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Starch 😅

Starch 😅

Okay, the list is for bread, mochi, snacks and such!
Victoria Hii
Victoria Hii
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Wu Pao Chun is finally here in SG!! Opened on 14 June 2019, Wu Pao Chun is a internationally acclaimed Taiwanese Baker best known for winning the title of Master Baker in the bread category of the 2010 Bakery masters compétition held in Paris. He is known for a Rose lychee bread he created which includes Taiwanese ingredients such as millet wine, rose petals and dried lychees. To commemorate his entry into Singapore, Wu has created a range of locally inspire breads such as durian, kaya kebaya, hainanese chicken bread, satay satay etc. Do look out for them!

1. Brown sugar roll [$1.30/each, 3 for $3.50]
2. Coffee C [$2.80] - Coffee C bread infused with nanyang kopi. Smooth and creamy coffee custard with roasted peanut to perk your day!
3. Sweet potato canyon [$4.80] - soft fluffy bread infused with sweet potato paste with toasted almonds
4. Spring into life (local exclusive) [$5.20] - soft loaf bread with a mix of ham, cheddar, mozzarella & yellow onion. Reminds me of pizza except it’s light & fluffy!
5. Anpan [$2.20] - sweet red bean filling prepared using a Japanese culinary technique.

I’ve never been to After You cafe in Bangkok. And I never knew they have this milk bread other than their famous thick toasts. But after trying this milk bread, I am making it my mission to make a trip down!

Addictively creamy and delicate milk mousse sandwich between soft fluffy dough. Taste a lot better than it looks. Chilling it gets the mousse texture very much like ice cream! So yums! 😋


Loved the texture of their fluffy soft buns! The yam filling is of the right sweetness and consistency, slightly gritty and you still see the fibers of the mashed up yam! They have other yummy flavors as well, like sweet potato (purple ones!), red bean, tapioca almond, pumpkin salted egg. And plain ones too!! They are all so good I always have a hard time choosing. Ah, first world problems 😅


Love the bread selection before our appetizers! Sourdough, focaccia with roasted tomatoes & cheese sticks! 😋

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Came just for the pancakes! And I’m glad I did, was so impressed with how the green tea flavored skin really enhanced overall enjoyment the pancake. But of course, green tea and red bean, aren’t they match made in heaven? ❤️😊

The chewiness and thickness of the pancake is just spot on with crispy edges. Loved how generous they are with the oozy red bean paste, which was not overly sweet. Other traditional flavors include, charcoal flavored skin with coconut filling and original skin with peanut paste filling.

The munchies looked a lot more interesting, where you get to mix and match your skins and fillings!! For the fillings, there are more options available compared to the traditional pancakes such as ice cream (OMG YAAAS), Oreo, honey cheese, matcha, cream cheese, Belgium choco, Thai milk tea, mao Shan Wang & special! (Ah, forgot to ask what this is)

So, Ah Lock & Co. is a collaboration between both Munchi and Ah Lock Tofu where you’ll find Hakka Yong Tao Foo as well as traditional & disc like pancakes (munchies). Serving breakfast from 730am and lunch from 1130am, i just want to linger here all day and snack on these munchies!! 😋


Just when I thought I have uncovered all of the best bakeries in Singapore, this highly underrated one went undetected! Right under my nose!!! 😅 I’m sooo glad I found it now.

This bakery is started out by the owner’s love for traditional soft Thai bread. She left her job and spent a few months in Thailand before she took a plunge with Thai Baang! So heartening to know that the business is doing well, well enough to open a second outlet at Orchard Xchange!

What you’ll notice on the shelves is that the breads are uniformly shaped, from being baked in a rectangular tin container. I was told that there are no preservatives or bread softener added, so best to consume them fresh!

Took the Tom Yum chicken as it was rated as one of the best sellers, along with chocolate banana and Thai milk tea. Turns out it was really yummy! Really enjoyed how soft and fluffy the bun is, you can tell from the air pockets in the dough!!! Oh, and that mild spice from the tom yum chicken paste!

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To my surprise, the combination really works! Well, i usually like banana and spinach in my smoothie so it is after all a familiar combination.

The flavor is rather mild, with the banana element severely toned down with the use of spinach. Only moderately sweet, in fact very much leaning towards neutral on the sweetness scale which is great for me. Definitely did not feel as guilty and I got that muffin craving satisfied! 😂


Great variety of delightfully moist & fluffy muffins here, perfect mid day snack! Priced within average price of just $1.30-$1.50 each, it is so affordable I couldn’t resist and walked away with a box! Love how sizable the muffins here are and how they are not commercialized with a standard dimension - gives that home baked feel! And that amazing browned buttery crusty top. If I could have it my way, I’ll rip the top of all the muffins on display 😝

Clockwise from top left. Cheese ($1.30), double choc ($1.50), coffee walnut ($1.50), mocha ($1.60), banana walnut ($1.30), carrot walnut ($1.30)

If you’re a chocolate fan, go for the double choc! It’s filled with chocolatey goodness with a generous amount of melted choc chip! For a milder version, the choc chip one can satisfy the choc craving too.

I loved the mocha one!! It is like the choc chip one but with a coffee base.

Disappointed with the pumpkin and carrot walnut for the lack of that rich spiced base. Instead, these flavors had the standard vanilla base with chopped pumpkins/carrots. They’re still good, just not in line with what I expected.

Banana walnut is a safe choice with generous amount of banana and a nice crunch from the walnut. The cheese one had little chunks of cream cheese in there.


Sunday morning made better with this level up gooey cinnamon bun! Sourdough batter really makes these rolls a cut above the rest. Love that pleasingly mild sourdough tang. Perfect layers of soft tender dough with a wonderfully crisp crust.

Fragrant pandan dough with an interestingly unconventional filling making up of minced sambal chicken filling, otah, ikan billis, roasted peanuts and egg!


Choice of bread: golden pumpkin bap. Roasted chicken taste really great with the cranberry jam! This is one of my go to options for lunch. Not only is it fast and convenient, it is super yummy!


Ultimate favorite place for my Min Jiang kueh!!!😍 Love the consistently soft yet chewy dough, and the not overly sweet red bean paste. 1 is never enough!! Try the peanut butter one! It’s much much better than most places which only has regular peanut grain type which is grainy, powdery and falls all over the place.

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Always counting down to the next meal 😋

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