Let's eat some Chinese cuisine!
Miss Ha ~
Miss Ha ~

MOverheard at King of Fried Rice - “1 hour wait, better be good.” Secretly having the same sentiments in my heart. 😂

You’d probably have heard of this cheaper rendition of the Din Tai Fung-style fried rice located at Golden Mile Tower. A simple menu consisting 4 different types of fried rice; Egg, X.O, Mala and Tom Yum. Wanted to try all, if I had the stomach space that is. Both flavours of fried rice were enjoyable in their own ways; X.O fried rice was slightly spicy but packed with umami flavour, especially by the dominating dried seafood. To tell if a plate of fried rice is excellently executed, the most basic egg fried rice would give the best answer. Every grain was fluffy and moist, as the entire plate was filled with whiffs of eggy aroma.

There’s protein selection of shrimp or pork cutlet. While fried rice here was the star, neither of the protein impressed us. I agree with some that the pork was well marinated with hints of black pepper, but it was tougher than DTF’s, more chew required. I liked the additional tobiko which gives an extra popping sensation though and the homemade chili oil is a must!

I would really love to return to try their Mala and Tom Yum fried rice but probably during off-peak hours. 1 hour wait (it’s a 2 men show and maximum 2 plates of rice fried at a time), maybe not.


Have you ever come across traditional soups that are served in a coconut? The last time I had was during a trip to Guangzhou.

Indeed a Guangdong or Cantonese favourite, to have this traditional Foshan classic served in this manner, with a selection of Chinese herbs. Double-boiled directly in the coconut, the refreshing coconut juice and meat, blends together with the nourishing goodness of the herbs adding a hint of natural sweetness. Of course you can also have a taste of some cooked coconut flesh. Feels really healthy, but it might be an acquired taste as a boiled coconut might not be of a familiar taste.

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Except for the saltiness, I would say the lobster braised ee-fu noodles was one of the highlights that I had at Wok Palace. Half a hefty lobster accompanied with shiitake mushroom slices, cabbage and ee-fu noodles drenched in a braising sauce that was really heavy on the palate. Though plump, considering the price and portion, the price seemed hefty too.

Wok Palace is a #burpplebeyond partner, but note that this dish is excluded.


Rainy days call for some belly-comforting food and @thesaltedplumsg is where you should exactly go to. Other than their highly popular Taiwanese zi char dishes paired with sweet potato congee, why not try their rice bowl series (available from 11.30am-8.30pm) too? There’s always something for everyone.

Personally, the pork chop bowl is a slightly underrated option. Not extremely fantastic, but the sliced crispy fried pork chop was marinated well, as if there was a fermented bean curd taste and some five spice powder. Nice balance between fat and meat, although the meat was a little tough. Served with pickles, sous-vide egg on rice.

A hot favourite, the Lu Rou Fan 2.0, consists of a glorious slab of Braised Pork Belly in Haus Sauce 2.0. Slightly fatty, but incredibly tender slathered in a rich sauce full of spices. Served with bok choy, sous-vide egg on rice.

@thesaltedplumsg is a #burpplebeyond partner where you can enjoy 1-for-1 $10 dishes! Join me by signing up for a 30% off premium Burpple Beyond membership and access 1-for-1 deals at over 500 curated restaurants!


For a plate of wallet-friendly Din Tai Fung fried rice look-alike. Despite the reviews being mediocre, we decided to give it a try and it turned out to be better than expected; The fried rice had fragrant, fluffy grains mixed with a generous amount of chopped spring onions and silky stir-fried egg, just the way I’d like it to be. While some say the pork ribs were a tad too dry, I was surprised to taste the exact opposite. Except that it was a little salty (as spice powder was sprinkled on it just before serving), the meat was juicy and jerky, with nice brown edges. A bite off the strip of meat was the perfect partner to the eggy-flavoured rice.

Totally unimpressed by these supposed lava-flowing buns which turned out to be mini paus with a rather tough dough and what sort of felt like a frozen filling made to be heated upon request. Other than being clumpy and not even flowy, the custard filling had a milky, sweet corn taste. Disappointed since it’s thought to be one of the highlights here. I would rather just have the beef hor fun.

You can’t possibly miss this signature eight star pot at Manhill Restaurant, especially the claypot dishes are their specialty. Amidst the variety, this eight star pot seems to be rather popular that it could be spotted on almost every table.

Like treasure hunting, simmered in the pot are ingredients such as sea cucumber, fresh prawns, fish maw, cabbage, mushrooms, baby corns, fried garlic, bamboo shoot slices in a thick umami broth. So good that we used it to drench our noodles from the other dish!

Take a trip down memory lane at Manhill Restaurant since the original Hillman Restaurant was opened in 1963 and subsequently in 1973, Manhill Restaurant was born! Filled with nostalgia, the restaurant could be easily recognized especially at night by its huge neon-lighted signboard with an earthen pot, which represents their signature dishes. The interior is occupied by velvet-trimmed chairs, very traditional crockery and cutlery. Even the lady who took our orders on a blank notepad, using fluent Cantonese, made me feel as though it was a travel back in time. No order chits, no menus on iPads.

Since the chicken in paper bag was one of the top recommendations, surely we had to try it out. One convenient point was that it was boneless, hence easy handling. As you unfold the paper wrapping, the first aroma that reaches the nose is the fragrance of Hua Diao wine, one that’s fermented from glutinous rice, wheat and water. The juiciness from the chicken meat had a mixture of umami and savoury, and even though it was a little oily, I didn’t really mind because it was so flavoursome with a hint of ginger. They provided some salt and pepper by the side which i tried dipping, but that would result in a sodium blast. The chicken is good on its own. Wrapped in the grease-proof paper meaning the marinate was well-retained and yes, if you don’t mind, you can taste the paper that had leftover flavours. Doesn’t come with an appealing appearance, but it’s likely a comforting dish for the older folks.

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A very savoury way of cooking this seafood dish, especially with the black garlic that contributes a really strong fermented flavour to the razor clam. Salty as it might be, the black garlic also adds on a tinge of sweet, balsamic taste.

The razor clam was long and juicy, but chopped into smaller pieces which can be chewed conveniently. Love the freshness!


Housed under a 3-in-1 group concept along with @wooriceboxsg and @gongyuansg by Royal T Group, @seoigorcafe.sg brings you a combination of local flavours through dishes like traditional kaya toast set ($4.80), prata curry set ($5.80), mee pok ($4.50) as well as familiar Hong Kong Cha Chaan Teng items such as original egg waffle ($2.30) and scrambled eggs thick toast ($3.80). Now who says you can’t find cheap eats at Orchard? My favourite of all was the original egg waffle. The exterior was really crispy and had a light buttery aroma, while each sphere-shaped egglet was fluffy on its own. Makes a good snack combination especially with their tiger sugar pearl milk tea ($2.80)! But it would have even been better if the sugar was reduced in the milk tea since the warm chewy pearls were already coated with brown sugar. Another interesting drink that might get you intrigued is the black and white ($2.90), a malty drink of ovaltine and horlicks. How nostalgic can this be.

Thank you @burpple for the invite and @seoigorcafe.sg for hosting!

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This dish isn’t on the permanent menu and it happened to be a daily special on the day I visited.

I have never seen a Chee Cheong Fun fried in this manner, the closest was probably just a fried carrot cake. Here, the steamed rice flour rolls were cut into chunks and fried with their sweet savoury special sauce. Even better with the surface being a little charred such that you can taste the wok hei, and topped with tonnes of bean sprouts. A new interpretation of chee cheong fun.

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Not exactly as cheap as those that one would find in Hawker Centres, but it’s still one that’s pretty decent found in a restaurant.

Beneath the soft silky dumpling skin, savour some juicy prawns and well marinated tender meat! It’s even better when these dumplings were tossed in a good mix of spicy and sour sauce from all that hot chili and vinegar. Can really get your tastebuds go numbed for a moment!

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Foodie for life <3

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