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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
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Again slightly watery but the kimchi made it really appetising while not being very spicy. The pork was fried until quite hard though, instead of being crunchy.

More tomato based than anything but at least the variety of seafood was fine. Sauce was slightly watery but probably good for those who can't take spice

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Guess it's the evolved version of the roasted apple sugee that was served with ice cream? last time

The glazed apple layer is too thin to have an impact on the dense and crumbly cake. Cake was also slightly dry and the embedded berries were really welcome to give a bit of moistness and cut through the monotonous butteriness. Overall not really a good option for its price and the original apple sugee cake might be better

TAKE NOTE that they don't serve their orange Kaya creme brulee anymore which is quite a pity

Honestly just taste like ice cream with the surface being softer from torching. The torching lends a nice touch of smokiness on the caramelised top. Would be great if it wasn't so dense and frozen, as it would pair with the warm coconut foam better. Still a winner due to the intense pandan flavour. The tuile I could really do without though, as it's crunchy texture overlaps with the cookie crumbles and it tastes burnt(not in a good way)

Luxurious gula melaka that imbues the coconut ice cream with so much flavour. Attap chee was great as well, though unfortunately the red bean tasted a bit weird and the chendol wasn't very good either. Luckily they serve a small piece of the tasty gula melaka jelly as well so u don't have to get the full portion to try it. It's really soft and strong in gula melaka taste

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Generously slathered in a zi char-esque sambal, it's nothing too crazy yet very satisfying with its huge portion. While the eggplant was grilled to softness and there were grill marks, the chili covered whatever smokiness it had. The element that piqued my interest, however, was the garlic which didn't taste of garlic at all, and had a unique texture somewhat similar to a mochi

Silky, light, soft chawamushi that was enjoyable on its own, but made better with just a little bit of the coriander and the salted egg aroma coming through. It's quite amazing how the texture of the century egg and salted egg changes after being steamed tgt with the egg custard and that in itself makes the dish worth ordering, besides, it's simply delicious

*Spoiler ahead*
Didn't want to spoil the surprise for those who love surprises, but there's a small piece of chicken underneath. Not sure if it's because the egg custard is so soft, or because of the cooking process, the chicken was actually slightly rubbery though passably tender

P.S. a little disappointed that the staff didn't know why there's such a unique name to the dish, with the reason given being that the bar and kitchen was sort of like 2 companies. Really young waiting staff and despite their hectic pace, it was evident that some experience would improve their efficiency drastically

Don't eat fried food so I'll just comment on the noodles. It's decent but nothing mind-blowing cos it's really just soy sauce and shallots. Not sure why some people go crazy over it. I prefer softer noodles though so this was right up my alley but if you like noodles with a bite which is what u usually expect from la mian, then it's better to avoid this


Pork was done perfectly texture wise and this was a damn solid standard Babi pongteh for a restaurant that's known to switch things up. Glad that they finally changed it to rice which makes more sense and mops up the sauce better. The Chap chye is damn good too with the prawn taste coming through

P.S. while I don't usually review the service, my friend wanted me to add that our server, Bryan, was very polite, attentive, and took the initiative


Glad that they have non alcoholic beverages that are quite interesting. This one was lacking in longan flavour but the honey came through perfectly. Tgt with the milk foam there's a pretty unique taste and the herb was a nice accent as well


Their legendary durian cake, but in a jar and in a much more manageable portion. Pretty solid rendition with a thick cream and durian puree with nice texture from the fibres

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The mackerel was quite sweet from the marinade but otherwise it was quite average. Sambal was also not very spicy despite the bright red colour

Would travel for food

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