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Burgers, Fries And Everything Nice

Burgers, Fries And Everything Nice

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Elizabeth Lim
Elizabeth Lim

The One Night in Bangkok is as funky as its name - it’s Thai-inspired and has an impactful spicy sauce which tastes like lemongrass and fishcake. It’s quite strong tasting, so it’s probably an acquired taste. I personally didn’t like it as much as it’s not necessarily something I’d be looking for when eating a burger. But I could see how it might appeal to others!

The Classic is your classic, inoffensive cheeseburger with pickles, onion, and a secret sauce that tastes like a mix of tomato ketchup and mustard to me. Definitely seemed like a safe combination and a popular choice amongst their customers.

The Goodburger’s a food truck that does some really good burgers, except that they use Impossible meat instead of beef. The founders are environmentally conscious and passionate about crafting food that’s just as delicious without compromising on taste.
I personally quite enjoy Impossible meat and find it the most similar in texture and taste to beef compared to other plant-based meat. It also works particularly well in a burger as the sauce tends to mask any residual soy flavour. The only thing is that the texture is sort of more similar to minced meat or a Japanese hamburg to me, but if this was offered as an alternative to beef, I wouldn’t mind having it, so I was excited to see how @thegoodburgersg would do it. P.s. I tried their burgers previously but only had a single patty and did not like it as much. Definitely go for a double patty for a more satisfying bun to meat ratio.
They let us try all three burgers on their menu and I definitely loved the second burger, the Black Tie, the best. The Black Tie is their fancier burger with cheese, truffle aoili and rocket. Because I really like the taste of rocket, this really stood out and enhanced the flavour profile of the burger. (But if you don’t, this may not be for you.) I also enjoyed the creamy truffle aoili which wasn’t too heavy, although the taste of truffle wasn’t very apparent throughout.

Overall, it was a good experience! It’s on the pricier side, but that’s to be expected given that Impossible meat isn’t cheap. Each burger comes with crispy shoestring fries too, so that’s a plus. If you would like to check them out, they’re stationed at Marina Bay at the Promontory (12-4pm)and next to MBS (5-9pm) when they don’t have an event.
Thanks @burpple for the eat up and @thegoodburgersg for the food!

While the lightly limp rocket and purple wholemeal bun looks slightly alarming, this was my favourite burger! It’s more of a classic type of burger, with a beef chuck patty, bacon, Swiss cheese, rocket, garlic aioli and a hidden slice of beetroot at the bottom of the burger which matches the buns. While I don’t normally enjoy beetroot, it worked well in this burger and gave it more moisture without tasting too earthy. The flavours in this burger weren’t as in your face, so you can actually properly taste the beef, so this was quite enjoyable.

Overall, I wouldn’t pay for the burger at its full price at Fat Boy’s because there are definitely better places at that price point, but it’s quite worth it with the 1 for 1 on burpple beyond. Do note this outlet is quite understaffed though, so the food takes quite a while to come. It’s newly renovated though it seems, so it’s quite nice and bright compared to before!

The Monster Mash is indeed quite a monster. It’s a fried breaded chicken cutlet topped with aged cheddar, bacon and a wasabi mash, and coated in bechamel sauce, with a very beautiful brown honey oat bun. Sadly the burger itself wasn’t as impressive as it looked. The chicken was quite heavily breaded and the meat wasn’t really seasoned at all. I liked the mash potatoes because of the different textures of potatoes though. The bun was kind of a let down though. While it looked beautiful, it was overly toasted so it was kinda hard, and with the fried (and a slightly dry) chicken cutlet, it was kind of hard to stomach.

Glad that we changed our fries to sweet potato fries with a top up of $2.50 though! Although they were slightly softer than the regular fries, I personally enjoy their sweeter taste.

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The Burgatory is a very strong tasting spicy beef burger with chilli queso and jalapeños, with melted aged cheddar, with a sesame seed bun. Personally, I felt that the accompanying flavours were a bit too strong and overpowered the beef patty, but I could see how others would like this Mexican twist on a burger.

The Bikini Bottom sounded nice like the cartoon place in theory, but failed to deliver what was promised. It’s a beef burger with a fried soft shell crab on top, slathered with a creamy salted egg yolk sauce. While the sauce indeed tasted like cream, I couldn’t taste any salted egg yolk at all. The soft shell crab was also quite fishy, so this burger was quite a miss.

Have heard about how delicious and juicy the original Mom’s Touch fried chicken is in Korea, but I guess it’s not the same here because the chicken I had was quite dry and also not very tasty. Most of the flavour was concentrated in the thick batter and the burger was kind of dry despite the sweet mayo-like sauce. Certainly didn’t help the experience when our fries came super cold and limp. Don’t think I’ll be giving them another try again. (Tried Jollibee just the day before and it was much much better.)

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Don’t be deterred by the fact that this fried chicken is gluten free because it certainly doesn’t need any gluten to taste great. The crust uses tapioca flour amongst things and it tastes really crispy and batter isn’t overly thick. The highlight is how juicy the chicken was inside. Definitely one of the better fried chickens I’ve tried. Paired with the peri peri sauce and side salad, I’d probably get this again if I dined here. (P.s. their dinner set is on Burpple Beyond and it’s a real cozy place for dinner.)

Thanks Burpple and Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar for the eatup!

Really recommend getting this as an appetiser! A twist on the traditional calamari, it’s fried with garlic, chilli padi, and curry leaves, so it’s incredibly fragrant and tasty. The calamari is quite a big portion for the price and the thick chunks of well seasoned squid was really satisfying. It also wasn’t oily, as calamari sometimes can be. Plus, the chilli padi wasn’t spicy unless you eat the seeds, so it was good for me since I don’t like spicy food that much.

Thanks Burpple and Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar for the eatup!


The sambal kuro sando had pulled pork and pickled onions inside a milk bun, topped with shallots and spring onions. I didn’t particularly enjoy this because I don’t like pickled things, but my friend thought it was okay. It wasn’t v spicy despite the sambal, but I thought it was a bit too dry overall and could do with some sort of sauce.

Their fries may not look like much but they’re pretty crispy! The mentaiko fries ($12) comes with a sprinkle of seaweed and with mentaiko mayo on the side, which I prefer over the mayo being drizzled on top so that there’s no soggy fries. The truffle fries ($12) come with quite a bit of powdered Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top and have the fragrance of truffle oil. I liked the mentaiko fries more because I’m a sucker for mentaiko and you can’t go wrong pairing it with fries.

Thank you Depizza for the food and Burpple for the eatup! Depizza has an extra 5th deal on Burpple Beyond for pizza and a drink till the end of the month, so get it while you can.

💸 Feel free to use my code ELIZ093 for 20% off the all day Burpple Beyond annual plan for a 1 for 1 discount at this place!

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