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Featuring Fat Belly, STRAY by Fatcat, Rollie Olie (The Star Vista), Thaksin Beef Noodle (Clementi), Old Hen Kitchen, Ootoya Japanese Restaurant (The Clementi Mall), Five Star Chicken Rice (Bukit Timah), The Good Trio (JCube), Bowl Thai (ChinaTown Point)
Gerald Tan
Gerald Tan

Overall, the dishes were good. The main attraction is to eat the Kampong Chicken which I'm not a fan of. Do try it and taste the difference yourself.

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Best tasting dish of the night has to goes to this. Now I understood why everyone orders this here. Yummy slices of wagyu beef with an onsen egg on top the rice. It also comes with a pink ginger foam that you should eat to cleanse your palate before having the dish. Definitely a recommended dish here!!

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The charcoal waffles was fragrant & yummy. It is great with the salted egg sauce served with it. However, the fried chicken wasn't impressive and quite oily. When I bite into it, I felt like it had more flour/breading than meat.

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The carrot cake was kinda tasteless if you ate without the beef rendang. However, I didn't think that the combination worked well together. The dish was also served in nice looking "coconut husk" bowl.

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Spam Fries ($12) have a slight hint of curry taste and comes with wasabi mayo dipping sauce and strangely onions as the sides?

Salted Egg Calamari ($13) comes coated with cereal and curry leaves are a bit on the oily side and not as crispy as I would have liked it to be.

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Eating healthy can be simple & delicious as this. Every set comes with chawanmushi & rice. You can also order it as ala carte for $15.30

Braised pork belly, quail eggs & japanese rice served in a hot stone bowl. Note that the 4 generous cuts of pork belly are not those melt-in-your-mouth kind. Personally, I thought the sauce is a little too sweet for my liking (couldn't finish the rice because of that).

Wild About Wasabi Poke Bowl - Regular ($14.95)
Consist of salmon, tuna, mesclun, avocado, cucumber, tamago, radish, myoga, salmon roe, shiso leaf, sesame seed and wasabi sauce (although I couldn't taste the wasabi)


6 pieces of 茶香熏鸭 Tea-infused Smoked Duck ($7.90) served on top of thin slices of cucumber. There is some hint of tea in the duck. It's so juicy & yummy that it is quickly snapped up by everyone during dinner. Definitely something that I would order every time I'm here.


Located inside Sugarhaus, Fat Belly opens only in the evening at 6PM.

There are 10 counter seats available but you can also sit at Sugarhaus once it is filled up (subject to seats availability).

The Flat Iron ($22) & Short Rib ($25) comes with a house salad and chimichurri sauce. I would recommend the Short Rib if you prefer your beef with a little more marbling compared to the leaner cut of meat in The Flat Iron. They are both enjoyable but I personally prefer my steak to be char-grilled.

There are 4 sides (Creamed Kale, Sauteed Mushrooms, Truffle Fries & Mac & Cheese) available and they are priced at $5 each.

Light broth & tender beef at hawker prices. How can you not enjoy this yummy bowl of beef noodles? Would recommend to add some chilli flakes for additional kick/spice!

Value for money set meal that consists of the Bangkok Wanton Mee, Tapioca with Coconut Cream & Spring Rolls. Would also recommend the Green Mango Salad as well.


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