Featuring Faculty of Caffeine, Hiap Joo Bakery & Biscuit Factory 协裕面包西果厂, Restoran Kam Long (阿福街金龙咖喱鱼头), San Low Seafood Restaurant (三楼海鲜园), Restoran Teck Sing 德星茶餐室
Joel Lim
Joel Lim

Don't go stingy on the bee hoon! It's really addictive! 5 adults and 1 child, we had 2 large plates. If you patronise during peak hours, you would need to wait for ~ 45 mins for your additional order to be served.

Famous bakery from JB with hole-in-the-wall wood fired oven. Blessed to have friends who gives me nice food/snacks to make me fat. 😂
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The curry is light & palatable. The Fish Head is Fresh, with lots of Flesh & cooked remarkably well upon order.
The best part have to be Cheek & of course the Fried Beancurd Skin soaking up all the glorious curry sauce that you can drink easily without being too sick of it. 🤤.

There are clues when a place is particularly exceptional;
They occupy a large or entire venue,
They only have 1 or limited menu options that they specialise in,
A snaking queue that consist of majority locals & the occasional tourists,
Almost if not all of the tables ordered the exact same item,
They aren't pressurise by the number of patrons & take their time to make the product. 🖖🏻

Glad that the cafes are much more accessible now that the roadside construction is complete! Also happy to say that my post on JB cafe hopping has been having a steady stream of readers:

Enjoyed my revisit to Faculty of Caffeine (refreshed menu) with the smoked duck aglio olio (too salty and peppery though), breakfast platter (love the mushrooms), Korean fried chicken (awesome!) And truffle fries (nice!). Also had dimsum at D'Shanghai, KSL - really good xlb variety!

Always my favourite buy from JB, Hiap Joo’s fresh malt-flavoured breads and aromatic, pillowy-soft banana cakes with that lingering smokiness just can’t go wrong.

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