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Shun Teoh
Shun Teoh

My only regret was not having enough tummy space to fit four of these scrumptious babies in me.
It was so sinfully-delicious; a flavourful pork patty sandwiched between two thin slices of bread and pan fried (?) till an even colour is achieved, then drizzled with chilli mayo!
Do yourself a favour and get this as a side. You may be too full to talk properly after the meal but it’s worth it!

The secret to this mouthwatering, lip-smacking, dopamine-inducing dish is.. the fluffy milk bread and the juicy (not to mention THICC) spam.
Doesn’t look like it’s a filling dish, but trust me, the meaty spam is enough to fill you up.
But if you’re brave and if you’re dying for another plate of these babies, go ahead and order another one for yourself. It’s worth it.

In our defence, we did it out of curiosity, BUT IT WAS WORTH THE RISK.
This is literally Nasi Lemak but on fries. It may sound weird, but after having a taste of it, everything made so much sense, for some reason.
Sambal: check
Ikan bilis: check
Peanuts: check
Fries with sambal: that’s a yes from me

Dolce, meaning “sweet”. I half expected this drink to be excessively sweet since I was told it’s white chocolate. But, surprisingly not! It was sweet indeed, but just right!
The girl manning the counter told us their mocha and chocolate drinks are made with real chocolate buttons instead of choco powder, so hurray to that!

Love that it wasn’t too sweet! This is their best-seller. Best to have it along with a long black. (This is without alcohol, so no worries about drunk driving :D)

Find this brand new bakery-cafe right beside Table & Apron (they share the same owner so you can find the same delicious baked goods in T&A).
They don’t serve hot meals, but this is enough to fill my tummy up. A generous spread of nutty hummus and cherry tomatoes on top of a thick slice of sourdough. Doesn’t seem like much but I was stuffed after my last bite of bread! No crumb was left behind!

YUM. This dish features JUICY mushrooms, meatballs, and crispy thinly-sliced bread on the side, all lying on top of a bed of smooth hummus.

Basically, a very delicious sushi burger! Fresh salmon sashimi slices, crab sticks, avocado, edamame and soft boiled eggs jammed between rice “buns”.

They serve savoury croissants!
Not gonna lie, I was expecting sliced chicken sandwiched between the pastry. The mashed up chicken almost tricked me into thinking they had my order wrong and gave me a tuna sandwich instead.
Seasoning was fine, but can’t help but wonder if they mistaken their salt for pepper because it could definitely use some cutting down on the saltiness.

Pokok’s sister cafe, primarily focused on cakes and desserts. A very gram-worthy space (ig influencers, this is for you).
Ordered this poppy seed loaf with a lemon drizzle. Was expecting a moist cake, but it wasn’t. If you’re not a sweets person, this is probably not for you.

The guy at the counter told us it’s a non-caffeinated drink with beetroot powder, cinnamon and honey.
Indeed, it’s a unique combination, but was there anything to shout about? Not really. Can only taste a very subtle hint of cinnamon and milk. Basically, a pretty cinnamon milk, but that’s about it

Was around Uptown and decided to walk in for a second round. Wanted the matcha parfait but they ran out (?)
Matcha roll was a little dry but pair it with the cream and it’s just right.
Matcha soft serve was refreshing and smooth.

Pictures capture the fondest memories. A foodie and a fattie.

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