Cheap Thrills

Cheap Thrills

Cheap and good bites for that Aunty in me
Alicia Ho
Alicia Ho

Been eyeing this AKK for the longest time, in fact, since CB last year so I'm really glad I finally got my hands on this. Skin was chewy and thin just like how it should be and they were really generous with the fillings as well. But it takes a few out of the ordinary ingredients to bring a traditional pastry like the AKK from potentially boring to memorable and in this case, it was the Hazelnut and their Pistachio which stood out for me.

The Hazelnut tasted faintly like a Ferraro Rocher, with the sugar within bringing out the nutty aroma of the hazelnut, where neither element overpowered the other. Pistachio would be a hit with all pistachios lover, with the distinct pistachio fragrance permeating through with every bite. Though they were rather pricey, I'd purchase them again cause they were worth both the money and the calories.

The main highlight on the menu should be the Chicken Chop, with almost every other table ordering it. This was done up the local-hawker style of western food, where a huge piece of tender and succulent chicken chop was drowning in a pool of brown sauce. Utterly flavourful and boasting a slight char, I can see myself coming back for this again if I am ever craving for local coffeeshop style chicken chop, rivalling the ah beng western at Hougang (if you know, you know). This also comes with a side of soggy french fries and mashed potato topped with bacon bits, which was unimpressive but hey, I blame the chicken chop for stealing the limelight.

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Given how inaccessible this place is, the thought of dining here had never crossed my mind, till my friend suggested this place. Located in Marina Country Club, the restaurant faces the Punggol waterfront, where various boats were seen parked there, seemingly for water activities in the day such as wakeboarding. With both indoor and alfresco dining, we opt for alfresco for a better ambience since the weather was nice and breezy that day, that is until it started to drizzle at night.

Food wise, they serve typical dishes seen in any other zi char restaurants. Ordered the usual Sambal Kang Kong, Claypot Tofu and Salted Egg Chicken which were tasty but nothing much to shout about as they were pretty much like any other run off the mill zi char restaurants.

Would I come back again, probably not any time soon as I can get the same dishes at places nearer my house.

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Despite the news of them having caused several food poisoning cases, I went ahead and dined at Engs, albeit a different outlet.

It was rather disappointing though, as I had remember the chilli being way more power packed with spice that can cause one to break into a sweat. The version here was fairly muted in comparison, though everything else remains the same - crispy, flavourful wanton and springy noodles. It was nothing incredible but makes for a great fuss free meal.

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Oh my lord, came here on my off day and queued for 1hr for their fried rice but honestly felt there was nothing much to shout about. Don't get me wrong, their dishes were indeed delicious but was it worth queuing up for 🤔 I'd let you be the judge!

Using short grain rice for their carbs, they were really generous with their portion and despite it being a takeaway, my rice didn't clump up at all during the journey back home. Filling, affordable and tasty, their pork chop were juicy and succulent too, and paired nicely with the rice, completing the meal.

Oh my lord, came here on my off day and queued for 1hr for their fried rice but honestly felt there was nothing much to shout about. Don't get me wrong, their dishes were indeed delicious but was it worth queuing up for 🤔 I'd let you be the judge!

The Mala Fried Rice wasn't as spicy as I had expected it to be but still does carry a hint of mala fragrance on every bite. The prawns were perfectly cooked, achieving the crunchy texture I like, which also gave a better chew to this dish!

This was super highly raved about a couple of years back and fast forward today, it's one of the few remaining shops in the foodcourt of cineleisure that has some sort of activities still going around. Came here without a clue on what I wanted because I simply wanted to pass time while waiting for the rain to stop and what better way to pass time than to eat? It was pretty empty, without any queue when I came so I got the staff's full attention. Was recommended the Best of Both Worlds which is Fish and Chips in 2 sauces: Salted Egg and Chilli Crab, along with fries and coleslaw.

Reasonably priced as per how a Western Stall would in a food court, the food was surprisingly good! Fried to a crispy, golden brown, you can hear how crunchy it is with every slice of the knife. The fish was so moist and tender on the inside, they easily pulled apart without much tugging. The chili crab sauce was my preferred condiment of the 2, spotting the signature sweet and spicy flavour. Salted Egg was, well, how you expected it to be with nothing much to shoutabout. I must say, the fish itself was rather tasteless and without the sauce, they might not have been as tasty. Overall, still a pretty decent meal!

I never knew how affordable the buns here were! A rather unassuming shop without much fanfare, Bunnies is one of those typical bakeries that you would walk past without giving it a second look. Only happened to try them thanks to a group buy order I had. Offering a wide array of options, you'd be spoilt for choice here. Be it curry, kaya, red bean, yam, egg mayo, you named it, they have it! Think, the old school buns that used to be all the hype back when I was a kid, where bakeries sell them in an aluminium tray of 6. Boasting the same soft, fluffy texture, these buns were also slightly sticky to the touch, just like how I remembered them to be! Priced affordably at $2 per packet, the bread was packed with ingredients but I do wish they serve it in slightly bigger portion 🤣

Decided on one of their Signature dishes, the Smashed Chimken ($7), which offers an impressive range of spices, ranging from level 1 - 12. Had previously read from veronica’s review that their halfway mark of level 6 was enough to break her into a sweat and I decided to go with level 5 instead. But of course, I had overestimated myself and was clearly no match for them spices by the Indonesian standards. 🥵 I can see where the dish's moniker came from, with the crispy fried chicken utterly smashed to reveal the tender chicken shreds hidden underneath the fiery hot skin. They were thoroughly mixed with the sambal, and as you can see from my photo, there's no way to hide from those chili seeds. A few bites in and I was impressed with this dish - it was not spicy for spicy sake. You also get the whole flavour of the chicken that goes really well with the spice, and somehow managed to retain its crunch even when it's all smashed and coated with spice. Subsequent bites was when the spice kicked in and I start to reach out for the Iced Lychee Tea sitting innocently beside my dish. While it was on the sweeter side, I fully appreciate it as the aloe vera and lychee bits within took my mind off the spice for a while; before I reach out for yet another mouthful of the chicken because it's the addictive kind of kick that'll make you go 'shiok' after every mouth. 💯

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I ordered the rice along with it (not shown in pic) and I was more impressed with the rice than the chicken itself. Fragrant and moist even though it was dabao-ed home, it was not clumpy at all and I could really see myself having a second serving if I had order extra!

Spotting the same recipe as the Carona Chicken that used to be all the hype back when I was a kid, I still don’t see the appeal of this chicken though 😕

Still a good meal nonetheless!

Have long heard how highly raved this was but I was disappointed when I ordered in as delivery. Perhaps it was the delivery that affected the taste, but the noodle was clumped together and the prawn broth, which I felt was the most important component of prawn noodles, were not as flavourful as I’d like that to be. Prawns were a tad overcooked but nothing too consequential!

The pork on the other hand though, was really tender and done well! Would probably make my way down one more time to have it there and see if there’s a difference!

Spotting the quintessential nasi lemak ingredients, like sambal chili, ikan billis, peanuts, and egg, what makes them stand out was the use of butterfly pea flower for their rice. Don't be mistaken, the deep blue hue is only on a portion of the rice and not the entire bowl of it. I couldn't detect any distinct butterfly pea taste from it, and even if there was, it was overpowered by the strong coconut fragrance, in a good way. Went with the Har Cheong Chicken option and I was impressed! The chicken was fragrant and juicy, just like how prawn paste chicken should be! Overall, a very satisfying lunch indeed.

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