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Quite possibly the cheapest meal I’ve had at this hawker, with a good amount of gravy, zhap chye and crispy pork chop towering my plate. Cheap thrills ☺️ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

Famed for their thick gooey gravy drizzled all over their signature thick bee hoon or rice, feel free to choose from their array of ingredients laid out nicely in front of you. They seemed to have more fried dishes, which was fine by me, until I tried my mom’s gravy (she chose more vegetable dishes, clearly her healthy genes skipped me) and turns out it affects the gravy because mine was much more saltier in comparison. Regretted getting the beehoon because I was stuffed, the portion was huge and I would get by without the carbs! Overall, a very satisfying lunch! ⁣⁣⁣

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I might have found me a new favourite snack to snack on before my exercise routine. Guo Kui is basically a form of flatbread in crispy form made famous in China. This Si Chuan Pickled Fish was delicious! Made on the spot, it was served piping hot, hence my awkward hands cause I couldn’t hold it. It was savoury and had a slight spice to it, and I gobbled up this huge piece of dough in no time. ⁣⁣


Nothing makes me happier than a bowl of piping hot mala with all my favourite ingredients 😍⁣⁣

Decided to settle for a quick fix at EAT and was surprise to see that had a couple of additions to their menu. The latest introduction here is the ban mian with a variety of style (the usual: soup, dry, chilli non Chili) and I got the Chilli Ban Mian. To my amazement, it was surprisingly good! I felt that it was better than the famed version in Amoy Hawker (老妈子板面). Give them a try! ⁣

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Yuan Yang Hor Fun consist of both curry and herbal ‘zhap’ mixed in with a whole load of hor fun and chicken cutlet. Surprisingly, the mixed of 2 sauces weren’t too bad and came together pretty well. ⁣

Fried to a crispy golden brown, this chicken cutlet was so crispy I was afraid my plastic utensils were gonna break every time I try to pull them apart into smaller pieces. Full of flavour, this plate of cutlet rice was definitely worth the price tag, with rice and chilli that tastes like those of chicken rice. ⁣


Quite possibly the dish that made this stall famous, their Salted Egg Pork Ribs was pretty amazing! Utterly drenched in sauce, my pork ribs were tender and savoury, which makes for a good pairing with the rice. While there was a hint of spice in the sauce, it wasn’t enough to make you reach out for water. Top it up with a sunny side up to complete the meal! ⁣

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Finally got down to trying this tantalising bowl of Nagoya Maze Soba. A decent bowl of springy noodles along with a dash of shallots, minced meat, onsen egg, vinegar, which when mixed up together, turns out to be a decent bowl of soba well worth the price! My only qualm is that if you eat slow, the noodles all cloy up into a lump. Have heard high praises for their chashu, so that shall be the next bowl I'm going to conquer the next time I'm here! ⁣⁣


This has become somewhat of a weekly staple for me now as it’s one of the ‘healthier’ snack I can have, or that I can find before gym. ⁣Made on the spot, it is so light and crispy I feel it serves as a good snack to have before a workout though I always end up having the flakes all over me due to the crispness. ⁣⁣⁣⁣

Found a hidden gem in ORP’s food court. This bowl of fishball noodles has a perfect tomato to Chili ratio and is so well seasoned it makes taking every bite of this qq noodles an absolute delight! ⁣⁣⁣⁣

⁣I was sceptical when my friend told me the prata here is legendary and I just got to try it. Because honestly, HOW GOOD CAN A PRATA BE? When we arrived here for supper at midnight, I was surprised there were people standing around waiting for seats; always figured that people go to Thompson or Al Azhar for their late night prata fix. Handmade on the spot, the pratas took a while to come. But when it came, it was piping hot with a crisp edges around it. What was really commendable, was the sambal chili that came along with it; I actually dipped my prata in the sambal more than the curry. It was sweet and at the same time, spicy enough to make you reach out for the teh bing to cool yourself down. I’d go back for the sambal anytime! ⁣

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