Wow Food! 🍽

Wow Food! 🍽

Food that not give you a WOW is just for filling your stomach but not satisfied your tongue, unable steal your heart and cant stay in your memories!
Celine Lim
Celine Lim

The dish we all ordered are very big portion. πŸ˜„
They are all very nice. πŸ˜‹

Even nicer than other Hong Kong char chan teng in Singapore. So far the best. It freshly baked when you ordered. Served hot, it is really freaking nice, though I feel it is abit expensive.
And this has order limit per table, one table can order only 2 regardless how many person with the table.

Used the burpple voucher, we were getting one chicken waffle and one beef burger set.
So full for 2 person.
Chicken waffle is nice, chicken is so juicy and tender.

The dough is greentea dough. It sounds quite special for me 🀩, it is quite chewy though, but still acceptable for me.
Overall the pizza is not bad though, but advise to eat it when still hot, so may not so chewy.

This spicy mayo sauce is extremely delicious! If you are fan's of sauce when eating fried chicken, make sure you get one more sauce else it may not enough for you. 🀣
This fried chicken is juicy and tender πŸ˜‹ .
If you dont like sticky sauce on fried chicken kind, then you must order this! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

The spicy rosy sauce is amazing, the spicyness adding the aroma to the whole plate of the pasta, the prawn is so big and fresh πŸ˜‹ .
The spiciness is just nice one, not kind of too spicy, people who usually don't eat spicy also don't need to worry. πŸ˜„
Must order this if you don't to eat pizza or chicken on the day.

Love the ambience, all white, with some artistic photo on wall, a light brown wooden cabinet, wooden chairs.
Coffee smell so fragrant and texture quite smooth, I like the bubble quite thick texture, not the kind of souffle-texture(εšθˆ’θŠ™θ•Ύζ—Άε€™ηš„θ΄¨εœ°οΌŒζΎζΎι‚£η§) but more like cheese-on-top-of-bubble (ε₯Άη›–οΌŒε±žθΎƒζ΅“ιƒ) texture.

Salmon pasta very nice, taste so good and the salmon don't have fishy smell or taste at all, very nice.
Red curry abit too sweet for us.
Their cranberry slice very special also, which inner is made from coconut with beetroot, outer is chocolate.
By the way, the seating here is alot and spacious. Good for group gathering and good for work(quite some plug station and lot seating, got free wifi) but not video call as quite noisy when there is too many people.

The mango surprisingly quite match with the prawn sushi, it doesn't cover the prawn taste and it is refreshing.

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Another sushi that can't put whole thing into your mouth at once. Satisfied with the generous portion and flavourful ingredients altogether.

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I love many kinds of their sushi, all can't put into your mouth at once. The portion is generous and very delicious and fresh.

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ηŽ°ηƒ€ηŽ«η‘°θŠ±ι₯Ό . ε₯½εƒπŸ˜‹! Not too sweet , so fragrant, smell so rosy, made freshly when order only. δΈη”œδΈθ…»οΌŒεΎˆι¦™ηš„ηŽ«η‘°θŠ±ι¦™ε‘³ι“οΌŒηŽ°ηƒ€ηš„οΌŒηƒ­ηƒ­ηš„οΌŒε₯½εƒπŸ˜‹πŸ‘. 9/10

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