Chinese Eats!

Chinese Eats!

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Shan Kow
Shan Kow

A tomato based soup. Not the thick type you would associate with tomato soup, full of veggies and carrots.


This is the only thing I ever order here and I love it!

There is a choice of Cream Sauce or Italian Red sauce. I opted for the Cream Sauce.

The meat is tender and the sauce goes very well with the meat and the rice. Eat it while it's hot!

You can order it ala carte or with a set that comes with a bowl of soup, either Borsch soup (like tomato soup) or Sweet Corn Cream soup (with little pieces of ham!) and a drink.

I usually take it with the Sweet Corn Cream soup, but they always run out by the time I get here so I usually end up with the Borsch soup.

It would take a while to come because it would need to be baked first. The service is fast and the environment is clean and lively but not noisy.


This is a small portion. A big portion would be RM38.

The Yam ring was not as tasteful and I would have imagined it to be. So bright side, they did not add a lot of additional flavouring and kept it simple. The outer sides of it were really crunchy though.

It also came with mixed vegetables and cashew nuts.


We just ordered it off the menu because it was suggested.

It taste most like marmite, but I could be wrong. It's slightly sweet with the slightly bitter marmite taste.


A small plate would cost RM15 while a Medium sized plate would cost RM20.

The beancurd is not the "crispy" you would imagine fried chicken to be but it is fried. When you cut into the tofu, it is soft.

A plate comes with preserved egg, sliced ginger, raw onions and raw tomatoes and 2 sauces which are Thai chilli sauce and oyster sauce.


A small plate comes with 4 pieces for RM10.
A large plate comes with 8 pieces for RM16.

Complements the meal well, nicer with the chilli sauce!

A nice bowl of noodles paired nicely with their special dry chilli.

If you need it spicier or less spicy, you need not worry at they put the container full of chilli right on your table so you can help yourself to it or avoid it completely.


Simple dinner.

The chicken was tender enough and not hard. The sauce was not watery and was sweet and sour enough. Haha!

The food came fast!

There are 3 choices of sauce but I chose the Sweet Corn White Sauce. You could also choose between Fish Fillet, Sliced Beef or even the Chicken Chop.

There was NO corn in the Sweet Corn White Sauce. The meat was quite tender and juicy. The sauce was sufficient and complimented the dish very well without it being too dry.


With egg of course!

Price list
Small (without egg) RM4
Small (with egg) RM5
Big (without egg) RM5
Big (with egg) RM6

I'm proud enough to tell you that.. I got the LAST plate before the closed! Yay! My trip here wasn't a waste and it surprised me that it closed earlier than expected.


The skin was super crunchy! The best part of this was the skin on the roast pork! But, the meat itself lacked a bit of flavour to it. Or maybe it's just less flavour than I'm used to.


Shan Kow

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