Starch πŸ˜…

Starch πŸ˜…

Okay, the list is for bread, mochi, snacks and such!
Victoria Hii
Victoria Hii

Chose the seeded bagel to go with the maple walnut cream cheese. The blend of white and black sesame seeds bring a distinct nutty flavor which turns a plain bagel into an incredibly delicious one. Very understated, but versatile choice I would say. Slightly disappointed that the maple element was subdued and lost in the decadent cream cheese. Perhaps a drizzle of maple syrup could do the trick here. I must say the crunchy walnuts do breathe life into this combination


Weekend treat - Choc chip bagel (exclusive to HV outlet) with peanut butter jelly. Chose the raspberry jam over strawberry. Enjoyed the well toasted crispy bagel studded with morsels of melted chocolate beneath that ring of dense, chewy dough. Just a tad heavy handed with the raspberry jam, which was leaning towards camp sweet rather than sour. Wish they were more generous with the peanut butter to balance out the sweetness πŸ˜‚

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Chocolate baguette: chocolate mixture. Wouldn’t lie to overhype this, quite a regular chocolate bread. Nothing to scream about apart from the overflowing chocolate filling. Slurp it up and be prepared to get messy! That said, i’d very much rather go for the more unique creations like the cheese or apple cinnamon

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Cheese lava baguette with a filling made with 4 types of cheese. Love the savory notes in the creamy rich cheese custard. Big big love! πŸ’›

1 for $3, box of 2 for $4, box of 6 for $11

Top (left to right):
Hazelnut lava (Hazelnut paste & Chocolate mixture), Red Velvet lava (Yoghurt, Beetroot chocolate, Cheese)

Middle (left to right):
Eskimo lava (White chocolate, Peppermint), Tiramisu lava (Espresso, Almond and Cheese), Cookies & Cream lava (White Chocolate & Oreo)

Bottom (left to right):
Adzuki lava (Matcha and adzuki bean), Original (French egg), Blueberry lava (Blueberry pie & Cheese)

Cinnamon raisin bagel (exclusive to TP outlet) with the all time big loveeee - peanut butter & jelly. Usually on team crunchy but loved the creamy peanut butter here along with the pasty spiced jam! They sure did not scrimp on the peanut butter, tons of extra oozing out. No prizes for guessing where they went πŸ˜‹ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED

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Didn’t go wrong with this korean inspired bagel (from TP outlet). Introducing the Galbi-Choi. On the garlic bagel which was loaded with kalbi, kimchi, flavored with gochujang aioli then topped with hippie greens. Added a sunny to bring it all together! Sunny makes everything better! Enjoyed the tasty sliced beef with the tangy kimchi and the creamy aioli. A little bit of kick there. Very wholesome and satisfying πŸ˜‹

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Fav bread ever! Soft and fluffy with spicy tuna and little morsels of sweet corn 😍

β€œCan’t decide whether I want to be a croissant or muffin - let’s be a cruffin!” - matcha cruffin

One of my favorite sourdough around, studded with figs simmered in french red wine, cinnamon and bay leaves, vanilla pods, lemons and peppercorns. Love the strong sourish taste that linges, coupled with the sweetness from the moist figs, so well balance with the fruity notes from the wine. This sourdough is made with French mill wheat flour, rye wheat flour, German sourdough, 100% pure malt extract and sea salt.


Trying is believing. So hooked on this! You’ll hardly get this combination of cheese & kimchi in a bread. Not to mention how fluffy and soft the bread is! Love the Italian spices in there too.


Wu Pao Chun is finally here in SG!! Opened on 14 June 2019, Wu Pao Chun is a internationally acclaimed Taiwanese Baker best known for winning the title of Master Baker in the bread category of the 2010 Bakery masters compΓ©tition held in Paris. He is known for a Rose lychee bread he created which includes Taiwanese ingredients such as millet wine, rose petals and dried lychees. To commemorate his entry into Singapore, Wu has created a range of locally inspire breads such as durian, kaya kebaya, hainanese chicken bread, satay satay etc. Do look out for them!

1. Brown sugar roll [$1.30/each, 3 for $3.50]
2. Coffee C [$2.80] - Coffee C bread infused with nanyang kopi. Smooth and creamy coffee custard with roasted peanut to perk your day!
3. Sweet potato canyon [$4.80] - soft fluffy bread infused with sweet potato paste with toasted almonds
4. Spring into life (local exclusive) [$5.20] - soft loaf bread with a mix of ham, cheddar, mozzarella & yellow onion. Reminds me of pizza except it’s light & fluffy!
5. Anpan [$2.20] - sweet red bean filling prepared using a Japanese culinary technique.

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Always counting down to the next meal πŸ˜‹

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