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Benjamin Sim
Benjamin Sim

Variety is the spice of life! Most Tze char places offer only a seafood rendition of the time-honoured yam ring. JB101 gives you 3 options (pork, seafood and chicken). The chicken version is filled with kung pow chicken! Not bad but not anything out of the ordinary. The yam ring itself lacked the flakiness of a 芋饺, and could have been slightly over-fried. I need more cashew nuts in this too.

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Some places smother the dish with a salted egg yolk sauce. JB101 employs a salted egg yolk batter, which is deep fried to a crisp! It’s definitely lighter and less calorific. I couldn’t taste much baking soda in the batter which is a plus! The sotong bites could have been a tad meatier. Still better than most gastro-pub calamari. Goes great with beer needless to say. Am glad that they have an in-house watering hole on the same premise (reaches for that San Miguel tower)...

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You’ve got to give the 粗米粉a good mix with the broth. Otherwise the melted butter won’t homogenise! The Hua Diao wine accent was a nice touch and the broth was light. Almost like fish soup! The creaminess isn’t too overpowering- nowhere near the salted-egg crab standard. I suppose the best crab dish in their menu atm.

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A good substitute for your staple 咕咾肉. The five-spice marinade is light and tangy. Not too overpowering or bitter. The meat has a crustiness from its deep fry, but is still quite tender. Probably one of the more keto-friendly dishes in their menu. Will order this again!

While still a decent dish, there’s probably a reason why the CC isn’t a 招牌unlike their pepper crab or crab bee Hoon. $85 for a whole crab is the going rate these days for the Sri Lankan variety. The sauce could have had more spice! Otherwise, there probably are fans of its goopy consistency. Fried Mantous are separately charged.

The longest queue for fried carrot cake between the Whampoa markets belongs to this stall. I can see why! The 粿is cut into smaller pieces, hence the larger surface area for charring! That adds crisp and smokiness. Get the white version and taste the difference. The auntie behind the wok has quick hands! Once you are in front of the line you won’t have to wait more than 5-7mins for a steamy plate of fried carbs. Great for morning-afters!


I was here at 8am On the first Saturday of 2021. It was windy and rainy...and there was NO QUEUE. There are many Teochew fishball noodle stalls around. Some tout handmade fishballs. This one...less artisan, more value for money. The common man’s meepok/kway teow. Get the $4 and you have a wantons, sliced pork, fish and pork balls. The sole powder game is strong in the soup! I would recommend kway Teow/mee for the contrasting textures!

Some say this is the OG. There are 2 日日红stalls within People’s Park Center FC. Both have similar standards IMO. Cheaper than your food court 麻辣香锅. $23 of food could feed nearly 3 pax! The level of spiciness has probably been toned down. 中辣is a good point to start for most of us!

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The same umami bomb of fried shallots and dried shrimp that goes into the dry version of the 牛腩面tops of this carrot cake. This is surely one dish that doesn’t dapao well. It’s meant to be enjoyed a la minute when the exterior is still pan-crispy! Carrot cake can be bland or too oily but this does it. Carbo-load on this and have some bira with Sum Dim Sum :D

When this comes out piping hot, you can smell the pandan essence wafting on the waves of steam! The exterior is light and crispy, not oily like some 菠萝包are some times. I wish there was more char siew inside tho! Don’t worry this is not 流沙包so you won’t get lava burns. Something different!

Besides the Tiffany-blue-ish (Tiffany blue is Protected IP wor) Interior, this dish is probably the Equaliser against its more established competitor (Swee Choon) across the street! Go for the dry version. It’s just so umami and full of prawn-y bits, almost reminiscent of some XO prawn mee. Pro-tip to save money eating dim sum, everyone get a “main” like congee or noodles so you’ll load up less on the smaller dishes. But if you just want a bit of this and that then up to you lor.

The pork ribs here are tender and bone-less! Not the usual blackbean sauce also. Which means this is not /: as salty as most 排骨! The tau kee foundation has probably sopped up the pork juices so eat that too. Some people might mistake for garnish 😅.

I can eat Nasi Lemak 3 times a day for a month.

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