Fast Food / Burgers / Pizza

Fast Food / Burgers / Pizza

Featuring IKEA Restaurant (Alexandra), HANS IM GLÜCK German Burgergrill (Republic Plaza), Isaac Toast (Plaza Singapura), Craft Pizza, Compass One, Wolf Burgers (Changi City Point)
Ikigai J
Ikigai J

20 Mar’21, Sat🌤
📍Craft Pizza
- Heirloom Tomato Caprese🧀
- Prosciutto Bruschetta🍞
- Crispy Chicken “Parm” Wings🍗
- Fusilli Carbonara🥓
- Pesto Alla Genovese🍝
- Ai Funghi🍕

The combi of cheese and tomato of the heirloom tomato caprese is just so good~ will recommend this dish!

Next must-order is the prosciutto bruschetta! It is crispy toast with rocket leaves & balsamic, Parma ham, cherry tomato & garlic confit, flavourful but yet not surfeit!

The pesto pasta is also delicious! Like the roasted pine nuts, and also the thick creamy pesto sauce, countered by the cherry tomato which makes it a little refreshing so one can’t get sick of it.

The Ai Funghi pizza is good too, like the thick crust, it’s super filling, and pizza can’t go wrong with mushrooms, cheese and onion right or not~

As for crispy wings, gd for sharing but it’s okay to go without too (so-so only), as for the carbonara, find it a little too bland, suggest to skip this dish...

Suggest to make a reservation before going, limited seats available and tends to get a little noisy when the crowd came in, closed on Sun...

Damage: $144.77

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17 Dec’18, Mon☁️
📍Hans im Glück
- Still Lemonade🍹
- Zehnt (Chicken Breast with Mushrooms)🍔
- Fritten🍟
- Cafe Latte☕️

Mentor-mentee lunch, yay!✌🏻

Making the burger into a set (lunch set) that comes with a thirst quencher and hot beverage...

Like the chicken breast, tender and juicy, the mushroom goes pretty well with the chicken breast, nice! Accompanying is the fritten (steak fries), something that cannot fail, you can also choose other sides like sweet potato fries, salad etc

This is meal is really good and super filling can~

Ladies with small appetite might want to share this meal with your friend or something...

I’m so full until I got food coma after that...

Note: There are different sauces for you to choose from, orange sauce etc, you can go try them out to see which fits your taste.

Damage: $23.54

#hansimgluck #stilllemonade #zehnt #fritten #latte #cbd #cbdlunch #instafood #sgfood #burger #burpple #burpplesg #singapore


15 Jul’18, Sun🌥
📍*New* Isaac Toast & Coffee (Plaza Singapura)
- Double Spicy Cutlet🍗
- Hot Chicken MVP🥪
- Bulgalbi MVP 🥩
- Iced Green Tea🍵
- Iced Green Tea Latte🍵
- Hot Green Tea Latte🍵
Thanks @isaactoastsingapore and @msjotan for the extended invitation!😊

The toasts are all thick toasts instead of the usual thin ones, the toasts are coated with a layer of butter and honey, and the egg consists of corn kernels in it, these are just out of the norm and not bad for a change~

The double spicy cutlet is like the double McSpicy chicken piece, thick, juicy and tender! However, it’s more of the Korean chilli sauce (it’s like as spicy as McSpicy) that makes the toast spicy, not the chicken pieces themselves, so I think for those who can’t take spiciness may want to check with the counter if it is possible to have less sauce/less spicy option...

The hot chicken mvp and bulgalbi are chicken meat and beef meat patty toast respectively, they are juicy and chewy but dun expect them to be like the real chicken / beef texture, they are just patty after all...

The sauce are much lighter as compared to the double spicy cutlet, in fact, the hot chicken mvp and the bulgalbi (beef) mvp are not spicy at all, they are relatively light in sauce. The buttery toasts with honey, come with pickles, shredded lettuce, egg (with corn kernels inside) and meat patty...

The toasts are very filling and I can’t finish it on my own, recommend to eat it immediately after purchase in case the toast turns soggy due to the sauce and all, it can be a little jelak after munching half of it away, find the toast actually a bit too heavy...

As for the drinks, the green tea latte (hot and cold) are sweetened and I find them far too sweet (super sweet for the cold one) and I doubt I will go for the drinks again, too sweet I cannot...

Note: I was there during its opening and understand that some ppl queued 1.5hrs for it, you may want to try it when the hyped is gone...

Damage: $4.50 to $6.90 (ala carte), $6.50 to $9.90 (set with drinks)
#isaactoastandcoffee #isaactoastsingapore #isaactoast #toast #thicktoast #doublespicycutlet #hotchickenmvp #bulgalbimvp #icedgreentea #icedgreentealatte #hotgreentealatte #sandwich #tea #instafood #sgfood #koreanfood #burpple #burpplesg #singapore @gloriaseng

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13 Apr’18, Fri⛅️
Wanted to eat chicken wings🍖, but looked at fish & chips🐟 and then ordered baked chicken leg...😅

Other than the famous meatballs and chicken wings, go for this! The huge tender chicken leg, like!

Portion is just enough, won’t get food coma after lunch...

Damage: $6.90
#ikea #ikeasingapore #ikearestaurant #bakedchickenleg #sgfood #instafood #goodthingsmustshare #burpple #burpplesg #singapore

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3 Mar’18, Sat🌧
McDonald’s Fish & Fries and Chocolate Pie...🐟🍟🍫

Sceptical abt the hype but decided to give it a try...

Can’t help but comparing it with LJS, find the fish crispy (and hard) on the outside but tender and juicy in the inside (tasted just like the fish fillet’s fillet), not too bad, not as oily as I expected it would be, a little better than LJS...

As for the chocolate pie, it’s not too sweet, not bad but I wondered about the hype, it’s just like normal lo, not exactly die die have to eat lah...=X

Damage: $9 ($1.40 for pie alone, $7 for ala cart fish and fries)
#mcdsg #macdonalds #fishandfries #chocolatepie #fastfood #sgfood #instafood #burpple #burpplesg #singapore

23 Sep’17, Sat
Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger (salted egg sauce) at Wolf Burgers...🍔

Like the bread...but tbh, it’s like normal fried chicken burger, it tastes a little spicy after a few bites but yet not as spicy as McSpicy. The vege/pickles neutralised the “jelak-ness” of the salted egg sauce (not very distinct taste actually), not bad...

Overall, find this burger a little too expensive and actually nothing too special about, can try but I think once is enough...🙊

Note: The burger doesn’t come with the fries, you gotta top up another $5 for a soda and normal fries...

Damage: $9.90 (burger only, no soda and fries)

Worth the calories? Once will do.
Worth the travel? Not really.
Worth the price? Not really.

#saltedeggsauce #fatdieme #wolfburgersg #buttermilkfriedchicken #burger #sgfood #instafood #singapore #burpplesg

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