For the Love of Bread ❤

For the Love of Bread ❤

Just want to share with you the love for my favourite source of carbs 🍞
Wan Ling Yeo
Wan Ling Yeo

This is a great choice if you wish to sample their in-house sourdough loaves in its purest form - a selection of sliced and toasted Wave (white), Field (wholemeal), Rock (rye) and Valley (fruit), to go with butter or olive oil. I particularly like how the salted butter gives off a strong, pleasant aroma, as well as the touch of salt in their good quality olive oil. Wave, Field and Rock go well with either of the two, but the Valley is best enjoyed on its own in my opinion!

What I really disliked, however, were the burnt parts of the bread as they gave a bitter aftertaste to the otherwise delicious starter. I also didn't appreciate that they served this - a simple starter - only 30mins after my order was placed.

Unique to Barcook Bakery, these meat-free buns are topped with Quorn™ products made of Mycoprotein. I'm really impressed at how meat-like they are! I personally love the Meat Free Pasta La Vista (left, $2.20) – this bun is topped with 2 Quorn™ Swedish style balls that are slathered with the classic pasta sauce and melted cheddar and sprinkled with breadcrumbs. The Meat Free Curry My Favour (right, $1.90), comprising Quorn™ mince, curry spices and cheddar, tasted flatter and could do with stronger flavours.

Get these Quorn™ meat-free buns on Mondays to score 30% off!


This $2 charsiew-stuffed, polo-topped bun is SO GOOD. The huge bun comes with a chock-full of sweet-savoury char siew chunks, thereby ensuring that every single bite has all that goodness. The bun was warm to the touch upon purchase, so you know that it's freshly baked in-house!

For optimum texture, eat it immediately or toast it for 5 mins before consumption. You'll not regret that few minutes of wait for a buttery, crispy top.


Lovely red bean paste encased in a nutty sesame-crusted bread. Expected the French Dough to render a chewier bread; it was just fluffy, but still good nonetheless. There are a few new additions to their bread shelves and I would love to try them someday.


Oishi Pan Bakery has officially made it to my list of favourite bakeries!!! Although it's located under a heartland HDB block, it doesn't just sell your typical white buns with conventional fillings; in fact, it has a pretty unique and interesting variety that covers all kinds of bread.

I absolutely love the Magarina French (front, $2.80) - a French bread studded generously with cheddar cheese, spinach and sun-dried tomatoes. Toast it to achieve that crusty exterior, before digging in to the savoury fillings within the fluffy bread. The Mochi An Pan Bun (back, $2) is a great option too, with mildly-sweetened red bean paste surrounding a huge mochi on each half of the bun.

Will definitely return to try other breads, cakes and pastries!


In a corner of Serangoon Garden Market lies a bakery selling tons of basic, non-frivolous buns at $1-$1.20. No glossy surfaces, just a simple white bun with perfectly browned (and almost crusty) top and surprisingly generous amount of fillings. They've almost every local flavours you can think of - tuna, sardine, hotdogs, ham, otah, sambal shrimp, curry, red bean, yam, and many more. If you're lucky, you may even receive them warm and fresh out of the oven.


Being under the same group as Bakery Cuisine, MK also offers a very good variety of bread that you just wish you could bring everything home. This double chocolate bun ($1.20) is just one of the many - small (about 6cm IN diameter), soft, and fluffy, but I wished there could be more chocolate filling. I think Bakery Cuisine's version may be better, will try and let you know sometime 😉

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It's not a common sight to see a bakery offering breads, cakes, and LEGIT pizzas under one roof, so I guess that's something unique about Proofer. While I was tempted by their pizzas, I was more attracted to their unique selection of buns on the shelves.

There were financiers and some flavour combinations which were atypical, and I settled with their Earl Grey ($1.80) and The Trio ($1.80). The former was a basic soft bun speckled with Earl Grey leaves throughout - a light-tasting bun giving a nice hint of tea aroma; the latter is made for the fickle-minded (or the greedy) who cannot decide if they want red bean, yam, or sweet potato, so each portion contains a filling each which had just the right amount and sweetness.

If you're ever feeling upset over something, do consider getting some buns from Mama Patisserie because their sweet buns are really sweet, perhaps overly sweet for some, but really good too. They remain one of my favourite bakeries because of their generosity in the fillings and the super soft buns. All their buns are


Always forgot/don't know which version of Breadtalk's yam bun to take so I finally bought both ($1.80 each but $3 for both) to do a direct comparison. The white version is filled with Taiwanese yam chunks amongst the yam paste, while the purple version contains a wine-soaked longan and purple-coloured yam paste.

Generally, I don't like the powdery top for both as they tasted 'extra' and masked the flavour of the yam, when the amount of yam isn't generous to start with. But if I've to pick one, I'd prefer the white version because the bun is chewier and the yam tasted more real/natural; the purple version is simply a letdown with its tasteless fillings which are better off not being there.

In all honesty, Breadtalk has long been a disappointment because they always price their products so highly when the quality and quantity isn't even there. Worse still, they're consistently jumping on bandwagons/food trends to seize opportunities for extra profits without even ensuring that their usual products are well-made.


Was having some major red bean craving so I just bought this from the nearest bakery from school and to my biggest surprise, the bun is filled with whole, chunky red beans and not the cheap kind of paste! A little expensive at $1.80, but I'm cool with it considering that whole red beans are given 😌


There's just something about buns from neighbourhood bakeries - affordable, simple, yet satisfying and you get to choose from over 20 options. For $3, you get to select 3 buns of your choice and here I have the banana walnut, mushroom vegetable, and tuna (not pictured cos eaten 😛). Buns from neighbourhood bakeries tend to be bigger and denser, hence more substantial, and I love how they're sufficiently generous with the fillings for that price tag.

I bake at @ourfirstbake 😊

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