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Local Food

Local Food

Tangs, Tiong Bahru food market
Karen Png
Karen Png

Not a ckt kind of person but I really liked this!! The noodles are damn springy, and not overly oily or black like the ones outside. $5.

Wet, starchy and eggy Orh Lua was part of the perfect breakfast before we chionged for the Tangs sale. Those who appreciate a starchy Orh Lua would love this, for its starchy insides. The oysters also proved to be fresh and with no smell. This doesn't pale in comparison to those Orh Lua stalls within hawker centers. Definitely something I'd have again!

Located far in the recesses of the basement in Tangs is a little food market managed by Fei Siong Food Management. One of the most popular stalls there is Penang Yong Kee Char Kuey Tiao.

The noodle dish ($5/8) was extremely fragrant and tasty with the right amount of spice. The beansprouts were crunchy unlike other char kway teow outlets'. There were a lot of lard cubes which definitely brought out more flavour but gotta be cautious eating those. There is an inconsistency with the number of prawns they serve. (Some plates one, some two.) Overall, a really yummy dish. I'll probably drop by the York Hotel to compare!

Spice-packed, fork-tender beef rendang that tingles all the tastebuds you have, ayam kleo or chicken curry with generous lashings of coconut milk (hence, it is known to be milder and lighter in colour in comparison to the usual curry), chunky otah (chunky because you get whole prawns and fish pieces in it), and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, jackfruit curry! So rich, so creamy, so good. Because this is how you do comfort food. Ok, that's all.

Known to some Malaysians as one of the better places to have something local. This plate, have a good wok-hei all the way through, and those quick fire-up is indeed quite delicious but somehow lacking that Malaysian style of cooking.

Noisily crunchy chicken cutlet + cabbage stewed to oblivion + fried egg (too bad the yolk wasn't runny) + a decent curry + a respectable "lor". All that with a big mound of rice for only $4.30 right smack in the middle of where Orchard Road meets Scotts Road. Not bad eh?

I mean...look at this. Nevermind the crispy chicken cutlet, the real shit are the wok-braised cabbage with fermented beancurd and that egg with crispy edges. (Almost) burnt protein has the best smell/taste. Ok, that's all.

I blame this on @graciewho who made me put a Singaporean foodie's version of "My Favourite Things" in my head. All day long I was stuck on the 'Cai Po on Chwee Kueh' line. Finally, I can now get over that line and move on to the next...'Sihum in Laksa'. Will have to save that for tomorrow I guess. For now I'm happy with this Authentic Tiong Bahru Chwee Kueh stall | #food #foodporn #chweekueh #streetfood #myfavoritethings #vscocam #vscofood

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