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Burgers, Fries And Everything Nice

Burgers, Fries And Everything Nice

Featuring Park Bench Deli, Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), Alter Ego, Glasshouse by DHM, Three Buns (The Quayside), Uncle Kiisu, Two Men Bagel House (Icon Village), Benjamin Barker Cafe, fȳr, DePizza
Elizabeth Lim
Elizabeth Lim
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The sambal kuro sando had pulled pork and pickled onions inside a milk bun, topped with shallots and spring onions. I didn’t particularly enjoy this because I don’t like pickled things, but my friend thought it was okay. It wasn’t v spicy despite the sambal, but I thought it was a bit too dry overall and could do with some sort of sauce.

Their fries may not look like much but they’re pretty crispy! The mentaiko fries ($12) comes with a sprinkle of seaweed and with mentaiko mayo on the side, which I prefer over the mayo being drizzled on top so that there’s no soggy fries. The truffle fries ($12) come with quite a bit of powdered Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top and have the fragrance of truffle oil. I liked the mentaiko fries more because I’m a sucker for mentaiko and you can’t go wrong pairing it with fries.

Thank you Depizza for the food and Burpple for the eatup! Depizza has an extra 5th deal on Burpple Beyond for pizza and a drink till the end of the month, so get it while you can.

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I liked the American style salmon burger the best out of all styles. It has cole slaw and barbecue sauce, but surprisingly wasn’t as heavy tasting as I thought it would be. Didn’t really enjoy the salmon patty that much though. It’s made of proper salmon meat, and it’s not mushed up like patties typically are, but it’s still not the same as a slab of salmon. The inside is a bit raw too, which I normally like, but it tasted a bit mushy here to me. Overall, at $9+, not sure if I’d get it again.


Tried the Baby Huey burger set (about $15 per set) with #burpplebeyond’s 1 for 1, which comes with some handcut fries and vanilla milkshake. I quite liked the burger! The Black Angus beef patty was cooked quite well- charred on the outside and pink and juicy inside. It’s really just a great classic burger, with oozey melted cheese, ketchup, pickles and spiced mayo, and lovely toasted brioche buns. The handcut fries were also tasty and crisp.

The only let down was probably the vanilla milkshake, which was too sweet and also even a bit salty. Despite its consistency being not so thick, I didn’t really want to have such a sweet shake after eating such an indulgent burger haha. Notwithstanding, the burger set is an amazing new deal on #burpplebeyond! P.s. if you bring your dog there, they’ll give your dog a free wagyu beef patty 🐶❤️


Tried out PLONK at Serangoon Gardens yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by how huge their Wagyu Beef Burger ($22) was. A really thick patty that was pink in the inside, topped with a slice of bacon, and sitting on top of beautifully caramelised onions, tomatoes and lettuce, between two toasted buns. Quite value of money if you ask me - the portion of beef was truly huge. Fries were alright, crispy and kind of like McDonald’s fries. Love the deco here too! Lots of plants and a lot of woody tones.

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This burger was so disappointing that when I was looking through my phone, it took me a while to realise that I had eaten this burger and taken the photo, because I couldn’t remember that I had eaten it! The fries were nice and crispy but the burger was so mediocre. The toasted bun was so toasted that it was really more like a buttered biscuit. The blanket of cheese (supposedly vintage cheddar, but tasted like regular supermarket square cheese) also solidified quickly upon reaching the table and the beef patty was more on the sausage side - firmer and saltier, which isn’t my preference for patties. Burger really didn’t do anything for me but at least it was half off thanks to #burpplebeyond. Wouldn’t recommend or come back though.

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The beef burger was a bit more ordinary, but was decently satisfying. It was decked out in buttery caramelised onions, tomatoes, raw onions, lettuce and one of the thickest beef patties ever. I liked the patty because they incorporated a very textured blend of meat, such that it was close to the texture of a meatball and you can really taste the meat inside! Quite atypical compared to the normal meat patty texture, but it was a welcome change.

The fries were also great and crispy, seasoned with a bit of chilli powder, bringing it a good heat. Also, the portion of fries was flabbergasting and it looked like a whole mountain! But fear not because there’s an equal mountain of vegetables behind it to cut through the unhealthiness. Could have done with a different seasoning on the salad though, they use a somewhat Asian tasting seasoning with hints of ginger and it wasn’t my favourite, although my bf quite liked it!


This was quite the joy to eat. I LOVED the mix of cheese that they used and it was so oozy and good. It was sinful, but not too greasy and all I want in a burger. You can choose your cook on your patty, and mine was quite on point, although the other burger we had was not. Anyhow, quite enjoyed this. It reminded me of Shake Shack, although a teeny bit better imo. But the fries were pretty meh and also pricy- go for Macs fries instead.

I also loved its “hidden” location - they have no sign on the door. Only a neon sign of a burger outside with an arrow, and you walk into this corridor with velvet curtains and another neon burger sign and you go into their restaurant- it’s a wooden cabin-looking place with graffiti written by people everywhere. It really sets the mood for a great burger.

P.s. it is quite pricy though. I used the entertainer app, but wouldn’t be as happy if I’d paid the original price haha.

Tell me that doesn’t look glorious!! Keeping in line with the “ball” theme, their Mac and cheese balls were a carb-filled dream! The cheese wasn’t too overpowering and I really enjoyed the outer layer - it felt crispier than the typical breadcrumb coating and provided textural contrast to the creamy macaroni inside. This would probably be a great beer bite.

Back here again!! I don’t think I’ll get sick of this place, haha. This time, I got the SOMMERNACHT burger ($17), because of how much I loved the Brie. It was great as usual, apart from the vegetable tartare that was slightly spicy and didn’t enjoy as much. I can’t stop talking about how good the Brie is though. It’s definitely not as photogenic as the other cheeses that are melted on the patty, but it’s actually quite thick and inside is really soft and melty. It’s a dream! Would probably try the Brie and lingonberry burger instead next time. Also, my friend got the chicken salad and it was so huge we were all astounded. Definitely would try that in the future too if I’m feeling healthy haha.

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Every person I talk to would probably know of this place because I love their burgers and I also love telling them that all of their wooden logs are real and imported!! It’s a real joy to share that, haha.

This is their ALSDANN burger ($17) - with grilled pear, mild blue cheese and walnuts. Again, the burger patty itself was just lovely. Crisp on the outside but still so wonderfully tender and lean! The grilled pear was an interesting touch, although I felt that the blue cheese sauce was way too mild and I didn’t taste it at all. Overall an okay combination.

I did prefer their TRAUMER burger ($17) over this - with a lot of pesto and a thick slab of melted Brie. The brie was absolute heaven and I’d totally recommend getting this burger.

I can’t rave about this place enough!! I love their lunch sets, which come with two drinks (one hot and one cold) and a side - so worth it! Also, they’re incredibly thoughtful, because if you can’t finish your hot drink, they’ll give you a gold coin with their logo on it and you can redeem your drink any other time, without any further purchase!

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Tried their B burger, consisting of a beautifully dry-aged beef patty with caramelised onions, cheese, and lovely, crispy fries (crispier than Macs!) It looks magnificent and tasted pretty good, although I do feel like our patty was a tad bit overcooked and our fries were not salted very evenly. But these are minor things they can improve on since the quality is definitely there!

Moreover, managed to get it at half the price thanks to Burpple Beyond’s 1 for 1 promotion, which made it all the tastier :) Also, their service staff was also really friendly and asked us how Burpple Beyond worked so I taught her how to use it and she said to come back 3 more times to use up the other 3 1-for-1s :”)

Great food finds, budget deals, and critical reviews! Find me on Instagram @whatlizhaseaten :~)

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