is always welcomed to balance out the overall flavor.



Let's get cheesy! Unanimously a hot favorite among the Burpple Tastemakers. It's gonna be hard to resist the temptation as you watch the mozzarella cheese served on this hot plate over an open flame, slowly bubble and melt. Grab a piece of the roasted chicken thigh and topokki marinated in a fusion of sweet spicy BBQ sauce and Korean Gochujang, and twirl them around with the melted cheese. In fact, the cheese helps to suppress the spiciness. Heavenly as the different flavors burst in your mouth.

Thank you @chirchirsg and @burpple for the hosting and invite!

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It's so hard to choose a favorite among the dishes in the newly revamped menu by Chir Chir! I haven't had such mouthwatering fried chicken in a while; juicy chicken parts deep fried with a crispy crunchy batter, coated explosively with curry powder. The spiciness was just right, and additionally fragrant with the crispy curry leaves, almond and chili flakes. Coming across flavors like these makes me even more motivated to become a flavorist. 😂 Dip the meat in the Japanese curry sauce-alike for some sweetness amidst the spiciness!

Thank you @chirchirsg and @sixthsensepr for hosting and @burpple for the invitation!

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Family-owned restaurant that serves affordable and authentic Korean fare in town! All the items on the menu were priced below $10. To the point when I was already reaching the end of the queue, I was still having difficulty deciding on what to order. Bibimbap, fried saba, spicy chicken, Mandu stew, ramyeon, everything looked good!

Ordered the chicken bibimbap which was served in a sizzling stone bowl. On top of the rice, there were minced chicken, cucumber, bean sprout, carrot, cabbage, and of course that sunny side up. Look at that runny egg yolk, ooh!

Each set comes with a bowl of cabbage soup, gochujang to mix into the bibimbap (I totally love the mixing part like that in claypot rice!), and a choice of side dish (kimchi, cucumber or anchovies).

Surprise to find this cosy little Korean restaurant at Sunset Way, opened by a friendly Korean owner.

Priced at $20, this Haemul-Pajeon (Green onion pancake with seafood) was one of my favorite dishes. The pancake was not too thick and fried to crispy but not burnt even though it looks dark brown. There were different ingredients in the pancake such as prawns, squids and of course green onions.

One thing to mention is the dipping sauce, which wasn't too salty and had a tinge of sweetness. Also, the addition of sesame seeds contributed to the fragrance of the sauce. I couldn't stop dipping the sauce at all!

They also have a wide variety of dishes, even for pancakes itself they have kimchi, vegetable and potato pancakes too! Had a hard time deciding between kimchi and this green onion seafood pancake. I will probably be back again to try the other dishes such as their jjajangmyeon, kimchi pancake and Korean fried chicken!

By the way, their side dishes were good too! They provided 8 side dishes generously, such as fish cakes, kimchi, mashed potato, anchovies, bean sprouts.


Foodie for life <3

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