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Dessert Toasts

Dessert Toasts

Featuring Artistry, RONIN, Common Man Coffee Roasters , Chye Seng Huat Hardware, The Fabulous Baker Boy, Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), Tong Ah Eating House, Group Therapy (Duxton), Little Diner, Maison Ikkoku
Michael Hade
Michael Hade
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FTP ($12)-french toast with mango and cheese. Quite puddinglike, cheese gives a little bit of creaminess. Was pretty good 4/5

Tried the thai iced coffee ($3) and Pandan Kaya Toast ($4.2). Toast was crispy and fluffy. Kaya was not the most pandan-y, but at that price a pretty decent snack 3.5/5

Mentaiko Charcoal Honey toast ($19)-ice cream and sweet stuff with savory mentaiko. Bizarre, did actually enjoyed it initially before it gets strange later on 4.25/5

It's really savory yet sweet as well, lel

Like a good honey toast was crisp buttery and fluffy loaded with melted speculoos. Cute presentation and i love speculoos so this one hits home 4.5/5

Nice crust, fluffy kind. Served with fruits coulis and yoghurt. Not a fan of the yoghurt 3.75/5

Something you can make at home but something just stands out from this. Maybe the PBJ ratio, maybe the jam, maybe the banana, it's just better than a PBJ sandwich 4.25/5

Spanish french toast ($10)-like a cinnamon sugar coated donut filled with custard 4/5

Mango french toast ($16) - dry inside, trong coffee flavpr, soggy outside. Not the best 3.25/5 ($16)