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so naturally, I can't stop popping them into my mouth! 😂😂

Enjoyed the Sumo ($12), a pork burger which was topped with crunchy pork belly and roasted sesame dressing! A pretty good selection of burgers and sides at reasonable prices :)

The Komba Bao served at Dojo packs a punch. Their crispy mantou buns come stuffed with a generous helping of braised pork belly, which made for a sinful update on this traditional dish. 

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Missed International Burger Day yesterday so here's a belated post in celebration of it! I'm going to share a very price-worthy and delicious burger i had the other day at the newly relocated Dojo! Not a martial arts school but a takeaway kiosk at [email protected] serving namely burgers and rice bowls! If the name sounds familiar to you, it's because they used to be located at Circular Road before shifting to their current location earlier this month Besides a more convenient location, one other good thing about Dojo's relocation is the fact that they are selling their offerings at cheaper prices! Take this Big Boss burger ($9) for instance which used to cost $15 when they were still at Circular Road! Trust me when i say it's love at first bite as you sink your teeth into the Big Boss and register the tastes of the fluffy and slightly crispy buns, the fried onion ring, crispy bacon, fried egg, tomato, crunchy green vegetables, mayonnaise, melted cheese and a pork patty! While the pork patty is a bit on the small side in terms of size, it's also more on the saltier side which adds to the explosion of flavours and textures of the different ingredients in the burger! And I'm still amazed at how this burger costs less than $10 considering how many ingredients there are inside??? Big Boss, you have my respect 👊👊👊 And also, because it's #BurppleBurgerMonth , i'd like to tag @curvyjeff @iamblackboss @kevinmakwy @hankhechu @ya_sin96 @markinatoire @fabian_ppk @kurtkyzxc @samlee0503 who i would choose to bring along for a burger party for ten at Three Buns if i get chosen in this contest! #burpple


Nothing satisfies like these.

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So good but so bad for you. The grilled ones kinda came Chao Ta. Not for the health conscious.
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Being one of the more popular choices here at Dojo as recommended by the staff, this Sumo burger is indeed the real 'sumo' among all the burgers. The first thing ones come to mind when he/she thinks of is sumo wrestlers, ie HUGE. Indeed, this burger has a generous serving of pork patty with roasted sesame dressing and crispy batter fried pork belly, making it the real 'sumo'. This combination of crispyness and tenderness makes this burger a unique one.

Very interesting concept of pork burgers only sold at this joint. Had this sumo burger which has a bellygood serving of pork patty and crispy battered pork belly. Its quite a mouthful. The pork patty was juicy and well pan fried while the battered pork belly may be a tad dried, no worries as burger orders comes in a set with fries and drinks. Owner is friendly and introduces us everything on the menu! Thumbs up for that and definitely worth a return sometime soon!

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