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Dessert Toasts

Dessert Toasts

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Michael Hade
Michael Hade
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Creme brulee french toast ($15)-Fluffy toast stuffed with custard like the one of creme brulee, with burned sugar on top od the toast. Served with fruits 4.25/5

Saw burpple's article of croissants, so decided to Triy the crotoast. A fluffy big croissant toast with like 4or 5 flavors to choose. Had mine with Hazelnut Sauce & Honey. Rich and buttery, essentially a croissant version of honey toast 4.25/5

Thick fluffy toast, think the top is bruleed, topped with berries, in addtion to the jam. They legit placed a jam jar spilled above the toast. 😅 with the marshamallow and ice cream, maple probablly isnt necesarry 4.25/5

Thick buttery toast with pandan spread on the inside. Served with condensed milk and gula malaka (?) Ice cream 4.25/5

Pillowy buttery toasts served with fruits, brulee(?) Banana, ice cream and maple. Did not really feel like a french toast, though taste waz good 4/5

Spanish french toast filled with custard, topped with apples. The fluffiness and the custard blend so well. Actuallly a bit different from my last spanish french toast, which was like a fried custard, but i do like their version better 4.25/5

Part of $45 set brunch.

Served with mangoes, not a fan of, caramel.the toast was very much like a freshly baked canele. Creamy on the inside, crusty on the outside. Really caramelly 4.75/5

Located on the saddles club. Shoukd get a taxi/own car to reach if you dont want to walk 20 mins from the nearest station. Came in with the smell of bacon oozing around, in addition to the morning breeze

Brioche french toast +Bacon ($20)-drenched in syrup, quite cinamonny, a bit soggy, comes with additional butter for extta grease :3 4/5

Fresh fruits, passionfruit sauce made the thin french toast very fresh..but that overly salty butter(?) Spread on each of the toast ruins it 2.75/5

Brioche french toast ($22)-coated in almond flakes(?) Gives that crunch and sweetness to the already toasty exterior. Inside was somewhat caky, yoghurt and berries give some sourness contrast 4.25/5

PBJ ($8)-really generous with the PB, making it too overwhelming covering the taste of J and the chocolate bread 3.5/5

French toast ($17) eggy fluffy, personally not my type of french toast but was not bad 3.75/5