Tansy's Western (Singapore)

Tansy's Western (Singapore)

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Tansy .
Tansy .

At $98, this is one of the best steak ive ever had. Juicy, tender, flavourful. I could eat it on its own without any of the sauce that came with it.. What a worthy meal! Very friendly service staff whom attends to you promptly and makes you feel comfortable dining here..


Tender and succulent pork ribs won the night. The meat are portioned by weight and this 2 servings were just nice for 2. Plus beer of course.

Priced at S$80 for two, this is quite an affordable afternoon tea to have at a cosy and very comfortable place in town. If you can hold your hunger til 3pm, this could be the only meal to have in a day. It is very filling despite the small bites and the TWG tea adds to the comfort of the place. A very good recommendation if you are looking for somewhere comfortable with privacy with some sweets and savoury to keep you and your friends company. Quote "burpple" for a 15% discount and there goes your GST.

Something quite different from the usual western menu yet something with simple ingredients we can get from coffee shop western food. Fish and chips but in tacos, with the wrap and the veges. Plus cheese, this is easily satisfying as a brunch. Priced at 22.

Patty was medium cooked, which was perfect for me. They didnt asked so i assumed it is the standard. Came together with some veges and fries, totally reasonable for the price at 20. The cheese and truffle mixed well with the patty and the slightly crispy bun. All in all, a satisfying meal at Oriole. Definitely be back for more.

This comes with a choice for a set with a soup and a drink or not. The steak was medium ordered, but it seems a little too raw for medium. However, this was not pointed out to the restaurant at point of dining. Ambience of restaurant/cafe was not very nice as customers around were trying to get waiters' attention for bill/order/etc. Reasonable priced western food in a shopping mall, might not recommend it during peak hours.

$14.90 to get this Mighty Alpha. The sauce was a little overwhelming as it covered the taste of the patty. Not as delicous as the Magic Shrooms.

$10.90 for this delicious burger. Medium rare and it tasted just right. The tinge flavour of truffle and mushrooms went well together, together with the patty and some cheeese pull when you bite into it. Still thinking about it 5hours later.

Cheese fries $7. Pretty normal fat fries i would say. Generous amount of cheese though.

$6.50 chicken chop, a must try for Bobby's delicacy. Chicken chop was well cooked and flavour on point. Would prefer the corn to be on the cob though. But thats personal preference.

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$6.50 for the portion. Not bad for a coffeeshop standard. The onion rings were not done up well though. It was quite dry and tough. The coleslaw was good. Do try if you are around the area!

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