Hey sweetie!

Hey sweetie!

There's always stomach space for desserts!
Miss Ha ~
Miss Ha ~

Getting the coconut pandan waffles was a brilliant choice by the bf, but pairing it with the black sesame gelato proved to be a perfect combination. True to its taste, the black sesame gelato was nutty with a hint of bitterness. The coconut pandan waffles was indeed aromatic and creamy, but what’s more pleasant was the hidden mochi-like texture. For someone who doesn’t enjoy mochi because of the sticky chewiness, I found myself enjoying and will probably be back for more. Drizzled around the waffle was their gula melaka sauce, so rich in flavour of molasses.

You would also find a Vietname influence on their desserts such as Dalat and some gelato flavours (Ca Phe) as the co-owner is a Vietnamese.

Sunset way has now turned into the land of gelato and ice cream, just like how we know Toa Payoh to be the land of bubble tea. A visit to @hundredacre.sg, inspired by Winnie the Pooh and its fictional Hundred Acre Wood, was filled with happiness especially with its warm colour tone interior.

I can’t deny the fact that I was spoilt for choice with their interesting flavours selection such as ocean blue and peach basil. Finally decided on the honey chrysanthemum with cacao nibs as I was craving for a floral flavour on that day. Instead of a mere white floral taste, I was first greeted by the sweet honey note, followed by a delicate herbal floral sweetness, and slight bitterness as I bite into the cacao nibs. Extremely delighted by this tasteful rhythm, boosted further by the choice of a rosemary cone. The herbaceous, lemon piney notes that came through were way intense than what you get from the thyme-infused cone at BOP.

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No. 17, a typical fruity crepe. Topped with sweet Raspberry jam, and some fresh blueberries and strawberries, this combination just can’t go wrong. Probably except for the fact that the berries were slightly sour. A refreshing choice for dessert!

By the way, French Fold has several menus for different timings of the day but they are pretty similar. We could only order this before 4pm which is the ending time for Lunch. However, this was also on the next menu starting at 4pm for afternoon tea.

For the sweet crepe, we had the simplest yet most comforting choice on the menu. No. 13, crepe with brown sugar, and butter from Maison Beillevair. You could choose among classic butter, salted butter and lemon butter. Despite choosing the salted butter, it was a good balance between sweet and savoury as the brown sugar was caramelized to pair with the melted salted butter. I could even taste the brown sugar grains! Between the galettes and crepes, it was obvious that the texture of crepes was softer as preferred for a sweet ending.

This was one item that I was looking forward to try because I am a big fan of churros and was really expecting to see the churro waffles having the texture and crispiness of an actual churros. However, this turned out to be a disappointment as it lacked the crispiness of a deep-fried churro. Also, the interior was way too moist and doughy, perhaps more like a mochi than a churro. Baked and dusted with icing sugar and cinnamon powder, served with chocolate sauce and fresh fruit slices. The attempt to mimic churros could probably be better.

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Are you ready for Christmas? 🎄

I could clearly feel the festive spirit the moment we stepped into @simple.cafesg despite their minimalistic interior with plain wooden furniture! Easily a cozy venue to spend an afternoon away.

While there weren’t much selection of cakes and pastries during our visit, it wasn’t difficult for me to pick the Mont Blanc, one of my all-time favourite. You would really love this if you are a chestnut lover. The distinctive vermicelli of chestnut purée was of delicate sweetness and earthiness, and a hint of butteriness. Other than whipped cream, I was surprised to find a fruity twist hidden within; a tangy berry compote contrasting with the overall nuttiness. All atop a firm buttery tart. Look out for the mild booziness as it contains alcohol. My only complaint, slightly pricey for the size.

Also had the Choco, which we felt as though a densed brownie at play. Notably enjoyable as a bittersweet chocolate cake with a crumbly base and a glob of milk chocolate cream.


Pistachio soft serve? I am sold. Available only for a limited period of time, make sure you don’t miss this seasonal dessert if you are dining here at Pipes by Hattendo. Made using Hokkaido fresh milk and Italy-imported pistachios, the smooth creaminess was purely addictive. I couldn’t stop eating especially when the pistachios that were roasted in-house imparted such a lingering nuttiness, and perfectly complemented with some roasted almond bits. Not forgetting the cookie crumble at the bottom that have already soaked up much of the pistachio flavour.

Thank you @burpple for the invitation and @hattendo_singapore for the hosting! Pipes by Hattendo is a Burpple Beyond partner where you can also enjoy some awesome 1-for-1 main dish deals like the Pipe Grain Bowls, Wheat plates and tamago burger.

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With so many bakeries and confectioneries trending these days, it’s not hard to spot jumbo-sized cookies in the scene, just like these from @nastycookie.

In a box of 6, we had:
🍪Chocolate chip, that was stuffed with plenty of milk chocolate chips.
🍪Oh! Smores, perfect for the really sweet tooth, with its incredibly stretchy melted marshmallows.
🍪 Biscoff cookie, one that we were looking forward to but were also disappointed unfortunately, as it was just the cookie dough topped with caramelised biscuits. We were expecting a biscoff filling.
🍪 Dalgona coffee, jumping on the Dalgona bandwagon with their new flavour. Wished the coffee flavour was more rich and intense.
🍪 PB Lovers, really nasty looking this one, a marriage of sweetness and saltiness.
🍪 Matcha Mania, premium matcha dough with shortbread breaking into a green mess with white chocolate.

As for the cookie dough, the texture didn’t seem to be chewy enough nor was it sufficiently fragrant. The packaging was aesthetically pleasing though.

Slots are released daily at 12.30pm for cookies ordering. However, as usual, fastest fingers first, and cookies are only secured after payment. Alternatively, follow them on IG to check out if they are releasing special slots and your comment might just be randomly chosen.

#savefnbsg #loveyourlocalsg

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This was a superb recommendation by my colleague! Constructed with a Chocolate Tart Biscuit, to the Dark Chocolate Ganache filling, and a huge dollop of Coffee Bailey's Cream, finished with a sprinkle of Sea Salt. The dark chocolate ganache was smooth, rich, and melted indulgently with each bite, just as a dark chocolate lover like me would have wanted it to be. Initially I was worried that the cream would be overwhelming, especially for someone who doesn’t really fancy cream, but when the coffee Bailey flavour slowly emerged, I found it enjoyable with a touch of bitterness that lingered. And the sprinkle of sea salt was nothing short of a magical finish!

We had this delivered to the office. Complimentary delivery with minimum $80 order, specific zones apply. Check out https://lolascafe.oddle.me/en_SG/ for more information.


If you can’t get to Two Face, why don’t consider getting Two Face to you? We were very lucky to have Two Face from Keong Saik bakery delivered to us for an afternoon tea break before the circuit breaker measures got tightened.

It was a recommendation to colleagues who have never tried this before. While there were those who felt that the matcha was a little overpowering, most enjoyed it very much as a balance between the original cheese and the matcha flavors. Rich and creamy mouthfeel, even with delivery, the burnt cheesecake was in perfect shape. Though the top layer looked really black, there was neither a single hint of char nor bitterness. Also, the cake wasn’t overly dense.

Happy that it remains as my top favourite of all burnt cheesecakes so far, but even happier that my colleagues found it as a good recommendation!

#savefnbsg #loveyourlocalsg


Happy Labour Day everyone! One more month till the end of CB, hang in there! Thanks to @thekinscafe, I was quite lucky to snag slices of their signature burnt cheesecakes, which had been on my wishlist for the longest time ever, for a special birthday. It was only unfortunate that they melted quite terribly.

Generally their cakes are pretty enjoyable except some parts that were slightly more dense. The original flavour was monotonous for me and could get a little jelak, but that’s because it was legit rich creaminess that I believe cream cheese lovers would scream about. However, I preferred the Houjicha. Not only because The Kins’ is the only place that serves a houjicha burnt cheesecake, but it’s also balanced in the overall flavour, as the roasted tea aroma comes through with a nutty finish. Mellower than matcha. The burnt layer was a little tough though.

Check out their Facebook page for updates and whatsapp them for preordering.

#savefnbsg #loveyourlocalsg

TGIF! Anyone craving for @bopgelato’s cone like me? 🙆🏻‍♀️

This botanical flavours-inspired gelato needs no introduction. Step into the cozy gelato boutique and you will be mesmerized by a fragrant aroma. All thanks to their waffle cone that is infused brilliantly with thyme. Excellent crisp with hint of earthy, herbaceous, minty tones. While some waffle cones get soggy quickly, this one holds the gelato ingeniously.

Experience how the mellow, tangy sweetness of red strawberries blends with the sweet peppery undertones of basil, that makes the hot favourite strawberry basil gelato so delectable on palate. Try also the Midnight Gianduja (premium flavour); rich, malty indulgence of Dark Valrhona Chocolate with Italian hazelnuts. Smooth without overwhelming creaminess.

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Foodie for life <3

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