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Indian Food

Indian Food

Prata, biryani, thosai and a lot more!!!
Elizabeth Lim
Elizabeth Lim
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This is my first prata since being away from SG for 6 months and was quite disappointed because I forgot that I don’t like the prata from Roti Prata House that much. Their prata has more of a doughy texture inside and reminds me more of fried bread. It isn’t as stretchy as other pratas and it has a tinge of sweetness. While others may like it, it’s not really my preference. Their daal curry was also regretfully watery.

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Have concluded that my favourite prata at Springleaf is the plain prata!! It’s incredibly crispy on the outside yet a bit doughy inside so it tastes really substantial. Their prata texture is my favourite of everywhere so far, although my dad thinks it’s not “traditional” and prefers a less doughy texture.

It’s a bit of a pity that I don’t like their curry that much though, particularly their daal curry - I prefer it a bit more thicker and beany, but the mutton curry is not bad.

As for their other pratas, I’ve tried their ultimate murtabak (mozzarella cheese, tandoori chicken, etc) and normal beef medium murtabak, but it wasn’t as enjoyable because the prata wasn’t crispy due to all the ingredients inside. I did prefer the normal murtabak with a generous amount of onions and meat though, because the cheese in the ultimate murtabak was too overpowering for me and I couldn’t taste much apart from the cheese.

Also didn’t enjoy their thosai that much as it wasn’t as fluffy inside as I would have liked. But their mutton briyani was good! The meat was really tender. Perhaps should try more of their innovative creations, but I think what’s most important to me is a good crispy prata.

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Always on the quest to try new briyani! This one was good, the rice had a lot of spices and the mutton curry was flavourful. Buried inside the small pot is a wealth of ingredients- lots of chicken (including a drumstick!) and mutton, plus one hard boiled egg! What a lovely surprise. My only gripe is that the mutton wasn't as tender as I'd hoped for and the daal curry was a tad bit too watery.

Also, side note: their prata is pretty nice and stretchy and rather sizeable! (Stark contrast to a prata I ate the other day, that was amazingly small)

What is intriguing about this place is that you can have biryani with many options of meat available! I chose salted egg yolk chicken, but there was also roasted char shao! The salted egg yolk chicken was really the star - crispy, coated in sauce (although there could have been more). Unlike some salted egg yolk sauces which tend to be too watery, this stuck to the chicken well without being too overpowering or making it soggy. The biryani rice was fragrant and especially tasty with the papadum. The eggs unlike the usual hard boiled ones, was semi soft boiled, like a ramen egg, which was a refreshing change. All in all, it was an interesting fusion dish!


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