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Amelia PW
Amelia PW
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Never would have thought this combination on a pizza would have worked but this was outstanding! I loved that they didn't go too crazy with the amount of ingredients and instead focused on the quality instead. The result was a really well balanced pie, despite the richness of the individual ingredients. The homemade sausage, which had a good ratio of fats for the flavour, wasn't greasy and nicely spiced. Pizza dough itself was thin and had a beautifully fluffy and soft crust.

I usually find most celebrity chef restaurants overrated and underwhelming, but this restaurant by Mario Batali was anything but. Food was great, service was wonderful (thanks Mary, you were a delight!) and the whole experience felt incredibly well thought out. The interior though still classy, along with tiny details such as a glossary for diners to explore the Italian menu, made this experience an unpretentiously amazing one. Quite unlike the other Italian restaurants I've been to, but by no means any less wonderful.


I admit I was a little skeptical after listening to its ingredients but I'm really glad I listened to the waiter's recommendation on this one!
The drink wasn't as strong as I would have liked, but the rosemary and dry ginger ale made this cocktail really refreshing and a wonderful pre-dinner drink as we waited excitedly for the food.

This wasn't listed on their regular menu, but be sure to check their black board for their Specials!

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This pasta is one of the most popular items in the menu, and rightfully so.
The sauce was incredibly heavy with all the oil, but the generous amount of truffle brought decadence to a whole new level. The meat too was still packed with flavour and certainly did not let the sauce it came in to overpower it, managing to taste wonderful on its own. Extra credits have to be given to the homemade pasta, which tends to be cooked too soft for my liking, but this was perfectly al dente, and tasted like nothing store-bought pasta can achieve. Yes, when cooked right, such is the beauty of handmade pasta which affirmed my beliefs that this restaurant are run by chefs who know their Italian food.

Service was professional and courteous, food was unpretentiously good (mindblowing when paired with their wine) and ambience amazing. Ristorante Pietrasanta is certainly a fine establishment of its kind.


Having heard so much about their burrata, I came bearing sky high expectations. So I don't know if it was because of that I was slightly disappointed with this dish. The usual rich creaminess of burrata which I love was lost in this dish, but I think it may be because it was cooked within a pasta. I would love to try it fresh the next time I come though!
The ravioli itself was amazing- the pasta was thick enough to wrap the cheese, while adequately thin for it not to overpower the filling. It was firm to the bite too! Ravioli isn't my go-to pasta, but this was very well done. Sauce was fresh and light, making this an enjoyable dish to go with other heavier mains.


The menu stated this as a must-try and our server assured us it was good, so we immediately placed an order for this to start our meal.
This dish is known to be known as the 'Tuna of Chianti' because of its appearance, and we definitely could see why! It did look and taste like canned tuna chunks, even though amazingly it was pork. On its own, the saltiness was intense! But it paired very nicely with the bruschetta toasts as the fresh tomatoes lends its natural sweetness and slight tartness.


Slightly disappointed that what was served wasn't as stated on the menu; an explanation even after would have been much appreciated!
The pasta was nothing to shout about, but it's always nice to have a diversity of food and ambience in NUS!


This is one dish I would highly recommend here. The sauce was delightfully creamy and although not the best rendition I've had of a tomato and cream based sauce, the generous CHUNKS of fresh lobster meat more than made up for it. Squid ink pasta was definitely one of the better ones around; no fishy taste and perfectly firm to the bite. 👌


If you like your gnocchi to be pillowy soft, this is one for you! I like mine to be on the chewy side, so unfortunately I wasn't able to appreciate this as much, though they were really fluffy and light. Sauce was rich, but a little one dimensional after a few bites in.


The flavours on this dish was on point, and I loved that the simple ingredients really worked well with each other. The olive oil and balsamic vinegar, along with the salty homemade caviar and sweet cherry tomatoes truly brought out the flavours of the cheese. However, the burrata itself, though decent, was not mindblowing and certainly not the best I've had. Still, a pretty good appetiser together with their freshly toasted homemade ciabatta!


I followed my heart & it led me to the fridge.

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