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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

The torched cheese had a surprisingly pushy savouriness, which worked rlly well with the sweetness of the seafood. Not too bad, but seems like it's lacking a sauce to tie everything tgt. Seems like it's lacking sth to be served in a restaurant setting

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Rather tasteless except for some bits of the chicken which was quite smokey. Can't really taste the sour cream, cheese or habanero sauce either. And the bottom is really watery for some reason. Hopefully cos it's healthy

Abit pricey for one taco but still it was worth it. Extremely juicy, there were juicy leaking out after I bit the tacos into half. Definitely one of the better choices on the menu

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Much better, since there's a layer of fat and the muscle was more tender as well. The pickles cut thru the fatty meat really well

The defining element was definitely kimchi as it's not something you usually associate burritos with but it does provide a nice amount of acid to go along with the meats. Furthermore it's not too strong in funk so it doesn't interfere with the other flavours. My dining companion picked the braised carnitas which turned out to be a brilliant choice since it doesn't have heavy handed marinade. Between the rice, beans and kimchi, there's already a lot going on so a lightly marinated meat would go best in such a burrito. Do note that the portion is quite generous and can be tough for 1 to finish if you're ordering dishes to share

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Again, generous amount of meat in the tacos and it's damn near impossible to pick up the tacos without one or two pieces falling out(much like one of your Chao keng section mates). There's a bit of funk from the Korean soy paste(doenjang) so that's where the onions come in though they aren't particularly sharp. Meat was soft and succulent :D

Extremely juicy and tender galbi engulfed in cabbage and shallots. Note that this is one of the meats that you can't use the beyond deal on, the other being chili lime prawn. However, this is probably their best non-spicy cut so just order this nonetheless. Really generous amount of beef and it's a miracle the tortilla can hold the beef without too much dropping out


Really addictive cheese dip that was flavourful but not too overpowering. The delightful mix of pepper jack and cheddar was interspersed with bright cubes of tomato, ensuring that you continue to pop piece after piece of chips into your mouth

Served with two kinds of salsa. Chips were really light and not greasy, and went very well with the slightly sour salsa

On the other hand, this was so simple and yet heavenly. It's really mind blowing how soft, juicy and flavourful perfectly cooked veal tongue can be. The oxtail was lacking in portion to make an impression, however, it's highly recommended to add the green tomato chili sauce alongside onion to cut thru the meatiness

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I tot it was gonna be slices of meat not shreds of meat lol so I was surprised to see this. Tasted almost exactly like char siew that isn't sweet. Decent but not impressive.

Beef was medium well but it was surprisingly still acceptably tender with some char. Apart from the beefy flavour the accompanying cast was also great, with cheddar guac sour cream and pico de Gallo. Esp loved the savoury soft onions and the squeeze of lemon to cut thru the grease. Fantastic value using fave esp considering the amount of meat. Probably supposed to be a sharing plate with that elaborate sizzling display so it's pretty filling for 1


Would travel for food

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