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Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie

The Mee sua was soft and very easy to eat. Broth was delightful. But didn’t see any peanuts this time. The seaweed soup was really good. Well seasoned. The other dish in the set was enoki mushrooms.

Spotted a small poster advertising this new item. And it was very good. The vinegar added great flavor. There were a lot of stuff inside: pork belly slices, fish cake, Ngor Hiang, fried tofu skin and hard boiled egg. Really enjoyed this. This will be my new fav at Eat.

Actually came for the Lor Mee, which impressed me when I first ate it in their new branch at Royal Sq (connected to Courtyard Marriott). But it was sold out. Settled for Laksa no cockles. Would have been tastier if gravy was hot. Liked the fried wonton which absorbed the gravy. Also got my fav fried tofu skin with fish cake. Overall nice.

Soup was sweeter than the one given along with the dry noodles. Quite spicy too. Fresh ingredients. Esp appreciated the deveined and deshelled prawns.

Came for BCM but saw many people eating this. Indeed, it was good. The sauce coated the noodles well, although a tad oily. Abundant fried shallots made me smile. Pork slices and prawns were fresh. Chili not spicy enough. I will ask for extra chili next time. Soup had a slight bitter taste.

I chose spinach noodles for this. Very springy, cooked just right. Chili was good. The pic on the screen showed a whole cutlet uncut but this was cut for easier consumption. Cutlet was marinated before frying. Delicious.

From The Katong Laksa stall. Noodles were cut so no need to use chopsticks. The Sambal chili was not spicy enough for me. I made the mistake of eating the Otah before the laksa so the taste of the gravy was bland by comparison.

Quite a large portion. Chili was good. Oily but spicy. The herbal soup was nice, quite a strong herbal taste but not bitter. Braised duck was boneless and so tender. A lot of bean sprouts. Got a few pcs of bouncy fish cakes that resembled the ones from Yong Tau Foo. The gravy was a bit too watery but flavorful.

From Xing Hua Lou (FuJian) Cuisine stall. Lots of ingredients in this. The stock used was flavorful but on the peppery side. Bcos of the Mee sua and soup, the whole dish felt soft, light and mild. The peanuts provided delightful bursts of nuttiness.

From Xing Hua Lou (FuJian) Cuisine stall. It was a pretty ordinary plate of fried bee hoon. Well seasoned, got a bit of wok hei. I assumed the hefty price tag was bcos of the clams and prawns.

I ordered the traditional lor Mee from Jue Shi Lor Mee and added fried fish. The gravy was more starchy than I was used to. I liked the free flow garlic. Overall not bad.

This came high recommended by a friend, who loves the chili. What she forgot to tell me was that it was extremely spicy. I mixed in less than 1/4 of it into my noodles and I needed water after the first mouthful. This was the watery type of prawn Mee, which was what I preferred. Nice.

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