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Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie

This was free, thanks to their 1 for 1 deal. The pork Katsu was juicy, with a bit of fat on 1 side. I dunno what burnt miso was supposed to taste like, but this was just salty. Noodles were springy thou, and I liked the seaweed.

They were having 1 for 1! What a great deal! The soup was fabulous. Creamy and flavorful. One of the best tonkotsu soup I’ve ever tasted. Slightly spicy with the chili flakes. Ribs were good. Well marinated and not dry. This one was a bit on the fatty side. One of my favorite ramen

This was a limited time item. Not too bad. The robust creamy soup had a beefy taste to it. Beef was ok, very thinly sliced and a bit fatty. Egg was good. But the noodles were definitely not ok. Limp and soggy.

I liked the char Siew cubes here much better than the char Siew slice in the yuzu shio ramen. Egg was good. The dipping sauce was refreshingly sour, very flavorful. Wasn’t expecting how cold it was thou.

Noodles were very springy. Good texture. Soup was not too salty, with a sourish taste almost like they squeezed lemon juice inside. That would have to be the yuzu. Refreshing and not heavy.

The truffle was in abundance in this bowl. Smelled amazing and tasted divine. The egg was too raw for my liking so next time I would try to ask if they could replace it with ramen egg instead. The char Siew was very good, perfectly seasoned and tender. Not fatty either. A pity that this bowl was on the cold side. It wasn’t even lukewarm.

The egg was an extra $2, which I thot was quite expensive. But it was perfectly cooked, solid whites with oozy soft yolk. Ramen was ok, the soup was creamy and delicious. Char Siew had a good fat-meat ratio, not too fatty.

Freshly fried and extremely hot. The outside was crispy while inside was juicy. Nice side dish.

This was the one with all toppings. Not the cheapest ramen around but the truffle aroma was strong and satisfying. Egg was perfect, but pork belly got porky smell. Looked a bit too pink for my comfort too. Luckily the delightful soup was very hot and helped cooked it a bit more.

The truffle aroma hit me in the face when this arrived. I kept the truffle jelly as intact as I could cos I just loved the smell when I lowered my head to eat the ramen. Halfway thru my meal, I smeared some on every bite. The soup was utterly divine. Very hot too. Didn’t like the pork belly thou. A bit too fatty and got porky smell.

The broth was steaming hot which I really enjoyed. Rich and robust pork bone soup with no foul porky smell. But I still prefer the spicy version.

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The porky smell was a bit strong, so I much prefer the miso butter ramen I had before. Soup was pretty good, on the salty side. From Nishyama Ramen.

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