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Dessert Toasts

Dessert Toasts

Featuring Chye Seng Huat Hardware, Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), Riders Café , Group Therapy (Duxton), Maison Ikkoku, Little Diner, Dean & DeLuca (Orchard Central), Wild Honey (Mandarin Gallery), Toby's Estate, Forty Hands (Tiong Bahru)
Michael H.
Michael H.
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Three stacks of spiced raisins brioche. apple compote and toffee sauce. sticky and sweet with a little bit of tartness 4/5


Artistry's PB&J French toast might be gone, but hey i could say Earlybird's a worthy successor of it. Was not here the last time i came here, i think they launched the full menu already. The texture of french toast is one thay i would call my ideal. Fluffy, has a slight crust on the outside but puddingy. stuffed with cream cheese, you can add additional bacon or ice cream 4.5/5

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The australian coffee shop is located on Marina One. The breakfast items are served up until 11 am. One of the eggier french tossts around. Served with berries, yoghurt gelato, orange butterscotch and mango gel 4/5

($15) Deep fried, battered(?) French toast coated in cinnamon sugar. Not that greasy, and berries help balancing out. 3.75/5

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The texture of db's french toast is on poiny. Crisp on outside, pudding-ish one the inside. This one is less canele-y than their previous version, served with kaya and jackfruit(?) 4.5/5


Weekend special, you wont find it listed on their wall menu but the menu on the counter. two sorta fluffy but sorta custardy, a but a bit too thin to become that. Quite bettery, served with vanilla mascarpone and peach compote 4/5


Mozarella stuffed inside slightly crisp yet fluffy toast. Drizzled with caramel, topped with banana and poached(?) Pear. Certainly a french toast for the sweet tooth 4.25/5


The fluffy kind of french toast, stuffed with guava compote, tangy but still sweet. Paired with vanilla ice cream 4/5

You get three thick slices of french toast, two has that custardy consistench the other is fluffy. My second time eating this particular french toast and the first one was like that too. taste wise, i really liked it 4.5/5


Two thick fluffy slightly custardy french toast. Berries, passionfruit, popcorn, pistachio cream and some custard. 4.5/5


This one is more refreshing? Fluffy custardy french toast with crumbles and berry compote. Not as sweet as its savory counterpart but is as indulging 4.5/5

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Quite possibly my favorite french toast? Its called savory but well it is as sweet as it gets with the maple 😚. Oh that puddingish texture is lovely 4.5/5

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Michael H.

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Mostly waffles/french toasts/pancakes, bare with me Photo-taking's not my forte

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