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Not sure if it’s a revamp or the Uncle was in a good mood but I got a piece of sliced fish in my wanton noodle! Their wanton noodle is already extremely value for money but with this sliced fish, I feel like I just scored :’) cheap thrills ⁣⁣

What sets this lor mee stall apart from the rest might be their gravy, which was more soupy rather than starchy like the rest. But that said, it certainly did not affect its flavours and remains one of the better stalls I have tried around this hawker.⁣

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Still one of the better fish soup I’ve had around the hood. Am contemplating if I should queue for the one at Amoy ( is it overrated omg the queue is never ending )

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Been eating their horfun for the longest time and only recently did I notice they have a dry version. The noodles were more soft/nua than it was chewy but I’m okay with that. Simple lunch fuel but might not be filling for those with bigger appetite.⁣

There are a number of Lor Mee stalls in Amoy Market and my favourite one is situated at Level 1. What’s yours?


Starting off with Chinese food once backed in sunny Singapore! There are 2 curry rice stalls here at Interim Market and decided to go with this since I haven’t tried any before. This stall provides free self service 蛋花汤 to go with their curry rice! Also, did I mention they really have faith in humanity because once you pay, they ask you to take your own change from the box of coins they placed right in front of the counter. 👍🏼⁣

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The chicken rice here was super value for money, $5.80 for a set, where the rice was very fragrant and the chicken, which when paired with the chilli, added more oomph to the dish.

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This stall may look pretty unassuming but damn, their beef rendang was pretty bomb. It was really flavourful and you can taste that they cooked it for several hours to really bring out the flavours of this super tender beef which had a good balance of sweet and savoury. Definitely coming back here again for this delight!

Tried out the relatively new stall that opened on the 2nd floor of Amoy Hawker called Mordor 黑暗料理. It was a pretty normal bowl of 辣酱拌面, with potatoes chunks and pork cubes accompanying the noodles.

This chendol wasn’t as sweet as I’d like it to be but it does make for a good dessert after lunch at the hawker, particularly on a scorching hot day.

Decent bowl of ban mian but I thought that the broth could have been better with a stronger flavour. I made my own adjustments by adding chilli padi in HAHAHA is it me or things taste better with chilli padi?

三撈河粉 was not to my liking though my friends enjoyed it

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