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JB Hopping

JB Hopping

Featuring The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen, IT Roo Café, L.table (Taman Pelangi), Coffee Signature (Jalan Serampang), Restoran Ho Seng Kee (Johor Bahru City Square), Tokyo Secret (Johor Bahru City Square), Sugar On Top (Taman Pelangi), Sutera Mall, Uji Cha (Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru), Kang Bee Hong (Sutera)
Rowena Cheng
Rowena Cheng

Genmaicha was very fragrant although it was too ice blended - couldn't suck up anything through the straw! The goma soft serve flavour was just right - not too strong the black sesame flavour nor too creamy or icy the soft serve. The sweetness was just right too (I don't like my dessert overly sweet). It was quite nice a match!

We ordered a matcha roll cake too - nothing like the osulloc you imagine. The cake portion was slightly dry, while the cream portion was not 腻 - could tell that sufficient matcha powder was used to make the cream. Overall, the cake was not da bombz though, but could tell it isn't too sinful too!

They said grilled salmon so I was expecting a small, thinly sliced pan fried (if not grilled) salmon atop my rice bowl, but I was served fried salmon cubes instead. With the same dry 'garlic butter rice' which did not taste like one, this was served with cucumber slices and lotsa corn. Salmon cubes was overly dry too.

This was what we were here for: their signature soufflé pancakes! While the mains were disappointing, their dessert did not. I had expected soufflé pancake and I was served soufflé pancakes. Not overly sweet, the warmly served dessert had a just right amount of sauce for every mouth of pancake you dig into. Chocolate powder and a dash of brown sugar(?) topped the fluffy, jiggly pancakes and gave extra texture to them.

Will definitely be back to try their other flavours!

Newly opened cafe beside Baskin Robbins - this aesthetically-pleasing cafe attracts youngsters and families into their cafe.

We ordered one of their rice bowls - featuring fried popcorn chicken cubes served with dry garlic butter rice & slices of cucumber. Was rather disappointed with the quality of mains though. (It said chicken cubes marinated with teriyaki sauce but we were served fried popcorn chix cubes from the freezer). The garlic butter rice was not flavourful enough, and was very dry and lacked the garlic fragrance. Cucumber slices were dried (seemed like they had left it there for quite some time). But the egg is an onsen egg! (My kind of egg cos I don't eat fully cooked yolks).

We ordered 2 plain, 1 egg and 1 plaster, together with a cup of milo & Teh Tarik for a good RM10 to satisfy our breakfast at Onn Kitchen. Curry, Dahl and sambal Chilli were self-service. The plain Prata was freshly made upon order, and were both doughy & slightly crispy when served. Plaster faired the same with a flowy egg on top of my Favourite piece of dough. The egg prata, on the contrary, tasted subpar because it was not made on order. The curry sauce and Dahl weren't fantastic, but the addition of the sambal chilli to them brought out the flavours.

It is a cosy setting amidst a residential area, well-lit and decorated.

The set meal comes with an XXL sized Wanton mee (or normal sized) and your choice of sauce base for the noodles, along with sides (otah, fried wanton, Siew mai) and a cup of hot tea or iced aiyü.

The noodles were really springy and the original flavour of the noodles could be tasted, even after being tossed in the black spicy sauce. Char siew tasted normal, nothing exceptional. The fried wantons were good; the meat was well-marinated to taste & fragrance. However, it somehow tasted slightly different from the boiled wantons in the bowl of noodles.

Adding into the hype of premium cheese tarts is Tokyo Secret. Their tart base tasted very sinful - the fragrance of butter; but stayed crisp and firm until the moment your teeth sink into the tart. The filling was flowy and was not too salty nor sweet. The flowy cheese filling complemented the firm and crisp, yet not too crumbly tart base, which melts in your mouth with every bite taken. It was worth every cent & calorie - limited to only one though.

Finally tried the recently popular snack - 葱抓饼, endorsed by Jay Chou! Honestly, it wasn't as good as expected; the 葱抓饼 wasn't flavourful enough. Although the food is prepared on the spot (as there were many orders plus a queue), the food wasn't served hot. Also, the chicken (patty?) tasted like ham. However, the sauce the accompanied the chicken 'ham' tasted special and complemented the flavours well. A piece of fresh lettuce balanced the oiliness in the entire snack.

Definitely not a snack I would pay RM10.50 for, nonetheless SGD5+. It tasted something like I would pay RM6 for.

The curry was more on the watery side with an overdose of coconut milk which made the entire bowl difficult to eat. Noodles were alright, chicken was tender and char siew was goood!


The thin noodles were springy and did not have the alkaline taste at all. Although the meat pieces were relatively small, but they were a lil generous with the portion. Char Siew was good but the roasted pork belly could be better!

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Had an afternoon tea session at the Lavender Cafe - strawberry shortcake (RM12.70), macaroons (RM4.40 each), a cup of cappuccino (RM10) and americano (RM10). I loved how each table had a light bulb above which was really thoughtful for photo-taking! And since the cake and macaroons were soooo sweet, the americano neutralised the sweetness. The coffee was really smooth and aromatic too!

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We chose coconut ice cream and the waffles also came with some chocolate sauce for a self-drizzle. The coconut flavour tasted light and not too creamy (not like the one at Eighteen Chefs). Sweetness was mild and the flavours balanced really well. If you're craving for waffles, they have other flavoured waffles too! They also offer molten lava cakes 😋

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Other than eating, it's me being hungry.

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