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When Ice cream no longer comes in a sphere boring scope. Beauty & The Beast features 63% Dark Chocolate and Madagascar vanilla ice cream, Morello cherry sorbet with dark chocolate crumble encased in rose dark chocolate topped on chewy brownie. The flavours combination was interesting and really chocolaty. I wish there was more cherry sorbet in it. RM25 per serving.

Strong aroma Earl Grey ice-cream, 63% Dark Chocolate ice-cream, Raspberry sorbet, Earl Grey Ganache and almond sponge encased in white chocolate shell. The amount of Bergamot in this ice cream cake is not overly strong and the raspberry sorbet with dark chocolate ice cream goes along well with the overall taste. RM25 per slice.

Having dark chocolate is essential in life because it promotes happiness and reduces stress. What more when it comes in the form of ice cream cake. Sour cherry sorbet wrapped in 63% dark chocolate and vanilla ice cream coated with dark chocolate served on dark chocolate crumbles. I find the dark chocolate ice cream inclines towards the sweeter side but it was well balance with the sour cherry sorbet. RM20 per piece, Latté RM11 per cup,

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Have you check out Decadent by Four Seasons’ dessert bar? If you have not you might miss out big time as they have one of the best local ice cream flavours in town. From Teh Tarik golden raisins, Pulut Hiram, Chocolate Milo Orea to Coconut Salted Caramel. I was totally hooked by that coconut salted caramel ice cream. One big scoop (5 oz) for only RM15. If you’re greedy, go for double scoops for only RM26.

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CAMACA’s gelato uses freshest raw ingredients and what makes it special is you get to savour these indulgence that’s sugar free and low fat which is suitable for dietary restriction patients like diabetes and ADHD children. The Sesame Banana has a smooth texture, less sesame taste but a strong banana based topped with crunchy homemade chocolate sticks and water. You can taste that this gelato is less sweeter that normal gelato and some after taste from the stevia in it. RM15.90 per serving.

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This is totally guilt free given that the ice creams here are made with almond or coconut milk. This generous scoop of Cinnamon Toast is light, not cloyingly sweet and the cinnamon flavour in it wasn't overpowering...keeps makes you wanting more without feeling guilty. RM9.90 per scoop.


I guess the cognac ice cream is their rotating flavour. Bitter sweet sphere of goodness probably my favourite among all, served with a crispy soft charcoal waffle and salted egg yolk sauce. I like the combination of sweet and savoury. RM16.50 and topped up RM1.90 for the premium flavour.

Located at Desa Hartamas, the ice cream bar has garner the interest of local in terms of alcohol ice cream. Their chocolate cognac was really addictive unfortunately it was unavailable on the day I revisit. The crispy charcoal waffle with savoury salted egg yolk sauce served with a scoop of Valrhona chocolate ice cream was perfect combination. RM18.40 per plate.

Here on a weekday after meeting and as usual this place is alway crowded. People are crazy over all sorts of patisserie especially their salted egg cronut which ran out when I arrived. Ordered the sinful Onde-Onde Pandan Cronut that topped with soft serve and coconut flakes.. The flaky pastry was so good but the ice cream is a bit tad sweet for my liking. Overall was quite good. Nicely price at RM11 per serving.

The latest addition on their menu, Salted Egg Lava Cookie made of charcoal Cookie and sizzling volcano salted egg yolk lava topped with a scoop of full moon Oolong tea ice cream. The lava has a strong milky condense milk taste, would be better if there's more salted egg yolk but overall was satisfying. RM17.90 per serving.

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