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Food ✅

Food ✅

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Mui Mui
Mui Mui

$4 (for drumstick/雞尾- how do u call this in eng ah....)
$3.50 (for other parts)

I would say this is not bad! The portion is for 1 pax and as you can see they are quite generous. The best part is that the soup is free!! 😄 The rice is not oily but not so fragrant to me. The chicken a bit bland but still tender la.. they still got give beansprout underneath the chicken which is a plus point!! 🌟

Overall, its worth a try to see if you like it or not! I think someone who is health-conscious would like it! 😃

(Btw i am a true blue 貪吃 foodie who dont bother to take nice photos sometimes because i just can't wait to eat HAHAHAHHAHA)

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Price: $12??

THIS MADE ME FALL IN LOVE WITH CHICKEN BROTH RAMEN!! I'm not a really really a fan of pork broth coz abit jelat to finish the soup.. (i am ok with it lah, i still love it just that some broth really too thick for me to handle). But this chicken broth one was soooo savoury and not jelat at all??? I finished the whole bowl myself 🙃 i love the type of noodles (hakata style) they use as well.


Price: $12.80++ (if im not wrong)

I actually quite like this dish! It was a savoury dish. It would be best if they added more garlic! Please try TFT's mushroom soup! Really good but expensive la.. (like $8.80??)

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Price: $10.80

The cafe sits inside yunomori onsen & spa. It is just a small cafe serving japanese food but the food offered were legit good 👍 I did not have expectation for the food since the main highlight of the place is the onsen 😂 I tried my friend's food and they are equally good as well! No service charge but got GST :D

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Price: $4.50

Must order with milk!!!! I think this is one of the best in YISHUN. NO JOKE. The soup is nice (altho sometimes i cld taste msg) and the fish is nice too. No need anymore explanation. PLS TRY GUYS.

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2nd time eating this. Similar taste to DTF's spicy noodles!


$12.80, i find this is really worth?? The slices are fresh too. The whole bowl is 👌

First time dining at bangkok jam and surprisingly the food is better than what I expected!!!


Mui Mui

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