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Featuring Ramen Keisuke Lobster King, Miharu, Ramen Keisuke Kani King, Kajiken (Tanjong Pagar), Jimoto Ya, Tsuta (Pacific Plaza), Ramen Champion (Bugis+), Ramen Keisuke Tori King, Tsukada Nojo (Plaza Singapura), Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo (Suntec City)
Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie

The pork belly was amazing in this bowl. Made me wish everything in the bowl would suddenly morph into the pork belly. Soup was robust and steaming hot, which impressed me. Spicy level was good. This was a very delicious bowl of ramen.

Level one was already super spicy for me. I only managed one bite. Not for the faint hearted.

Promotion ramen for a limited time only. Abundant amt of pork slices and cabbage. Very worth the price. I only got the single portion of noodles, which I slightly regretted. Not that I was very hungry, but this ramen was so good I wanted more. Soup was fabulous. Each mouthful was truffle goodness. Not overpowering but definitely there. A bit salty since it was a tsukemen but I drank it anyway.

Could choose from white, black and red. The black one was garlic oil. Not oily despite the name. Soup was flavorful and delicious. Not too salty. Loved the thick chewy noodles.

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Set came with hot/cold houjicha tea, fried chicken, salad and chawanmushi. They ran out of chawanmushi, so I asked for gyoza as replacement, which they very kindly agreed. Tea was strong and robust. Chicken was well marinated. Both fried items came piping hot. Sauce was sweet chili.

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One of the signature 4 seasons ramen and exclusive to Jewel. Wonderfully mushroomy and super flavorful. I’m a huge mushroom fan and this really satisfied my mushroom craving. Got 6 types of mushrooms: shiitake, shimeji, enoki, oyster, eringi and sautéed porcini. I loved the eringi and porcini best. Server told me to taste from 3 corners before mixing everything to eat. One corner had the collection of mushrooms, one had black truffle oil and the last corner had garlic butter. Amazing. The noodle itself was also worthy of praise. Made from Haru-Yo-Koi, a whole grain flour from Hokkaido. Looked healthy and tasted great.

A pork bone soup with no MSG. Spicy level was good. Got a bit of peppery taste to the spiciness that made me cough a bit. Topped with home made spicy meat and original chili oil. Liked the pc of char Siew. Not very fatty but was melt in the mouth. Somehow it was more flavorful than the low temperature char Siew used in Autumn ramen. Only got one pc very sad. Will order extra next time.

Freshly fried and very hot, the chicken thigh pcs retained their heat despite being left till I finished my ramen. Still crispy too. Well seasoned and tasted good. But there were tendons inside that I didn’t like. Also got a 3 pc version.

Their ramen didn’t include egg so this was additional order. The yolk was not the runny lava type, but it was creamy and molten. I liked it. Not salty, so it was really good with the ramen broth.

Thick cut noodles with pork slices, lava egg and a mountain of bean sprouts, corn and cabbage. There was way more vege than meat in this bowl. Soup was good. On the salty side but nice.

The previous Ramen Champion reopened as Ramen Champion & Hokkaido Paradise after undergoing months of renovations. No more tags given to order by yourself. Order and pay at the counter at entrance and they will give you a buzzer to collect your food.

Lots of goodies squeezed into a big bowl. The pork slices were so good. Fat meat ratio was good and it was melt in the mouth tender. The portion of noodles was huge. Thick and chewy. So yummy.

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