Malaisien 🇲🇾

Malaisien 🇲🇾

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Jesuis Enamourez
Jesuis Enamourez

Replacing Decadent’s previous spot is a new deli by Atlas group that serves gourmet salads, hot food, sandwiches, freshly baked pastries, cakes and artisan bread loafs.

The chicken cooked in percik sauce serves with butterfly pea rice(rice of your choice) is perfect for a quick lunch. Huge serving of chicken thigh marinated in loads of Malay spices comes with a bed of fragrantly cooked rice with herbs and desiccated coconut. I love the nicely seasoned herb rice. RM17.90 per portion. Latté RM8 per glass.

A mixed of crackers served with Trio sambal. RM35 per serving.

Pan seared oven baked crown of lamb with sultanas, cardamoms, dates and chestnut served with Brussels sprout and carrots. The sweet sauce from the chestnut is really tasty. Highly recommended. RM199 per serving.

This noteworthy dish is properly executed. The baked fish parcel is filled with generous slice of Barramundi wrapped in Lerek leaf with tapioca shoots, birds eye Chili, shredded coconut, turmeric based spices. Sauce is really appertaining. RM49 per serving.

This dish is worth ordering! Slices of nicely cured smoked duck breast in garlic, kafir lime paste and spices topped with a salsa of Ciku fruit. The exceptionally sweet fruit balance the spices and coconut sauce. RM55 per serving.

A Malaysian starter with a mixed of Otak Otak & Satar. Spanish mackerel mousse wrapped in coconut and banana leaf with Thai Basils, Lime Leaf and coconut milk. The red otak otak is a bit dry but the Satar is fragrantly wrapped with spices and well seasoned.

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Their version of Tom Yum Laksa comes with Chinese cabbage, slices of King Trumpet mushroom, seared Salmon and glass noodles in a velvety and slightly rich broth. Love the sourish rich broth and it makes quite a comforting meal. RM32 per serving.

Special dish off the current menu. A typical Malaysian Dish that’s well executed, soft tender beef cooked with spice and herbs. RM88 per serving.

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One of the dish that I highly recommended for tourist or even purist to try. Malay Style Assam stew braised using Australian Oxtail, torch ginger flower and daun Kesum a type of mint. RM62 per serving.

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Malaysian salad features young mango, beansprout with crispy anchovies, lemongrass, roasted shallots and kaffir lime leaves. Love the tanginess and refreshing appetiser that opens up our palates for the next course. RM27 per serving.

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Hardly get to savour authentic Malaysian flavours in a café but the Curry Laksa here is legit! Homemade coconut laksa broth is not too thick yet flavoursome served with vermicelli, beansprout, French beans, beancurd puff, shredded chicken and sea shrimps. I find it unique that they topped it with crispy shrimps too. A large portion for very decent price. RM13 per serving.

Chunky pieces of beef slow cooked in fresh coconut milk and spices. Meat was tender and flavoursome, best to pair it with a warm Beriyani rice(RM3). RM23.50 per serving.

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