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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Mild flavours, the fish was cooked decently but I felt no wow factor for me. It's just a normal dish(my dining partners called it wedding fish) with solid execution. They swopped sake for shaoxing wine and I guess that's the innovation, not that I particularly appreciated it(you could certainly taste it though)

The seabass was done excellently, with a super crispy skin and firm flesh. The nori cream pasta was basically just a nori reduction, there's no cream I believe. It's quite sweet and thick, the flavour is hard to describe as it's quite different from what you expect, in the sense that it does in fact taste like cream in some ways, but I found it okay while others found it weird.

Porridge is probably a better description because that's what the texture was such, but otherwise I quite liked the flavour. It's legit except the heat is toned down. Extremely small portion though, feeds a baby comfortably and yet it's charged at this price. Ridiculously overpriced, how can a main be this size

Again, rather overhyped. It's certainly decent, but slightly bland without the kelp. The herb butter didn't really stand out at all, nor were the prawns of exceptional quality (they were fresh though). In fact the prawns were slightly dry, do drizzle the lemon over it

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PSA the price per pax isn't 60, we paid 35per pax for 2 guys and 2 girls.

The pate was smoked seabass mixed w cream cheese, it was exceedingly insipid. Topped w preserved olives, which luckily carried the umami and the aroma of the dish. Served with pickled garlic chives and sourdough, which didn't have sourness(not that I mind) but was, while super crispy, kinda oily.

Overall appreciate the effort of bringing Asian ingredients into the picture alongside modern food(I doubt many ppl have tasted both garlic chives and preserved olives) but this severely lacked impact and harmony, and is sorely overpriced for a starter

The curry was quite unique, they said it's a blend of Indian and Chinese but I felt there's a certain sour quality that stands out, not to say that it's better than what you have normally. What is better, definitively, are the mussels. They're very clean and not briny at all, take it from someone who doesn't eat mussels at all normally as I've very sensitive to brininess. Definitely worth a try due to the quality and freshness of the mussels

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Charred bread ice cream, coffee tuile

Really good. At first I was apprehensive about how good Kaya pudding can taste, but it definitely exceeded expectations. The texture was kind of firm, and it's a neon green compared to the pale green of normal Kaya.

The charred bread ice cream was spectacular though. You can really taste the bread, and they're added the caramelisation component from the bread while the sweetness comes from somewhere else, such that it's a twist on caramel ice cream

The must try dessert here!

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It's fine, but the mee pok didn't have the best texture. Not their strongest dish, compared to the rest

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High expectations but they played it too safe. Can't taste the five spice nor the Szechuan spices

Nonetheless meat was cooked well. The rest of the expectations were on point. Solid and safe dish

Superb stuff

The fish was amazing, meaty and flaky. I thought it was barramundi due to how good it was. The curry was punchy yet not too spicy.

Only the rice was abit flat, despite the addition of some fried shallow-like element. Nonetheless, still a MUST TRY!

Yeah you always get flamed for ordering salad but not here. The salad was coated in a sweet and sour sauce, which was bright yet not overwhelming nor sinful at all. The textures were very appealing too

Ckn was v tender, succulent, and quite nicely marinated too

2 pcs

The beef was slightly tough, but the black pepper sauce was superb. I'm not normally a fan of black pepper sauce but the one here was sweet and not too piquant. Worth a try!

Would travel for food

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