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I’ve been ogling at this crepe since it appeared on my Instagram feed, but it was a bit of a let down. The thin, soft crepe was not bad and it’s topped with a block of Bordier butter (the supposed best of all butters, but it melted before I could try it so I couldn’t really tell the difference). However, the caramel was a bit too salty and strong tasting for my liking. The “burnt” aspect of the caramel also wasn’t that apparent because the saltiness overwhelmed any taste of bitterness, which I actually do enjoy in a caramel. Hopefully they can tweak the sauce a bit!

Tried out this new galette and crepe place that’s run by the now-defunct Ronin and is all the rage now. This bolognese galette has a slow-cooked minced veal, beef and pork bolognese filling, with a mix of gruyere and cheddar, and topped with an egg. It’s also garnished with some pink peppercorns.

While I enjoyed the mix of cheese in this galette, I felt that there could have been more of the bolognese filling as it felt a bit sparse and wasn’t very filling. In fact, it was kind of reminiscent of a plaster prata and wasn’t really outstanding, particularly for the high price. Singapore doesn’t have really have a specialised Galette place and the environment is nice if not a bit of a squeeze and pretty noisy because of the acoustics, but it’ll probably be a one off visit for me since it’s not really within my budget.

Also P.S. The queues are really long so don’t come here if you’re in a rush! It took more than an hour to queue and for our food to come, probably because they’re so popular and they only have 3 hot plates to make the crepes on in their open style kitchen.

Was very impressed by this new brewed tea place on burpple beyond. The unique thing is that they actually brew the tea by using a coffee machine. They have a lot of interesting fruit-infused flavours and I will be back to try more of them! The lovely staff let us smell the fruit-infused tea leaves before deciding on what to order and they were so fragrant and sweet smelling.

We got the red peach tie guan yin and the pear high mountain oolong. I enjoyed the peach tie guan yin a bit more because I was in a “sweet” kinda mood and the sweetness of the peach really came through. It’s quite unlike typical bubble tea places which use fruit syrup. The peach flavour is a lot more subtle, so it really enhances the flavour of the tea and marries the two aspects together. Really liked it. The pear high mountain oolong was less sweet, but I enjoyed it too. The pear flavour was more subtle, but as a result, the tea flavour is more pronounced. There were the small dots from the asian pear in the drink too, which was a nice touch.

Definitely will come back for more. The tea leaves of the grape oolong smelt so amazing and the staff there was really nice and helpful. A refreshing addition to the over-saturation of bubble tea stores in Singapore.

Chose the cubano to go with ciabatta bread. The ciabatta was actually really fluffy and nice. The ingredients were disappointingly sparse though. You generally don’t think a cubano would have that little meat. There’s only a few pieces of roast pork inside, along with the slices of gammon ham, and cheddar, jalapeño and pickles. A bit too pricy for what you get.

Tried some of the sandwiches at the Knead to Eat outlet at Republic Plaza, which is just a takeout kiosk, but there’s a sitting area nearby. You can choose your type of bread: ciabatta, multigrain, rye or white bread. This sandwich has 36 hour sous vide beef, sautéed mushrooms, caramelised onions, tomatoes, and cheddar. Found the beef to taste a bit too much of red wine at first, but after eating a few more bites it tasted fine. It’s substantial but honestly quite average. Only worth it with the 1 for 1 on the shopback app, or it’d be quite pricy for the portion.

This was an okay brunch dish! I liked the use of sourdough instead of the usual English muffin because it mopped up the sauce better. The yolks were nice and runny and they were quite generous with the amount of smoked salmon. Overall nothing that special though, was quite average, particularly if you’re paying full price. Was decent with the discount thanks to #burpplebeyond though!

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I’ve always been a fan of the food at Oriole, esp their mains, but this espresso hotcakes ($14) was such a let down- the only thing it really has going for it is its pretty appearance. My main gripe is probably that despite the homemade whipped espresso orange butter and maple syrup, the dish is incredibly dry and hence, it’s hard to eat more than half even when sharing with a friend. The espresso butter tastes more like ground coffee beans with only a faint aftertaste of orange, so the citrus doesn’t really help balance the heavy dish out too. Furthermore, the vanilla hotcakes themselves are also quite dense, although they are soft in the centre. The toppings of seeds, berries and granola seemed to be only decorative and didn’t add to the dish. This dish could do a lot better with a big dollop of vanilla ice cream for moisture!

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This honey cheese toast ($8.90) was not bad. The cheese was gooey and I liked the savoury combination with the honey (very Korean). However, I felt like for the price, it fell quite flat for me. Despite the cheese slices on top, this was quite mild tasting and the multigrain bread wasn’t particularly outstanding.

Thanks to Annabella from @pablo_cheese_tart_singapore for having us and @burpple for the #burppleeatup invitation!

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Their seafood is good, particularly the prawns in this dish, but definitely definitely skip the pasta! The spaghetti was very sadly close to limp and was quite underseasoned. Our mussels were also unfortunately raw. We did let the waiter know though, who said he’d convey the feedback to their chef. Would recommend just getting pure seafood dishes here!


Tried Ah Hua Kelong’s brunch menu at their Serangoon outlet along Jln Riang, and used #burpplebeyond for our 1 for 1 discount. The fish and chips weren’t really what I expected, even though I had chosen the “whole fish” option. I had expected the fish to be filleted and not be an actual entire fried fish, like the type in a Chinese restaurant but a bit more battered.

Was a bit troublesome deboning everything, but the fish was not bad! It was pretty tender inside, although I felt it could have been seasoned a bit more. The fish is a fresh water one, locally sourced from their kelong (fish farm) and tasted alright, although not particularly sweet in my opinion. I liked that it came with a salad with sesame dressing though, which was tasty. The chips and salsa were also not bad. Overall interesting but not too sure if I’d get it again. Maybe if I chose the fillet option haha.


I love love love @birdysallday’s beautiful, freshly baked Raspberry Almond Tart ($6)!!! Despite using raspberry, it wasn’t too sour and the almond slices on top complemented the berries well. I particularly liked the tart base, which was firm and did not crumble apart or become soggy. Since their tarts are made on a rotational basis, I would definitely come back to try their other tarts, which include flavours like lemon (looks gorgeous!!), and almond and strawberry.


The hash consists of cubed potatoes, pimiento bell peppers, onions and the duck confit, which are mixed together, garnished with spring onions, and finally topped with a beautifully poached egg – the whites set, but the yolk inside flowy and soft. While I enjoyed the soft but not completely mashed texture of the potatoes, with the sweet bell peppers and onions, I felt that the hash could have done better with a sauce tying the components together as the egg did not sufficiently coat the entire hash.

Also, despite its name, I did not really see the duck confit as the main star of the dish, but rather just a meaty accompaniment to the hash. Not necessarily bad, but I wish it had been a bit more outstanding. Overall, this was alright, but it could do with some tweaks.


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