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Burgers And Sandwiches

Burgers And Sandwiches

Featuring Two Men Bagel House (Novena), Black Tap, Oporto, Picnic, Wildfire Chicken & Burgers ([email protected]), Grand jetĂ© cafe & bar, Burger Buddies, Casa Verde | Peperoni in Botanic Gardens, Wolf Burgers (Changi City Point), Fatboy's The Burger Bar (Dhoby Ghaut)
Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie

Consisted of smoked pork belly, cabbage slaw and bbq sauce. Pork belly was smoked for 24 hrs and wonderfully flavorful. Not too fatty but still melt in the mouth tender. Loved the strong flavors in this bagel. Went at 1.30pm and almost all the bagel flavors were sold out. Glad I managed to get the cheddar one.

Consisted of spicy chicken sausage, cheddar, sunny side up, hash brown, mesclun salad and secret sauce. I’m never a fan of sausages but this spicy chicken sausage bagel was the bomb! So good I bought another one. Sunny side up was just right: cooked white and soft yolk. The melty cheddar and egg added lots of points. Dunno what the secret sauce was, but it was yummy.

Can choose fries or salad. The rendang sauce was a pleasant surprise. Instead of being a peanut sauce, it was more like a meat sauce. Chunks of meat covered in peanut sauce actually. Very flavorful. The slices of onion and cucumber added a sweet crunch that I enjoyed. I would order this again.

The rice patty was nice and firm, won’t fall apart as you eat. Tasted very much like chicken rice too. Chili was very good, quite spicy. I think also got garlic ginger paste, thou everything was covered in the bright red chili sauce. Dunno why got tomato slice, I took it out. Chicken was a fabulously juicy thigh meat 👍🏻.

Had to wait a while for this, cos they only started steaming the chicken when I ordered. They gave me an extra serving of large curly fries to express their apologies. Top marks for service.

Buy a burger and top up $2 for curly fries (Large) and drink. I got Dasani water. These fries were hot and crispy but too salty for me.

Add $3 for fries and a drink to make this burger a set. I dunno why I assumed this burger would have thigh meat. Must be the Mos burger effect. But this was dry breast meat. I was horrified. Chicken patty was quite small. Couldn’t take up all the space inside the bun. Could be a good thing in this case. Teriyaki sauce was a bit bland. I only took two bites.

This was a simple mushroom burger that really worked. Generous amt of mushrooms made this more mushroomy than other mushroom burgers I’ve tried. I could get a few slices in every bite.

I got this only bcos the fries were sweet potato fries, to complement my fries from the Texan Burger. Bacon in this burger was limp and not crispy so I didn’t touch it. Sweet potato fries were good. Crispy outside and mushy inside. The Cantonese mayo sauce was outright strange. A bit tangy, quite salty. Tasted like a fusion experiment gone wrong. Plus the beany aftertaste mixed with sambal, I couldn’t convince myself to like it.

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This was a really expensive burger but the portion was huge. I walked in starving and left holding my belly. Burger patty was juicy, despite the server warning me that well-done would be dry. I liked the sweet baby Ray bbq sauce. Smoky and sweet. Went well with everything on the plate. Thou I’m not a bacon fan, the one in this burger was crispy so I ate it. Fries were very hot. I saw plates of onion rings on almost every table. But the one in this burger was ok only, so I was glad I didn’t order a whole plate of it.

For this price and the long queue, I’m not sure if I’ll be back.

This was free with Burpple Beyond. Sauce was spicier than expected but it was really good. Very slight tang gave extra zing to the burger. Once again, the tender breast meat gave me no problems.

Very impressed with the amt of stuff packed in this burger. I just adored the fried egg. Yolk was still runny. I liked the caramelized onions. There were 2 slices of baked Parmesan cheese. I liked them too. Added a lot of flavor to the burger.

This was not as spicy as I expected. But the chili went very well with the beef patty. This was quite filling.

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