Marina Bay

Marina Bay

Featuring Spago by Wolfgang Puck, Epicurean Market 2016, BeerFest Asia, Starbucks Reserve (Marina Bay Sands)
Kenneth Lee
Kenneth Lee

Poultry when cooked and executed well, I think becomes the best tasting protein and such is the case with Spago’s brioche stuffed Australian quail.

This dish doesn’t have a strong gamy taste but instead is packed full of flavour due to the coating of finely chopped pistachio gremolata. The quail is ever so tender and juicy, and sits atop a bed of smooth fennel purée together with a Swiss chard and caramelised Comice pear slices.

This dish is available as a main on Spago’s Express Prix Fixe 3-course lunch menu at $45++.


So wonderful that I literally shed a tear.

This is a dish to remember and will always be talked about. The handmade agnolotti with sweet corn, to put it crudely, is orgasmic. One bite into these fluffy pillows and you’ll taste the beautiful piping-hot but delicate amalgamation of Japanese sweet corn purée and soft mascarpone. It’s really hard to explain the experience but I just say you MUST have it if it’s in season. #burpproved


My best friends got married.

What a lovely combo. Bacon and beer! Oh, Bacon! by Hong Kong Black Kite Brewery ( is a smokey malt with bacony goodness from nose to finish. 5.4% ABV... perfect for breakfast. Only at Beerfest Asia!


DID YOU KNOW that there are seven Starbucks Reserve stores in Singapore?

Each of these stores offer an exclusive range of coffees that are considered Starbucks' premium and rarest beans. They also perform various techniques to brew your coffee such as chemex, pour over, or using a Clover machine.

However, exclusively at its MBS outlet, the Coffee Masters do siphoning! Not only is it visually captivating but this method has its advantages. Without all the science, the upper chamber allows the coffee to brew at the ideal temperature of 96 degrees Celsius so it doesn't have that burnt taste yet it extracts all the flavour from the grinds.

The MBS Store officially opens tomorrow so go down and get a cuppa siphoned @Starbucks coffee! Thank you @starbuckssg for the warm hospitality and @Burpple for the invite!


Are you here at Epicurean Market? The fourth edition is bigger and better. For $35, enjoy this gastronomic extravaganza with dishes served from some of the top restaurants in the world. Also, visit the Farmer's Market for the freshest produce and participate in masterclasses conducted by top chefs.

Here are some of my top picks:
Adrift by David Myers - Grilled Hokkaido Scallop
Yardbird Southern Table & Bar - Fried Chicken & Waffles
db Bistro - Lobster Roll and Oysters
Long Chim - Miang Prawn
Waku Ghin - Totoro with Vinegar Rice, Botan Shrimp with Uni, Ohmi Beef, Lobster Salad and Caviar
CUT by Wolfgang Puck - Crab Cake
Spago - Agnolotti with Truffle
Golden Peacock - Pani Puri Chaat
Patisserie Platine by Waku Ghin - Chocolate Mousse

What are your favourites?

Thank you Burpple for the tickets! My mum and I totally enjoyed it. 😉


I look at the number of posts, then I look at my stomach and I realise my body is a machine.

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