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Snack Pecks

Snack Pecks

Featuring Wild Honey (Mandarin Gallery), The Plain Jane, BAKE Cheese Tart (ION Orchard), Takashimaya Food Hall, Baker & Cook (Hillcrest), Coffee Break (Amoy Street Food Centre), Shuu Choux Bake Shop, Balmoral Bakery, IRVINS Salted Egg (VivoCity), Beard Papa's (Plaza Singapura)
Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie
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Never saw this before and the lady behind the counter told me not every Pezzo outlet has it. I love earl grey and I love lemon tea, and this combination was fortunately a winner. Not weird at all. I shook the cup around to mix in the creme at the top. Tasted great! Not sweet at all. I turned around and bought another one.

I bought this for my parents who are serious durian fans and they loved it. The creamy durian paste won their hearts and they couldn’t get enough of it.

This is my favorite salted egg yolk fish skin. The most spicy out of all the different brands I’ve tried. If you like spicy, then this is the one for you. There was also no foul fishy smell that could be found in other brands too.

I tabao this home cos it looked so nice. Indeed it had a nice chewy texture that I really liked. I grilled up some seasoned beef slices and made a sandwich using this. Very very good.

I bought half a pie and asked them to slice for me. They sliced into 4 pcs. This chicken pie was really good. Very smooth potato with quite a good amt of chicken pcs. I was happy that they added egg. Pretty cheap for all the liao inside.

Besides the lychee martini, the ladies behind the counter also strongly recommended this one. This was my fav cake out of all that I bought. At first I thot it was the lychee martini. Until I ate this one. Definitely a must-try for pulut hitam fans. The taste was spot-on and the cake was moist and delicious. Not too sweet. I enjoyed every bite.

There was a liquor-like bitterness at the very first bite, which kinda overpowered every other taste in the cake. Cake was moist. I liked that. That seemed to be the common factor in most of Pine Garden’s cakes, with the exception of Choc Rice. Now I know why their cakes are so famous.

This was under the “nostalgic” series and got us really excited. Also the cheapest cake available that night. But it was a total disappointment. It was far too sweet and not much choc taste. I stopped at one bite, leaving hubby to finish the rest.

I liked the pale lavender and purple color of this cake. But the yam taste was very light. The ginkgo brought out the orh-ni-ness of the cake, but bcos there were only two, the effect was limited. The dried red date didn’t help much. A pleasant cake that wasn’t too sweet.

Strongly recommended by the ladies behind the counter, I was told this was their best seller. Actually, upon closer look at the tags, there were many best sellers. This was a lovely cake. Such soft pretty colors and fluffy texture. Not very sweet. I couldn’t detect any liquor, just lychee flavor. There were also lychee flesh in the cream. I liked this very much. Very yummy.

I just love orange choc, so this was a must-try for me. I was pleased that the orange flavor was distinct, yet I could taste the choc. A bit too sweet perhaps, but a pleasure to enjoy.

30s in the microwave made the choc melt. So much so that I made a slobbery mess eating with my hands so I had to use a spoon. I thot inside would be white color cheese but no, it was choc cheese. Not very sweet, with a slight tang from the cheese. It was really good. I never thot choc and cheese could go so well together.