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Isetan Fairs

Isetan Fairs

Figured I might as well make a list since I check out these fairs pretty often, usually hoping to find warabi mochi! And most of the time, chancing upon really awesome stuff! 😊
Victoria Hii
Victoria Hii

Love these dense cheese sticks! Best taken 2 mins after you get them out of the freezer. From top to bottom: green tea, cocoa, original. Other flavors include cranberry, orange, chocolate, walnut, apple. Check them out!

After trying so many types of warabi mochi from the various fairs, this brand has the softest and best texture in my opinion. Comes in 4 flavors, kinako (soy bean powder), sesame (kinako with sesame), cocoa and matcha! Buy 3 for $27.50. Or twin packaging at $17.20. Try it before the fair ends!


It’s back!! Until 8th Nov. Being a big fan of this jelly like confection made of bracken starch, I’d say this is my favorite thus far! Super smooth, soft and deliciously chewy. Really fresh too, to be consumed in no more than 2 days

Comes in 5 amazing flavors- kinako (da best!), chocolate, sesame, matcha, brown sugar (flavored warabi mochi but also coated with kinako). You can sample until you are satisfied before making a purchase :p

To enjoy some savings, get 3 at $27.50!

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From the Hokkaido Fair (24 Nov to 4 Dec)

Made of bracken starch, these mochi are not your regular chewy sticky mochis. You should be able to sink your teeth into these effortlessly! Love how they hit the sweet spot of being sweet and the matcha powder gives that hint of bitter aftertaste. Tough choice between this or kinako!


Japanese mugwort flavored mochi with red bean filling. Texture of mochi is very unique, not the sticky type, but firm yet soft with a very mild herb taste.


From the Autumn Kyushu Fair (ends on 28th Sep), this rolled up red bean filling encased in warabi mochi (made of bracken starch- a type of edible fern), then covered in Kinako (soy bean flour). It differs from true mochi made from glutinous rice.

Super soft texture as compared with typical chewy mochi. Couldn’t possibly hold its shape on its own if not for the filling inside. They also sell the warabi mochi with no filling, cut into cubes and tossed in Kinako powder.


Always counting down to the next meal 😋

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