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Hawker Food

Hawker Food

Street and hawker food that I come across. Cheap and good. Nothing fancy.
Siew Hing Lam
Siew Hing Lam

Another gem I found in the new wing of Malaysia Boleh ~ Peneng 北桥 Loh Meet a lot of difference comparing to SG Loh Mee, the ingredients. Come and eat and find out by yourself. The only thing I will review is super nice! $4 for a standard bowl.

As a Cantonese, I'm very particular about soup. Here in the coffeeshop, you can find reasonable variety of soup here 阿二靓汤. Price is economic as well. If you want some healthylifestyle, just a merely $1, you can ask for pumpkin rice as well. Enjoy!

Teochew fish porridge. Fish is fresh and soup is tasty. Not like a lot of those fish soup you find in food court. This is good. Can't provide the unit number but it's from the inside section. Enjoy.

Merely $4 you can enjoy a bowl of boneless duck noodles and soup is super good as well. Expect to wait as always long queue especially in the morning. They have two shift here in the morning and evening.


The rice here smell good and chicken is tender as well. They only serve white chicken only.

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