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Kelsey Kong
Kelsey Kong

chopped greens, pumpkin, avocadoes etc paired with rly generous servings of maple-glazed tempeh, topped with alfalfa sprouts and amazing sauces! it was rly rly tasty and filling imo so i’d say it’s worth it if you’ve never tried it before! 🤪

sadly they’ll be closing down at the end of the year so do hurry down to give their goods a taste before it’s gone! 💨💨 #sgvegan

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(from top) earl grey fortune and chocolate, matcha, and lemon bush tea 🍋 - all flavours were on point (albeit the lemon tasting a little artificial, not gonna lie) with matcha being my personal favourite 😛

cross-section of the peanut butter and jelly croissant from @brotherbird_bakehouse aka the best weekend breakfast ever 👌🏼 would’ve loved more jam to balance out the peanut butter but all in all it still gets a solid thumbs up from me 🙆🏻‍♀️

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the arrival of fall has recently rekindled my love for comforting carbs in the form of croissants - here’re two from @artisanboulangerie ; plain and almond! 🥐

the almond croissant (bottom) was buttery and slightly soggy (probably a result of me leaving it out until the next day!), and though i’d say it’s not bad flavour-wise, it does lean toward the sweet side and gets jelat after a while! heard it’s their best-seller though, so i say give it a try fresh and share it with a friend! 👯‍♀️👯‍♂️

nevertheless, the real show-stopper was, without a doubt, the plain croissant - it crackles crisply and isn’t too buttery, making it really delicious and checked all the boxes of a perfect pastry! imo a must-try, just make sure you have it warmed! 😌

Comes with HUGE chunks of fried tempeh, pineapple, cucumbers, tomatoes and melon, all surrounding a generous portion of peanut sauce like guards protecting a precious jewel 💎

Not gonna lie, the fruits and veggies at the side were pretty lackluster, but the peanut sauce 🥜Was AMAZING and i was so tempted to just takeaway the sauce home 🤪 Recommend giving it a try if you’re partial to any form of tempeh (like me!) 👌🏼


A delicious pastry with it’s taste faintly reminiscent of the ones from the more common bakery with a clover for a logo 🍀 With that being said - these are definitely more satiating and would be perfect paired with a nice cup of joe 😉

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They have a wide range of flavours and even three dairy-free ones, in which i went for the date and coconut, which has no sugar and is 100% sweetened by dates! 🥥 A really refreshing treat on a hot day although it is a little pricey for S$6.50 a scoop 🙊 Probably more of an occasional treat! They also sell a variety of gluten-free bakes so i definitely would recommend if you’re looking for healthier alternatives to your classic tea cakes! ☕️🥄


First time here and we were taken aback by the HUGE portions (they looked pretty small from reviews online), and I was pretty much stuffed when I finally reached the bottom of my bowl of kway! 🤰🏻 #foodbaby

The Kway Chap comes with a side of braised dishes like tofu, beans and tons of fungi! 🌱 We found that the chap tasted a little different from regular meat-consisting versions, but not in a bad way! Also liked the texture of the kway which wasn’t too soft and was decently thick! 👌🏼 Worth a try if you’re in the area, especially with the variety of dishes in their menu! 😊


Can you believe this is vegan? 👀

What stood out to me about this cake was that it was served warm - a rare find in most cafes where cakes would be served either at room temperature or slightly cool from refrigeration! ❄️ It was also on the denser side and slightly dryer, not having the regular moistness usually associated with cakes 🤔 This may not be a bad thing, however, as I found that I rather enjoyed the subtle hints of rose in the cake and felt that it was really unique and yummy! 😋

Will most likely try out the other cake flavours and waffles when I’m here again, as they are the ones which always receive the most praise! 🤙🏼

Ordered an abundance of plant foods 🌱 such as black fungus, veggies, tomatoes and tofu and got a dry version with well-seasoned sauce that wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet! Also enjoyed the addition of white beans in the soup, which offered a satisfying change in texture! 💦

The yellow noodles did leave me feeling stuffed however, so I’d suggest going for bee hoon if you want a lighter meal 🙆🏻‍♀️


This dish was deliciously tasty and tangy - consisting of a tomato stew with beans and chickpeas that were well-cooked with great texture! Pair the stew with the warm pita breads and you have a hearty, wholesome meal that’s sure to satisfy! 😋

Though my only gripe would be that the strong tanginess of the stew had to overpowered the taste of the scrambled tofu, but it was still all-in-all a well-made dish!👍🏼


Absolutely adore the textures - crisp outer layers coating the tantalisingly chewy inner folds, providing a lovely sweetness from its fillings and toppings 🤤 I actually polished all of them off by myself 🙊 11/10 would recommend you get a box of these for yourself for a variety of mouthwatering flavours 💯💯

@brotherbird_milkncroissants recently opened a new branch at Djitsun Mall, Bedok - so what are you waiting for? Head down and grab some ASAP and give yourself a chance to experience the ☁️heaven☁️ that savouring these croissants will give you!


Makan is my middle name.

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