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My Thai

My Thai

Featuring Kin Moo (Tan Quee Lan Street), Greyhound Cafe, Real Thai (Raffles City), Bangkok Jam (Wheelock Place), Bei Sheng Taste of Thailand, Kopitiam (Tiong Bahru Plaza), Basil Thai Kitchen (Kallang Wave Mall), Cookhouse by Koufu (Waterway Point), Aoy’s Thai Noodle Bar, Sakon Thai (Northpoint City)
Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie

Curry was flavorful and delicious, not very spicy. One of their signature dishes. Despite the few thin slices of roti prata, it was quite a filling dish.

The soup was light and very very tasty. One of the best chicken(?) soup I’ve tasted. Chicken was tender and the honey sauce was just sweet enough not overpowering. Nice to go with rice.

Deep fried and so good. Filled with bouncy sweet prawn paste. Very nice with the Thai sweet chili sauce.

Ordered Grab Food. This came piping hot. This was with seafood. Had 2 plump prawns and 2 fairly large pcs of sotong. Loved the almost raw sweet onion slices for the crunch and juiciness. Spicy level just right.

Ordered Grab Food. This came piping hot. Very nice basil fragrance. Rice was slightly harder than I preferred but turned perfect after mixing with the little bit of pork gravy. Spicy level just right.

Tried the seafood Tom Yam previously and loved it, so went for the basic version. Plus fried egg for $1. This one only had a few chicken chunks inside, so the rice seemed overwhelming. Fried egg was cold which was disappointing to me. I would go back to the seafood version next time.

The rice noodles were chewy and the beef slices were plentiful and fresh. The star was definitely the soup. Such rich tasty broth! Slightly spicy and very well seasoned. I drank every drop and wanted more.

A decent and clean eating place in KK Hospital. The chicken pcs were really flavorful and the Tom yum paste packed quite a punch. I love pairing proteins with carbs but the brown rice in this case was on the hard side. There was an abundance of sliced lemongrass which thou imparted great flavor, was quite annoying to pick out. Sometimes I would miss one and it was unpleasant and tough to chew.

Basic version was $5.90. Seafood version must add $1. I loved the spiciness of this fried rice. Thou I expected more sourness since it was supposed to be Tom Yam, but it was still acceptable. Very savory, nice wok hei. Must must must add their Thai chili sauce. Yes very very spicy but so good!

The basic version was $5.90. Add $1 for seafood version. Not too bad. Gravy was nice thou not much wok hei. Prawns were plump and bouncy. Add their Thai chili sauce for extra oomph. From the Thai stall all the way inside the food court at the end.

I found the prawn version much better than the chicken one. Prawns were plump and bouncy. Very fresh. I loved that they were deveined and deshelled. If I remembered correctly, there were 3 prawns inside.

The Mee pok was crispy! The parts that were immersed in the curry became chewy after a while. But the star was definitely the curry. Thick and flavorful. It did get kinda jelat after a while, but I had already finished 80% of it. I enjoyed the strong flavors. Mango salad was sour and slightly sweet. I liked the red onion slices inside. Not bad.

I like that they were always changing their sets. Burpple Beyond was only available for sets, but I never get bored.