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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Charred bread ice cream, coffee tuile

Really good. At first I was apprehensive about how good Kaya pudding can taste, but it definitely exceeded expectations. The texture was kind of firm, and it's a neon green compared to the pale green of normal Kaya.

The charred bread ice cream was spectacular though. You can really taste the bread, and they're added the caramelisation component from the bread while the sweetness comes from somewhere else, such that it's a twist on caramel ice cream

The must try dessert here!

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It's fine, but the mee pok didn't have the best texture. Not their strongest dish, compared to the rest

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High expectations but they played it too safe. Can't taste the five spice nor the Szechuan spices

Nonetheless meat was cooked well. The rest of the expectations were on point. Solid and safe dish

Superb stuff

The fish was amazing, meaty and flaky. I thought it was barramundi due to how good it was. The curry was punchy yet not too spicy.

Only the rice was abit flat, despite the addition of some fried shallow-like element. Nonetheless, still a MUST TRY!

Yeah you always get flamed for ordering salad but not here. The salad was coated in a sweet and sour sauce, which was bright yet not overwhelming nor sinful at all. The textures were very appealing too

Ckn was v tender, succulent, and quite nicely marinated too

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The beef was slightly tough, but the black pepper sauce was superb. I'm not normally a fan of black pepper sauce but the one here was sweet and not too piquant. Worth a try!

The pork here was v clean and fatty but not greasy at all. Can tell immediately that it's a v high quality pork, thanks to the excellent choice of a mild marinade.

Lava egg cooked to perfection, tiger prawn as well. What's stunning was the broth though, layers upon layers of punchy umami and so intense. It toes the line between broth and sauce, that's why there isn't a lot of it. Supremely satisfying

Btw tiger prawn head usually not v nice I feel, there's this bitter fishiness

PSA so there's been a menu overhaul and unfortunately some of their best items are now gone.

The char siew glaze is now more hoisin and savoury, still decent though. It's sous vide then finished on the grill, though the char was lacking and there's no smokiness at all. The vinegar cabbage was ok, if uninspiring. Pork was kinda dry, probably better if it were a fattier cut. I don't rmb pork collar being so dry. Overall it's still ok, given the price after Burpple beyond. But expectations were high, it's IZY FOOK for god's sake.

Tldr it's not the same restaurant anymore

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Kaya works well with butter, sweet food works well with a little salt, so brie really made sense to me. Googled and didn't see any results, so I guess I'm the first and hopefully there will be a restaurant coming up with a deluxe version soon. The creaminess of the brie melds well the Kaya. Just a combination that works better than I expected lol and see if anyone enjoys it too

My own version uses castello brie(for its mildness), and top one Kaya(yes the ubiquitous, rather cheap one, I love it >


Really good. The sauce really was lemak despite looking somewhat thin. Coats the pasta very well and the duck was good too. Highly recommended, no matter your predisposition

Pretty good for a complimentary item, it's well coated with delicious kicap Manis with some heat coming from chili flakes. Wings were cooked well too


Another good rendition. Coconut foam was awesome as it was so rich and fragrant, covering the coconut ice cream. Pandan Panna cotta was lacking in sweetness as the coconut components were sweet enough, thus there was a bit of bitterness that comes thru. The beans and Panna cotta were a little overwhelmed by the coconut but overall plus points for creativity

Would travel for food

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