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Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie

One person portion. Doused in sweet and sour sauce. I liked the zing of the vinegar in the sauce. Very crispy very tasty. No bones!

Grand Shanghai is now opened for Saturday lunch. This was the first time I came by after their renovation. Beautiful interiors with impeccable service and riverside views.

They usually served small side dish to each table which was $3.50. I declined it. Pls also note that tea with wet towels cost $3.80. Warm water is regarded as tea here. $3.80 for water! I declined it also.

This was basically just noodles, scallion slices and mushrooms. But it was flavorful and simple. I liked it more than the fried rice.

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Good to order carbs when feeding a whole table of hungry people. This fried rice was not oily and ingredients quite plentiful.

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Still crispy even when drenched in sauce. Not too sweet with a nice zing.

Realized too late that I’d prob ordered all one-person potions for my dinner with hubby. No wonder I’m not full. This was quite nice. The salted egg sauce was not the runny type. More like mixed into the flour and fried together. Strange that the prawns here were not as springy and bouncy as other outlets. Not sure if it was freshness issue, cos the prawn in the Mee Goreng was also like this.

At first was disappointed that it was smaller than other Jumbo outlets. Then I realized that I had prob ordered a one-person portion. Price was also cheaper compared to other outlets. Need to take note of that next time. Sauce was good not very spicy here. Cod fish pcs were not as crispy as I had expected.

Smaller portion than other jumbo outlets but the price was also $4 cheaper. Spicy level was good. I think this was a one-person portion. Only 1 prawn inside which wasn’t as bouncy as I expected. But the rest of the taste was good standard as always.


A wonderfully decadent dish. The huge crispy prawns were fresh and succulent. Truffle mayo was absolutely delicious but the amt was really little today compared to other times l’ve had this. Could barely coat the prawns. Still the best dish tonight.

Quite a huge portion. The pork was tender but smelled a little bit too porky for me. They were not stingy with the yam and Chinese sausage. Had a little bit of gravy that was good with rice.

Asked for the beef to be fully cooked and it was still very tender and juicy. A bit on the salty side so must pair with rice. Quite oily. Despite the saltiness and the oil, it was delicious.

Liked this so much from their value meal last time. This was the full sized version. So utterly satisfying. Could smell the nose biting Sichuan spices mixed with the peanut sauce but couldn’t really taste them, which was good for me. Lots of other items on their menu but I cannot see how not to order this each and every time. So good.

2 small bowls of awesomeness. The dry Dan Dan Mian had a beautiful nutty flavor and spicy level was good. Got a bit of minced meat inside too. Mapo tofu was more peppery and also spicier. The Sichuan pepper taste was quite distinctive.

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