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Featuring Omoté , Zhong Guo La Mian Xiao Long Bao 中国拉面小笼包 (Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre), 136 Hong Kong Street Fish Head Steamboat (Clementi), Waa Cow! Sushi Bar, The 1872 Clipper Tea Co., Grilllo, I want my noodle, Shuu Choux Bake Shop, Healthy Soba IKI, Tsukiji Fish Market Restaurant
joey lurvestoeat
joey lurvestoeat
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Whilst the teriyaki-forward bara chirashi don tasted every bit its Upper Changi Road lineage (see: chopped up kani stick), there's an earnest charm to its efforts - from the sesame seeds adding some appetite-enhancing fragrance to the ebiko lending itty-bitty crunch. 3.2/5

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I am not kidding about the name; it really bears that quirky name there. From Omoomodon which is newly-opened at The Star Vista, the Japanese-Korean fusion rice bowls do seem to fit the office crowds around Biopolis well given they start from $8. This comes at $12 with sirloin steak, multigrain rice, kimchi omelette and teriyaki sauce. Overall the quality is pretty decent and portion is hearty for the price; the steak wasn't of the best grade but they did managed to grill it to medium rare with a pink center which was commendable while the meat was not gamey. The kimchi omelette was interesting; omelette egg with kimchi within so you get a little cabbage to crunch on while it carries a spicy zing that was rather manageable. The multigrain rice also had bits tasting similar to black glutinous rice for a bit of sweetness. Quite a decent option if you are looking for a place within The Star Vista below $15 for a meal. (PS: They also do offer Build Your Own Bowls where you can mix and match the different components, and there is Bingsu for dessert as well!)

The Jjajang Myeon is slightly less impressive here; it feels one that has a rather instant noodle sort of feel to it especially with its noodles, being a little thin and just simply lacked the slurpiness of the ones from restaurants — that being said, being a Jjajang Myeon that is served in a fast food-esque setting, it would have been a little overboard to expect anything more than what is being presented. The noodles comes with the black bean sauce that is thick and savoury-sweet, while patrons can opt for the version that comes with a cutlet like this one; the boneless chicken is coated in the Garlic Soy sauce made the dish slightly more appetizing overall.

Ever since I had been introduced to An Ji's steamed fish dishes, it's one of those places I would bring my folks to if they are craving for steamed fish. The Song fish head might be a little boney, but it packs quite a good amount of flesh that's smooth, succulent and flaky. What makes this good apart from the fish is the preserved bean curd sauce that packs so much punch; comes with lots of beans — thick and spicy like a good Mapo Tofu sauce that's appetizing and keeps one going. I would say if you are thinking of having something light, the Soy Sauce Steamed Fish Head might be your thing, but for those who love heavier flavours should go for this one instead!

From Peranakan Flavours which had recently reopened at Tan Quee Lan Street; apart from communal dishes on their ala-carte menu, they do serve up a set lunch menu where dishes are served up in individual portions with rice, bread or noodles — the set lunch is priced pretty affordable at prices below $10 so it would fit the office crowds here.

I had many dry Laksa variants but this has to be my favourite one of the lot for now; the Laksa base was creamy with the aroma of the rempah spices — so ever lemak and it laces around the slurpy noodles which makes this dish so appetizing it's almost impossible to stop. It also comes with quite a good portion of condiments, such as those plump and fresh shrimp as well as egg. As this comes from the ala-carte menu, the portions are slightly bigger than for one (probably works best to share with another friend), but I definitely found no problems finishing this at all.

This is one of my go-to places if I am ever in need to get my Lu Rou Fan and Intestine Mee Sua cravings checked — very glad to have found them back then and had been occasionally back ever since. Not sure what happened that I saw quite a number of posts about them on Instagram lately, but I am so happy that there wasn't a queue when I was there and I was able to make it before they sold out.

What makes the Lu Rou Fan so delicious here is the cut of the meat used; not your typical minced meat here, this is also the reason why the braised meat here is soft and incredibly flavorful from its braising as compared to the usually firm and rather porky minced meat others would use. For one that typically skips on the carbs, I like how their rice comes adequately moist so it doesn't clump up; in fact, the moistness is so on point it actually makes one want to finish the rice along with the braised pork, for the texture is just so complimenting. Each bowl costs $2.50; the bowl comes smaller than the usual but it's just so good you might even want to go for a second!

(PS: I usually don't find innards appealing, but I would really recommend their Intestine Mee Sua — the entire combination is also very delicious and the intestines are cleaned pretty thoroughly. Pretty impressive that I have ordered that quite a number of times for someone who just doesn't like innards.)

Don't really have an idea on what to have for lunch so went back to I Want My Noodles for something simple; I am glad I did.

Coming with elements such as slow-cooked black mushrooms, a hay-bee sambal, stir-fried minced pork and loads of pork lard with their own freshly-made egg noodle, the My Bak Chor Mee carries the perfect balance of savoury and vinegary flavours with a spicy touch; mix in the sous-vide egg for a more silkier touch that coats really well and provides a good flavour to the springy egg noodles here. Extra love for the generous amount of crispy pork lard that comes with each portion!

Newly opened at Raffles Xchange, we now get to enjoy these bowls without having to travel to the far West (hurry for me!). Using painstakingly selected ingredients, they ensure diners get an enjoyable meal at reasonable prices.

Known for their beef bowls, truffle lovers might want to go for Truffle Wagyu Beef ($19.90). Premium Wagyu beef cooked sous vide for 24 hours covered in black truffle puree and white truffle oil with an onsen egg and tobiko roe, it's packed with flavor. Or those who can't take beef like me can get Mentaiko Salmon ($18.90), which is only available at this outlet! A thick slab of salmon fillet that's lightly charred on the outside and creamy inside, coated with luscious mentaiko sauce, special Shoyu glaze, and ponzu marinated garlic.

Waa Cow!
Address: 5 Raffles Place, B1-63 Raffles Xchange, Raffles Place MRT, Singapore 048618

Tahu Telur (Tahu= Beancurd; Telur= Eggs) is a side dish originated from Indonesia, where fried egg is placed on top of fried beancurd (tau kwa to be exact). It is served with shredded vegetables and drizzled with a salty, peanut sauce.

The eggs were fried slightly overdone, giving it a very oily fragrance, which goes well with the beancurd. However, the eggs were not very crispy but very chewy, making my jaws hurt while trying to chew hard on them.

Overall, it's a good side dish to share with friends!

The opening of Food Republic at Shaw House introduced a couple of big name brands such as Sumire Yakitori House and the widely-raved Kimchi Express by Kimchi Korean Restaurant. There's also a small Vietnamese stall at the corner named Little Hanoi which is the answer for your Bahn Mi and Pho cravings. Being a food court stall, it definitely has some shortcomings in terms of freshness as compared to the individually-run eateries, but it is still very decent. A full meal with a side, main and Viet Coffee comes below $15; speak about value-for-money Vietnamese fare at Orchard Road!

✨ Being an avid fan of earl grey, I immediately laid my hands on it before these gets off the shelves! The fillings were indeed generous - warning: do be prepared to get ur hands and mouth messy and full of cream if you are consuming it with bare hands! 💥 The choux puff came with a slightly crisp caramelised surface layer that had a soft and doughy interior, stuffed generously with earl grey cream filling. The earl grey flavoured cream was smooth, creamy with a distinctive, lingering aroma that was pleasant and enjoyable! 💖 Though I do wish the earl grey flavour was more intense, it was distinctive enough for both the sense and scent! 😋 A puff here is also pretty huge that's great for sharing among 2 or more pax! .
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