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From The Land Of Kimchi

From The Land Of Kimchi

Featuring Masizzim ([email protected]), Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory ([email protected]), Kim Dae Mun (Concorde Hotel), 8 Korean BBQ (Shaw Centre), NY Night Market (Westgate), Nanta BBQ, Masizzim (Westgate), Oven & Fried Chicken (Telok Ayer), Hyang To Gol Korean Restaurant (Amara Hotel), Wangdaebak Pocha
Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie

Beef was quite tough. Soup was spicy enough but could do with deeper flavor.

Tender chicken thigh meat was used. Spicy and delicious. Went very well with rice.

Seafood pancake fried till crispy. A little bit oily but very enjoyable with the sweet onion soy sauce. $12 after Eatigo 50% discount.

One of the best I’ve eaten. The sourness was just right, and quite spicy. Wonderful as an opening dish to open up the stomach for other dishes. $7.50 after Eatigo 50% discount.

A super sized bowl of chewy noodles that was bigger than my head. It was huge. 2 of us couldn’t finish this, despite our best efforts. The sauce was on the sweet side, with chunks of meat and loads of onion. Only $8 after Eatigo 50% discount.

Secured a rare Eatigo 50% on a Saturday. These ban chan were not refillable if using Eatigo discount.

I chose kimchi fried rice which was spicy. Got bulgogi version which was non spicy. Could choose no cheese version for lower price. Fried rice was on the sour side due to the kimchi. Glad to see the egg was fully cooked this time. Cheese was not enough for me.

Waterway Point
East Wing #B2-05
Tel: 65 8611 3181

This came with the beaten egg raw surrounding the fried rice and beef like a moat. I cannot eat raw food, so had to send it back to the kitchen.

Quite a big portion. Noodles were Q. The sauce was not bad, savory and thick. Got a few big pcs of pork inside. Nice.

A pretty small portion of spicy chicken served on a hot plate. Flavors were strong, exactly what I like. Would have been great with rice. Could do with some char. Also got non spicy version.

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Yes it was on the oily side but it was so crispy and delicious that I didn’t care. The sauce was great. A bit salty with sweet onion bits and chili flakes. Only grouse was that some squid pcs were very tough. Could feel my jaw getting more square the more I chewed.

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Free with Burpple Beyond. I was told at ordering that this dish used pork belly. All the better! The sauce marinate was perfect. Spicy and savory with a bit of sweetness. Didn’t come with rice. Brown rice additional $2. Would have been wonderful with rice but I’ve already allocated my carbo portion to the pancake. Be careful when chewing. Got bones. Also had slices of onions and carrots and leek.

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