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It's passable, but not very satisfying without meat. Pico de Gallo needs a bit more kick too

Subpar. Portion was v small too

It's a drinking place mainly. The service is solid though!

Like the chicken fajitas burrito but worse. Fries don't really travel well, I presume it's much crispier when it's served at the restaurant. Pork belly was a bit lacking, very chewy, and there's chunks of whole chewy connective tissue/fats. Just get the chicken

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Delicious. Everything comes tgt and the dark chicken meat was especially exceptional in roasted flavour. Gotta mention the heat which was just nice, it's present and it's just hot enough that u continually feel the burn but don't have to stop for a drink. Super generous portion tho, probably too much for one pax comfortably. It's filled and dense, really justifies the original price honestly

Scrambled eggs were just nice, fluffy but not too jelak. Steak was q tender and slightly chewy only, mesh well and the portion is super generous. The box is actually heavy and after 2 of these I was slightly full already. I challenge anyone to finish a taco without dropping anything at all, they're filled to the brim

Absolutely delicious. Pork carnitas(ik they said barbacoa but the pork in my bowl was clearly caramelised) and steak. Steak was well-cooked despite being thin, pink in the middle and carrying just enough chew to work with the whole dish perfectly. Pair that w hot sauce, veggies and guac and it's a superbly satisfying bowl.

P.S. Honestly I've always found their food pricey, but I've always understood why once I receive the food. Good quality ingredients, and a super generous portion. I started on this bowl during lunch, had it for dinner, and finally finished it for supper. No wonder it's called the fat bastard

Ytd when I was envisioning this dish from reading the description, I tot it lacked some cream and rightly, it actl came w cream. Cake was airy but not too light, which was perfect for soaking up the coconut milk. Coconut flakes and pineapple compote? helped add textures and fragrance to the this. As a fan of super moist cakes, this was an eye opener that I truly loved. Who knew cake could be served with a "soup"?

Basically beef skewers

Not the biggest fan of the sauce slathered on top, still acceptable tho. Beef was very chewy and that's the most disappointing part for me. Really generous portion tho, there's gotta be at least 200g of beef in here

P.S. usually comes w fries

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A lot more worth it than the pork tacos, the exterior was crispy, filling was cheesy, and beef was quite tender. Ribsticking stuff and quite filling, good to share. Probably the best main I've had here.

Rly pricey, but nicely porky and satisfying. Very oily though, u can tip the taco and oil will pour out

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If u didnt Tell me it's a bone Broth i wouldnt have realised. Not that it's bad, it's just less in your face than i expected. Not bad either, can try if you're a Fan of Broths like i am

Mildly Marinated, but q flavourful and very tender. Rlly nothing to hate, esp at this price point. I definitely enjoyed it more than i expected

Would travel for food

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