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Featuring Colony (The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore), Mitzo, The Line (Shangri-La Hotel Singapore), Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ (Bugis Junction), Dookki (Suntec City), The Clifford Pier, The Landing Point, INDOCAFE - the white house, Coffee Lounge (Goodwood Park Hotel), Penang Place
Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie

Pulut Hitam. Sweetened black glutinous rice with salted coconut milk. Oh my this was amazing. So glad I finished my gut bursting buffet with this. Thou I was filled to the brim, this was good enough that my stomach miraculously made more room and I finished the whole bowl.

The only dishes I didn’t order were the Nonya Bacon Fried Rice And Burbur Cha Cha. Also, this place had complimentary parking, which I found out abt too late. But 12 lots only so first come first serve.

Chendol Coconut Ice Cream. This was a really sweet dessert, thou all the essential Chendol flavors were present. Coconut ice cream was sweet but decent.

Kek Lapis. I know this cake as Kueh Lapis. Not sweet. Had a salty taste actually. Not sure why.

Tahu Goreng. Deep fried tofu with peanut sauce. Hubby wanted to try this but as expected, it was a big portion. One entire pc of tofu. Pretty bland. The peanut sauce was nice and thick. I ended up just eating the sauce. Couldn’t finish the tofu between the two of us.

Sapi Kicap Manis. Beef sirloin glazed with sweet and spicy sauce. It didn’t taste spicy to me, maybe cos other dishes were much spicier. This just tasted sweet. Flavor not deep. But the sirloin was really tender.

Baby Kai Lan. Baby kailan sautéed with oyster sauce and topped with chicken floss. Quite an ordinary dish. The sauce was too starchy for me.

Ayam Masak Merah. Grilled chicken chop with home made sweet sauce. This seemed more deep fried to me than grilled. Thou the sauce was stated to be sweet, it was quite sour too.

Kueh Pie Tee. This was one of their signature dishes. I’m not a Kueh Pie Tee person but this was really not bad. The pastry cup was warm and crispy. I like the chili very much.

Kari Kapitan. Organic chicken braised in Nonya curry. This dish strangely tasted quite mild. Only a little bit spicy and sour. Or maybe I ate too much and my taste buds decided to take a break. But I did like that it was boneless chicken thigh.

This Mee Siam was fried with fish cake and Tau Pok in home made Mee Siam spices. Spicy and sour, it tasted really good. But the size was much larger than the other dishes. So much so that I dared not order the Nonya Bacon Fried Rice, fearing that it would be the same size. Then I wouldn’t be able to eat other dishes.

Babi Panggang. Nonya styles pork skewer with signature sauce. The pork was well marinated, could even eat it on its own. I used my fork to remove the meat for easy eating. Sauce was good. Not as spicy as it looked. Sour too.

Nonya Steamed Fish. I don’t usually eat fish but I was assured that they used fillets which meant no bones. And I was amazed by how much I liked this. The sauce was wonderful. Tangy and spicy and slightly sweet. Yummy.

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