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Featuring Char (Jalan Besar), Zhong Guo La Mian Xiao Long Bao (Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre), Legendary Hong Kong, Hua Ting Restaurant, Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant (Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel), Jumbo Seafood Restaurant (East Coast Seafood Centre), Old Hong Kong Kitchen (Square 2), Tien Court Restaurant, Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao (Ngee Ann City), Paradise Dynasty (Changi Airport Terminal 3)
Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie
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I could smell the strong vinegar as soon as the bowl was set in front of my face. Very spicy, got some mala flavor to it as well. Dumplings had a slightly porky taste that the sauce couldn’t mask.

Pork was fried till crispy and coated in a sweet sour sauce. Really good.

From Fu Xiang Treasures stall. The fried egg had no seasoning so i mixed it with the vege for more flavor. Vege was really good. Stir fried cabbage was soft and well seasoned. Soup was good too. Pineapple chicken was ok. On the sweet side.

From Chen Mapo Tofu stall. Fried chicken was slightly spicy. Not bad. The Dan Dan Men was very good. Spicy and savory. A bit dry cos not much sauce but flavor was strong. Mapo tofu was also quite spicy and there was a strong taste of spice. On the carbo-ey side. Chili sauce was like volcano lava, super spicy, thou it actually tasted quite good. Soup was superb. Very flavorful and most importantly, could quench the fire in my mouth.

Only 4 dumplings but each was jammed packed with ingredients inside. Nice big prawn with a little bit of meat and black fungus. Slightly on the salty side so should go well with noodles. Very tasty.

I was going for the sautéed turnip cake with XO sauce when this caught my eye. I was glad I chose this. The rice roll pcs had a bit of char and were really smooth. Not too salty and good amt of eggs. Slightly spicy from the XO sauce. Yummy!

I don’t usually like Congee or porridge but this was really good. Well seasoned and the meat balls were absolutely delicious. No foul porky taste. Chewy and bouncy.

The char Siew was cut in thick slices but they were extremely tender and easy to chew. Not at all fatty but was melt in the mouth. I was really quite amazed. Best thing was they were warm! Roast pork was slightly cold in comparison. But they were also thick cut which I really liked. Cos then the skin crackle would intensify. And it really did work its crackling magic. Very very crunchy. A bit too fatty thou.

The Congee was supposed to come with wontons in chili oil. But I needed to avoid chili so they kindly offered to change it to dumpling soup at no extra charge. Very grateful.

Oooh these had a garlicky fragrance that I loved. Spinach was soft and easy to chew. Not bitter at all. Made me feel healthy too. I adored the skin. So thin yet chewy. The prawns inside were of cos fantastic. One of my fav.

The sauce at the bottom was a bit bland for me but bcos of that, I could taste the sweetness of the scallops. Very fresh.

I order these every time I come here. Lots of plump bouncy prawns inside. Very fresh. Skin was thin. Much prefer these to their new truffle ones.

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